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Lackadaisy Dandelion

My cat, Calvin, passed away recently.  He'd been with me and quite constantly at my side since I moved to St. Louis some 17 years ago. Not knowing another soul here at the time, he was the little cornerstone around which all sense of home was reestablished.
I guess I just needed to paint something wistful.

There's a process video of this available for my Patreon supporters as well.

Thank you for the birthday wishes!  I'm truly overwhelmed.  Having been more focused on tumblr and such, I have not not posted new things here as often I should - I'll try to do better.
Also, Lackadaisy Volume 3 will begin updating in the fall.
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This is such a beautiful piece.  Is there any way I could purchase a print of this? <3 
WingedEnigma's avatar
Sorry to hear about the loss of your kitty. This is beautiful! Love the colors and the feeling. I've followed you since the days of Elfwood! Long time ago. :) Glad to see you're still active--I'm not so much. 
hrhtomas's avatar
Those eyes.  O.O
Janchudraw4's avatar
I am so sorry for your loss...
This painting is so beautiful <33
hpholo's avatar
I'm sorry to hear about Calvin; I know how tough it is to lose a pet. You've commemorated him well here, though. Such a lovely, comfortable picture!
str4yk1tt3n's avatar
oh my gosh the light in this kills me. I can feel the texture of the air and I'm itchy from the late summer pollen. This is so amazing. 
Bea-The-Cat's avatar
This picture speaks more words than the english dictionary. 
rootyful's avatar
This is magical
Mr-Ripley's avatar
Arctic---Wolf's avatar
Wonderful picture. Love the colors. So sorry for your loss Huggle! .
Olath124's avatar
Really cute! I', sorry for your loss :(
PralineDheula's avatar
Congratulations for the DD and all my condolences for the loss of your cat! May Calvin rest in peace!
Fantastic picture! I downloaded it!
Al-Rey-Writer's avatar
Omg....the description makes me wanna cry, but what you've drawn here is such a beautiful way to remember an old friend. I'm really sorry for your cat's passing :iconsadhugplz:
But on a brighter note, now I've really got to get into this Lackadaisy thing :P
AnathelaRen's avatar
I'm really sorry to hear about your cat, I hope you're coping ok. This piece is absolutely stunning, the details are fantastic! I stared at this for a very long time, just taking in all the little details. Thank you for sharing this :)
StruckByEros's avatar
I just love his big surprised eyes, one of my three kittens (all litter siblings, found after their mother was run over, poor babies) has those eyes too, she also is part Bengal, so a handful. Named her Brienne Lady of Tarth, it's quite fitting. :P

God I love your lighting work, still learning that, I suck at lighting, and colouring to be honest. :/
DeepChrome's avatar
WHOA. This is gorgeous. A fitting tribute to such a long-time companion. Sorry for your loss. :(

The light - especially in their eyes - really makes this picture. The dandelions look beautifully fuzzy and warm.
bloedzuigerbloed's avatar
How is Calvin always so adorable in these drawings? The floof, the big eyes, the tiny nose... Love it so much.

So sorry to hear about your cat. It's always hard to lose a friend after so long. :(
Korich's avatar
It' so cute)))
aitchhagen's avatar
This is an absolute beautiful piece! Superb detail, lighting, and depth of field. This is a great tribute to your cat.
yensoum's avatar
That's amazing! Heart 
MjP-70's avatar
Amazing work!
Kradath's avatar
I'm sorry for your cat. I've been with the same familiar clan for years, which is a little relieve when one of them disappears or pass away. However, once Aurora (the actual matriarch) is gone, I'm not gonna be precisely ok. I'd like to be able to draw her before that, but I think I'll have to conform with a photo ^^.

Apart from that, your art, jaw-dropping. Beautiful, truly.
DEFCON613's avatar
I had a cat for 17 years as well, I miss him like crazy. Lovely picture. 
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