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Lackadaisy Canidae

By tracyjb
One of the most oft-asked questions I've received since starting Lackadaisy is "what would they look like as dogs?"
Finally, I got around to working out some answers (although I was tempted to just draw them all as wall-eyed pugs).  Most of this was done during a livestream where Patrons provided a lot of breed suggestions.  A fun time was had.

Lackadaisy is now on Patreon, with access to extra art, Q&A, livestreams, wallpapers, reward drawings and more.
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I'm a Carolinian and it makes me so happy you incorporated our only native dog. 
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Elsa and Mitzi look fantastic!
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Fox!Zib :squee:
He reminds me of Nick Wilde
Deli-Sammich's avatar
I never thought that a fox could be so handsome
Byhuldra's avatar
Really well done, they all look like the breeds but also look like themselves. Also Ivy is adorable.
NyahKitty's avatar
Yes - but - could it be done  using lemurs?  :D

No - wait - not a whole lot of variety in that.
What's another species that has a lot of sub-breeds with greatly differing characteristics?
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Thank you.  I like your idea better.  :)
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These are wonderful, but you should ABSOLUTELY draw them all as wall-eyed pugs, too. xD
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I love Mordecai, I love huskys.
That fact that you drew Mordecai as a husky is beautiful! I love it so much~
MyScribbles's avatar
I looooovvvvvvveeeeeee this~! :heart:
Bea-The-Cat's avatar
Ivy-your best friend whether you like it or not
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XD LOL!! rocky is simply a mutt, u don't have to illustrate it!! XD
RiversReverie's avatar
Haha perfect, the breeds fit them so well! 
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I love how Zib looks relatively unchanged. Dem triangles yo.
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These are on-point, true to both breed and character.
LivVirtual's avatar
Ivy is the cutest.
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It's cool to see the canine version of the characters, even though I got so use to the feline version. However, I can see the canine and feline version sharing the same universe.
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The sound I just made probably woke all of my neighbors. I don't care. They can have my head, so long as I can keep the image of this in my mind. XD

Also how am I not following you here? I have to fix it.
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