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Lackadaisy Expedition

By tracyjb
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This is only tangentially related, but Merry Christmas!  Here's a slightly unusual Viktor and Mordecai mini-comic. The reader question called for something a bit different.

...and the bear knows what he did.

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farisgame09Student Digital Artist
From Google Images
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I find Viktor funny.
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KreepingSpawnProfessional Traditional Artist
AmehanaRainStarDrago's avatar
AmehanaRainStarDragoProfessional General Artist
I laugh every time I come back to reread this.
Peaniko's avatar
PeanikoStudent Digital Artist
I love how cat or man the expressions are still the same! This was pretty hilarious.
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
Doctorwholovesthe80sHobbyist Writer

And the bear wake up later "DUDE, WTF?!"
elgrafitorebelde's avatar
elgrafitorebeldeHobbyist General Artist
In my view, this did not answer the question.

Also Viktor is BADASS!
Succubus1982's avatar
Succubus1982Hobbyist Digital Artist
Poor bear. Just minding his/her business just chilling in the snow (pun not intended) and BAM Viktor.
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I just wanted to ask how old is Viktor ? and Mordecai ?
Do they have some kind of romantic relantionship ?
I love your Lackadaisy comic by the way. 
Keep up the good work.
TrueGrimReaper64's avatar
TrueGrimReaper64Hobbyist Writer
Glasses make the clean shaven look easier to pull off, I think. I mean, unless you're Leon Trotsky.
Hlufte's avatar
HlufteHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love everything about this. :lol:
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PerspectiveShiftProfessional Writer
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JajnaHobbyist General Artist
Was about to write, 'NO! THE BEAR!' but then I see you assured he knows what he did.
so.. very well.

SOmehow cozy comic while voilent 8'D
Slipmaskin's avatar
SlipmaskinHobbyist General Artist
Haha, I'm always taken aback by your unusual and clever humour!
AlanSteenhouwer's avatar
You know... he has an eye-patch. Blending in isn't an option anymore.
KateCollett's avatar
KateCollettProfessional Interface Designer
Bahahaha your expressions are always so perfect, and I love the silliness, as per usual. 

...this has also forced me to acknowledge that “just returned from some sort of bear-punching expedition in the Yukon” is totally my type 😳
CHeMnICORn's avatar
CHeMnICORnHobbyist General Artist
I'm gonna be laughing all day long!
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LiberLibelulaProfessional Digital Artist
The funniest thing is how much they resemble their cat forms. Also, that poor bear, the pose in which he landed on the snow was too hilarious, and even if this is fiction (doubly so, because it's Mordecai's imagination), I feel bad for laughing XD
kiki34's avatar
kiki34Hobbyist General Artist
OMG, Bear Punch! *giggling non-stop*
KovoWolf's avatar
KovoWolfProfessional Digital Artist
Laugh LOL 
Saiyuki-chan's avatar
Saiyuki-chanHobbyist Traditional Artist
lol all that over some facial hair...?
TonyK-Lyne's avatar
Pfffffffffhhahahaha. Tracy, I have always loved how you portrayed expression and emotion in your comics, but I think what I love even more than THAT is how you can translate normally feline characters and features into humanized caricatures absolutely -flawlessly-. Regardless of form, the look is always fitting, and I can -see- Viktor, and I can -see- Mordecai, without a doubt. Very funny, and very well done. Happy new year!
LuLucho1's avatar
hahahahaha, seeing them as humans is kinda incredible. I really like this. APLAUSE!!
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cmccrrzyHobbyist Writer
This is perfect.
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