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Lackadaisy Halloween

By tracyjb
This is a sort of tumblr blanket response to the questions I get this time of year about what the Lackadaisy characters would wear for Halloween.  

I thought of dressing them up as early 20th Century icons and people of historical relevance - something at least vaguely intellectual - but then I got distracted by these amazing, abominable craftwork concoctions  straight from the 1920's.  Well, I couldn't not draw that.
(The costumes in the link are mostly sourced from Dennison's Bogie Books.)

Anyway, happy Halloween, everyone!

There's additional Lackadaisy stuff at tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.
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Seriously, no "David S. Pumpkins" joke about Rocky's outfit?
golden-archer's avatar
And three years later this -STILL- makes me laugh :D
SqvareKat's avatar
I love how anything orange is the only thing that has color.
That's it, why would I compliment anything else if everyone knows you're an amazing artist?

Oh, and I about laughed at the "A guy who lost a bet" part. xD
Bea-The-Cat's avatar
All hail Viktor, winner of the Pumpking Crown!! Clap Clap 
LivVirtual's avatar
Aw, poor Rocky.
NinjaCaracal's avatar
  I like how Viktor doesn't even change his facial expression. :D
Cartoonicus's avatar
HAHAHAHAHAHAH! AHHHHHH *satisfies Sign* Where do you come up with this dialogue? It's beautiful. :)
Sagire's avatar
The crepe-paper conquistador. Ha! I love that line.
babyelf20's avatar
you work is absolutely beautiful :) s glad i came across this :heart:
Flutterbunny76's avatar
Ivy and Serafine look lovely here.
awesomeDragon19's avatar
Ok, I have to ask. Why does Rocky look up to Viktor? (Other than the fact that he's shorter)

It's obvious that he wants to please him, but why?
Bea-The-Cat's avatar
Because he wants to be as buff as Viktor.
Then again, most people want to be as buff as Viktor
Hannahjanelee's avatar
Between your amazing talent for art and your original, absolutely hilarious humor, everything you make is just a blessing 
Jensonator's avatar
We need to bring back those costumes. They look rad, especially the owlbat one. :D
SheTheTDE's avatar
that last panel
Gaberoonius's avatar
That link is fabulous. "Gay costumes are half the fun" indeed!
CaseyDecker's avatar
The characters all look very nice in their Halloween costumes in this cartoon you've done for sure! :pumpkin:
zJoriz's avatar
Somehow my rating of Victor's character has just skyrocketed.
AnnaRDunster's avatar
LOL  I forfeit my nodule.   lol
homeqrown's avatar
Pumpkin horns.
Vivienne-Mercier's avatar
Viktor wins the costume contest.
Vivienne-Mercier's avatar
And btw, I would LOVE to have those 1920s Halloween costume patterns! They're pretty amazing.
CheeryCandy's avatar
imagine the pumkin prince cat having gum balls voice from amazing world of gumball
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