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Published: October 16, 2017
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The latest comic update. 
Apologies for the poetry-pile.  Rocky has little restraint...or regard for structure, apparently.
The full comic can be read in the archive.

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This is my favorite trio.
ShadowsAndLight's avatar
ShadowsAndLightStudent General Artist
I just love everyone's expression and clothes on this one.
LuckiestBlackCat's avatar
Wow, the art style of the first few panels looks so cool, almost like it was drawn on a scratchboard! I love how the blue light of the storm is gradually creeping into the background. It's an effective and ominous reminder that things are about to come to a head. Poor Rocky, though... I'm getting more and more concerned about him the longer this goes on. That vacant stare is super unsettling...
SeekerPsycho's avatar
Heavens that priest is dramatic. XD
ShadOBabe's avatar
ShadOBabeHobbyist General Artist
Okay, Rocky, baby, you gotta stop with the creepy grinning...
Venomrabbit's avatar
VenomrabbitHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh jeez, I'm so hopelessly jealous of how you draw clothes... or anything else really.
Laughing-Jill's avatar
Rocky... is actually kind of messed up... in the head.... did I know this before??
LongLiveHarryPotter7's avatar
Well, he did have his noggin cracked open for a bit; even to him, that's gotta be a bit of a problem :/ 
MechaFurre's avatar
(Johnny Bravo voice) This won't end well.

Rocky's still driving a flaming truck, but this one's more metaphorical. That sewn-shut third-eye'd stare says much.
Ronron84's avatar
Ronron84Professional General Artist
That top half is mindblowing! I love how it looks like an etching.  I'm in awe of those details you put in there and how the eye flows effortlessly through the panels in that water! :worship:
Payo-X's avatar
Payo-X General Artist
The opening sequence panel is inspired!
Black-Sweater's avatar
Black-SweaterHobbyist Digital Artist
Proffesionals all of em' <3
P0lterghost's avatar
I really, really dig the black and white panels, very different and unique compared to the other comics. Skeleton Rocky looks so wicked, especially with the crack in his skull... oh boy.
MechanicOverlord's avatar
... I can't tell a lie- Well, yes, I CAN tell a lie. I can tell a lie quite well, in fact. It's more like I SHAN'T tell a lie.

I'm getting sidetracked. The point is that Rocky's smile at the end creeps me right the fuck out.
Quickning's avatar
QuickningProfessional General Artist
Rocky is insane. Well more insane. I love the wig-split rhyming. 
Katalley's avatar
Ok, by how it looks I think we can officially declare Rocky insane.

If seriously in the beginning I would never suspect that this character can turn into some kind of psychopath. Sure he was crazy but in a goofy way.
dreamingophelia's avatar
dreamingopheliaProfessional General Artist
The tcnique you used for the fisìrst part with Rocky's riymes is amazing! So similar to old engravings from XIX century... 
Aridax's avatar
AridaxProfessional Digital Artist
Please...someone please tighten Rocky's stitches already! I'm getting second hand hurting!
Balmung6's avatar
Rocky's expression in the last panel REALLY looks like Toga's from My Hero Academia. Just that slightly unhinged smile.
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PhalanNimueHobbyist Digital Artist
KITTYSwalking cat cat planet cat planet Pusheen Emote playful cat cat planet Random Cat Black Cat free cheshire cat icon Hey There Baby 
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
You know, if taken out of context, Rocky's expression in the last panel would be positively terrifying.
Abyssal-Dark-Wolf's avatar
Abyssal-Dark-WolfHobbyist General Artist
I love Rocky. X'D I love his face, I love his expressions, and I just completely adore him and his crazy antics!! :heart: lol Kudos to you on such fantastic work on such an unforgettable and lovable crazy guy. ^_^
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adambomb98Student Digital Artist
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SilerenthHobbyist Traditional Artist
lame, dude. Don't advertise on someone elses comment feed.
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