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Lackadaisy Fordor

This is actually box art for a card game that made its debut at MFF this past weekend. 
I'll share more once it's available for purchase online.  For now, there's a large preview spread of the cards up for Patreon supporters.
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This should be a wallpaper.

I'd wish she would do it in the style of cartoons of the late-1920s-1930s!

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I have a zoot suit coming in the post and I've noticed it is in very similar style and colour to that of Roark "Rocky" Rickaby

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Great fashion. Excellent scenery. Incredible art.
TheSUNGlassKid's avatar
What's the car based off of?
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I miss seeing your work
MyScribbles's avatar
:heart: OMG I LUV IT~! :heart:
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Is a Game L. A. Noire.
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This is my favorite trio.
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I'm always so impressed by artists who can draw cars!
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Holy, exquisitely wondrous! This Euphoric Lackadaisy Fordor is stunning and CityScape looks incredible. The designs, expressions, poses,  eyes, ears, tails, noses, suits, dress, hats, tyes, pants, stripes, gun, interactions, automobile, tires, wheels, hood, lights, windows, front window, back window, towers, buildings, city lights, architecture, river, water, reflection, brick pathway, road, terrain, flower, plant life, sky, smoke,haze, shadows, cuteness, flow, effects, movement, perspective, realisticness, uniqueness, colors, lighting, style, and other details are also sensational. Amazingly Beautiful work! :iconfantasticplz:
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I've gotten murchendise from you guys before...when I had money. The deck of cards was awesome until it was won by the local fur who also won our blackjack money.  T.T  
One day, I will have another deck of Lackadaisey Cats cards! One day!
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Whoa! This is so cool!
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What even is this level of detail?! You can actually see buildings and street lights in car's reflection!
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So much swag in one wallpaper.
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was at MFF to see this in living color 0.0
Gabriel-de-la-Torre's avatar
Nothing to see here! just another great piece of work by all mighty Tracy *_*
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Of course you or your work would be at MFF. I am now determined to make it to next year's con!
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It's clear you put a lot of work into the characters and car, and it really shows.  However, the thing that really gets me here is how the background transitions from a cityscape to a non-descriptive brick terrain, separated by a river.  It seems like the kind of settings I've had in my dreams.  The concept works well here for a card game or other promotional material where the focus in the characters, I'm just stuck by déjà vu with this particular environment choice.
I don't know what he was going for but, when I took some art classes these transitions are used so people focus more on the main part of the picture and to save time.
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