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Lackadaisy Faraway

By tracyjb
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Some Patreon reward art - the request was for a teenaged Mitzi.  I added a little animation and old film flickering...because why not?
Not sure if this will display properly for everyone.  I've never uploaded a GIF here before and this is a pretty large one, and isn't liable to be mobile friendly.  If it doesn't display for you, here's a static version of the image.

Lackadaisy is on Patreon - extra art, livestreams, wallpapers, Q&A, comic previews and other such things.

Read the comic at
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This is awesome well done.
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Can you please do more animations like this? this is amazing! I use it as my phone wallpaper, blows peoples minds when they notice it moves. :D
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She looks so different as a young girl. You did a excellant job of showing a youthful portrait of Mitzi
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I do like the film artifacts. You have such an eye for detail!
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I wasn't expecting it to be animated. It spooked me at first, not going to lie.  I opened the page, and at first didn't notice the smaller effects and then she blinked at me.  I even said, "oooh" softly to myself.
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I can't believe I never favorited this! This is actually one of my favorite works by you, I just love the grainy feel and you captured the old-style black and white film feel perfectly. Not to mention Mitzi is gorgeous here, and her expression comes off as oddly mysterious, at least to me. :) I love everything about it! :love:
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Wow! Amazing art!Clap Love 

Is it a gif or something?
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Beautiful and subtle, lovely work!:iconbravoplz:
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another deviant clued me into your web series. Love it. Would hope to see it animated someday. I would probably be anime as the Japanese are afraid to produce shall we say, edgier works.
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o_o my god. this is amazing. 
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Oh damn, I wasn't expecting movement. Really beautiful work.
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Incredibly beautiful. Well, done, madam! Well done! Question, have you read "Blacksad"? If so, your thoughts, please? :^)
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That's surprising (I didn't know that was a GIF)
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absolutely stunning tracy !!!!!
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how do you do this...
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spouting a bunch of superlative glowing praises.
I could literally spend 20 minutes trying to pick out all of the details in this artwork and still miss another 40 minutes worth.  On the other hand  I think it only took about 1.5 seconds tow WOW and drag to favorites.
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Holee crap, that's just effing gorgeous...
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Not only is this piece looks amazing, but's also very clever as well. The slightly grainy effect on a moving image makes it appear as though we are looking at a filmed footage of young Mitzi. Some people would even say that adding a scratchy sound effect would make it complete. However, in this point of time that Lackadaisy was set in, sound technology was not yet invented and incorporated into films, which meant that they were all silent and needed written dialogue to clue the audience into what was going on between scenes.

Again, this is an amazing piece Tracy. Will there be more like this?
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