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Lackadaisy Flapdoodle

By tracyjb
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A backlog of tumblr trash. I think all of these were responses to questions submitted by readers, actually.
The random guy in the lower left is Dom. The color image in the lower right is a wee, little Viktor...except I guess he was really never very wee.


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Here, Victor wakes up with lipstick that he apparently put on his own face. In "Lackadaisy Euphemisms" Victor did not know how high heels got on his feet. In conclusion: Victor cross dresses when he blackouts.
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Welp, it's official: Rocky is me.
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And the sad part is The Pickle Car (personally I'd gone with Pickle-mobile" would be worth a fortune today as an antique custom. I can see this thing on an episode of this reality's equivalent to Counting Cars or Jay Leno's Garage.
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Little Viktor look so cuteHeart 
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"called in sick for facial strain" zibowski your charisma is astounding.
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It seems the only two instruments I can play are two of the three 'unsexy' instruments Tracy has described.
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  My favorite part was Rocky asking "Is someone collecting special birthday hugs today?" and then receiving a "HUG" from Viktor. I just love the sound-effect dissonance.
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Gotta say, you know its been a wild night when you have to ask, 'where's the REST of my trombone?'
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i almost hit my face on my table from snorting so hard at this comment! XDD it's hilarious!
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Ahh!!! Little baby Victor!! He's so tiny and fluffy but trying to be manly! It's adorable!!! 😸💕💕💕💕
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I have a very high regard for Lackadaisy, and I have tried emailing you before but it didn't work for some reason. If you like I also have a deviantart account (search ilvbrownies) or you can email me at (my art is not nearly as good as yours).  
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Puffball viktor!!!!
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HOLD ON...      ... Are You left- handed?... :stinkeye: :o (Eek)
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I love Dominick so far, I can't wait to learn more about him! X3
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lil' babeh Viktor ;w;
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So cute, all of them. I loved the bit about the band. 
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regarding the pickle car, you could say that even with enough money, Rocky always manages to get into a pickle LOL
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Is that my old cucumber car? Last time I saw it, it was floating in a jar of some questionable liquid...
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I think Mrs. Bapka with any sort of loaded firearm is probably even more terrifying than a pissed off Viktor.

What are your feelings on the sexy/unsexiness of bag-pipes?

*Falls to knees and clutches chest* L-little M-mordecai...... I just want to hug you... Even though you would probably claw my face off...

FOR GODS SAKE, ROCKY! Get that nail out of your nose and go play with your pickle car before you get Tetanus! DX

Well... Now we know how Mitzi found out that Zib looks good in lipstick....

Victor kitten makes me think of a little Shetland pony that grew up to be a majestic Shire XD
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D'awwww, lil' Viktor :3
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Richard Scary PICKLE CAR!!!
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