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Feathers and Tinctures

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Luna and Ine - the latter character I've never painted before. I rather enjoyed it. Painting old faces is something more like rendering a craggy landscape whereas with younger faces, I feel I almost have to struggle against the medium to create a smooth surface. The whole image sort of turned into a study in textures, really. It's supposed to be dim, but I hope it's not too dark for most monitors...always hard to tell. Painted from scratch in Photoshop.
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Hikari-Farrari-AtariStudent Traditional Artist
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ArtbroJohnProfessional Digital Artist
Very nice work!
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Zujin-ArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
Woooow, this is incredible  OMG 
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NeelaiHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautifully done. So many details!
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Beautiful!  I wish I could paint like that in Photoshop!
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TheQuietManDragonProfessional Digital Artist
I'm speechless!

This is incredible!
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I love it! My favorite part is the old woman. She looks really realistic and she looks like she would be someone with a lot of depth. My biggest criticism would probably be that the various items and people in the room are not lighted in accordance with the perspective of the painting (though maybe that's intentional?) But it gives the piece a disjointed feeling. I bet it would help if the color in old woman's skin was more vibrant, rather than whiter. I think the white gives her a more faded feeling. But again, that could be intentional. I like art but have very little experience and am not an expert. I could be completely wrong about everything I'm saying. If I am, please forgive me. Please let me know if this critique is helpful, or confusing, or rude, or made you mad. I want to learn how to better critique people.
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I meant the lighting of the objects and people in term of the overall perspective of the painting (foreground vs. midground vs. background). Sorry for not making that clearer.
NatureFantasy's avatar
Anyway, regardless of her coloring I feel that the old lady's almost wistful facial expression, her worn cloak and her bony wrinkled hand are just too perfect!!
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Sisterslaughter165Professional Digital Artist
Very incredible! Your DD was really deserved! Congrats! :clap:
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TheMoorMaidenHobbyist Writer
This is just gorgeous; your attention to detail is stunning. :heart:
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meofStudent Digital Artist
I hope it's not just me who thinks the old lady looks a little like Mrs. Bapka... But this is truly... just... I don't even have the adjectives!
1andonlycrazist's avatar
Say, have you ever heard of Dragon Age: Origins? Cause these characters are like AU versions of two of the more prominent magical folk in that game!
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How can.... This be old crap? O____o'
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holy mother of god
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SaRaH-SiSiHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing :heart:
Featured here : [link]
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Tealheart429Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thats incredible! I love the details of everything
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Quoth-the-Raven15Student General Artist
Whoa...."ine" has been my nickname since I was little....I've never heard anyone else use it before! Weird...
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LynxMaidStudent General Artist
This is gorgeous. The elder especially is lovely and well done. My one criticism is that the crow's talons do not seem to be interacting with the old woman's arm. I would expect the crow to grip the woman's arm, resulting in a slightly more tense foot position and perhaps some squeezing of the skin; especially with the wing upraised.
KarinNabler's avatar
awesome *A*
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dreamingopheliaProfessional General Artist
It's very beautiful...I can't say anithing else!
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figlesiaseProfessional Digital Artist
Sure its a tad clumped but you were probably going for that but DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN.
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