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Lackadaisy Brainstorm

By tracyjb
Uh...based on a true story.

The Lackadaisy Animated Film Kickstarter is in its final days-
The backer reward art book is full of comics like this one, and lots of other Lackadaisy content!
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© 2020 - 2021 tracyjb
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Easily my favourite piece of yours, and all of your work is great! :D

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Such a good inner laugh. Thank you

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XDDD Purrfection.

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When they artist broke the 4th wall 😅😅🤣


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This 😭😂
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Funny! Very well paced. The weighing of things from the mundane to the taboo stop the creativity train!!
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This is so perfect and true
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true true but still whan you get inpiration from the wrong thing

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When you get the inspiration you want but not the outcome you desire

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This is hilarious XD

I always assumed cats were just waiting for saliva to form when this happens...

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I felt that in my soul
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This is genius, lamo XD

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Haha! "Lick-ception." Very fun!


i love it

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LOL this is great, thanks for sharing! best of luck finding your muse. :)

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yuuuh I love it!! xD

Like cat like owner😁😁😁😸cute💖

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