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Lackadaisy Formaldehyde
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Published: August 18, 2006
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Well, finally getting around to introducing other characters.
I had fun drawing this one, but the lettering was a bitch. Trying to lay it out made me realize just how bad at it I am. The font size in previous strips has probably been much larger than necessary. It's a little smaller this time, but there's more dialogue here than usual and it quickly became smooshed. Well, anyway, sorry if it's difficult to read. That's on my list of things to improve upon (along with singing in key and marmot wrangling).

I had some requests here for a URL [link] that would always display the most recent comic - the lackadaisy web site now has the brains to do this.
Thanks !!!
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Fwa-tairHobbyist Traditional Artist
Is what Miss M said about tragedy a quote from something? 'Cause that's beautiful
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BondoFoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
You put so much work into a comic you give away for free. That never ceases to amaze me :)

In the next-to-last panel, I like the way you drew his right paw, showing it curve like that and showing it's actually a 3-dimensional thing, most would have simply drawn it as 2-D and let it go at that. No wonder your work's so good, attention to things like that.
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chill13Hobbyist General Artist
Perils of Pauline...oh dear. I'm surprised he survived. And yet he's still got a smile on his face. I like this guy. "You know how much you frighten the elderly" LOL.

I love you style so much. It's so very vintage and so entertaining to look at. And best of all ITS KITTIES!!!
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isminivasileiouHobbyist General Artist
"the difference between tragedy and comedy is whether it happened to you or someone else" soooo true...did you came up with this or someone else has said it? if it your's, may I quote it? I like this series very much!!!
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StabuwitabrickHobbyist Digital Artist
how old is ivy?
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MiracleMiliHobbyist Digital Artist
Hahah "You know how much you freighten the elderly" XD. I just love this! Its so REAL
sAMMIDAwOLF's avatar
ohmygod. You metioned the "Perils of Pauline" *spazzes* my great-great-aunt was Puline's stuntwoman. *spazzes* I'm sorry. That just excites me to hear it mentioned. >w<
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Rocky is just really lovable! The way he is positive with misfortune (or at least it looks like that). and Miss M's humour is great!
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Cupidcomet77Hobbyist Writer
"As far as reading material goes, the Ledger is too depressing. I've decided to read the Obituaries instead."



I really need to write this stuff down.

I bet this could make a great play.

Just replace the cat people with real people, and you got a great play.
prince-nelson's avatar
i'm very impressed by the quality and the creativity of the concept using cats instead of people.

very nice work.
Hanada-chan's avatar
I like how Rocky-chan just walks in all hunky-dory like. Funny, funny. And little Ivy-chan. How cute!!! Does what she can to help!
DesiresDelirium's avatar
Third panel is love <3
dudeguy84's avatar
love the lackadaisy's ^^
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liltrix7Student General Artist
I was looking for these comics and I found them again!! <3 I'm not clear on the whole story yet, but the artwork is gorgeous and I love all the facial expressions. :love:
zjamm's avatar
How do you draw these, so detailed and so... so.. ah so PERFECT
yourlittleirs's avatar
i just found you. you rock! that weird cat is so halaweyus, i love him. p.s. what is his name?
tracyjb's avatar
That's Rocky.
LoverOfSherry's avatar
He should go get cleaned up. I wonder where the car is. Hmmm... Great job!
Fossyl's avatar
Well for me this is the furst (heh) one I read but I already like Rocky. What kind of a coat is he wearing with such long sleeves?
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vampire-kidStudent Traditional Artist
Oh, this is lovely!!! I love all the Lackadaisy crew so much!!! Viktor, hehe =D I like Viktor.
MakeshiftKitsune's avatar
did they really put embalming fluid in the drinks? ewwie! We need more waiters liek Rocky in his current condition. It'd make me pay and tip more!
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I love the old lady's frightened expression
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