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Catapulting toward success.
Just a little Patreon reward sketch that grew some extra appendages.

Lackadaisy is on Patreon - there's extra stuff!
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Comments (140)
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Gorfuru| General Artist
Much effort, very... nope?
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RisenArt|Professional General Artist
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Pink Heart Icon Awww....
This is why I miss pre-head-wound Rocky. Broken Heart 
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LovecatsDYV|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I always laugh with these two
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Laugh-Butts|Professional Digital Artist
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The comedic timing is wonderful, especially on that last panel. Poor Freckle... XD
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TigrisTheLynx|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, now I know what sound effects snow makes. lol
Love Freckles pudgy cheeks and spray of hair poking out from his hat in the 3rd pic.
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Haerosis|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
They are just too cute!
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PerspectiveShift|Professional Writer
Natural 1 on Strength.
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VixonGoddess|Student Traditional Artist
Laughing Ebil Laugh 
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MummyMetaller|Professional General Artist
This is adorable.
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dreamingophelia|Professional General Artist
Oh Gosh! Too much loughs! Poor little frekle!
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SamWallaceArtisan|Student General Artist
This is really well executed; the flow from panel to panel, the rendering on the snow (believe me snow can be tricky to get right), and even the re-use of art for the cat to the right in the last two panels is pretty seamless. Though I notice a spot of what looks like half-erased layer on the right cat's coat by the knee in the final panel, the little dark trapezoid on the coat. But that's a small mistake, the piece is really well done.
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FlaireHybridflareon|Student General Artist
aaaweee noooo ;W; the poor baby!!
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PrimeHunter|Professional General Artist
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Formel|Hobbyist General Artist
Those sound effects are great.
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TheSUNGlassKid|Hobbyist Photographer
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Sycotei-B|Hobbyist Digital Artist
At least he got a proper burial. Farewell, Freckle, you shall be missed :salute:
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Snow... Gotta hate it.
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cute clumsiness
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