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Hello, lovelies! :wave:

It has been a long time, and I'm very sorry. My life has been quite hectic for a while now.

Allow me to explain:
:bulletblue: I spent all of last July in London with a theater class from my university. I think I left pieces of my soul there. I still don't think I've edited most of the literally 5,000 photos I took.

<da:thumb id="448599967"/>     The Dolphin and Tower Bridge by farigiovanni    <da:thumb id="350474575"/>     Southwark Bridge by thegreatmisto     Crossing the Thames by tracy-Me         Architectural Elegance by tracy-Me    

:bulletblue: In August, when I came back to the States, I discovered that I couldn't finish my theater minor because the university rescheduled my classes. This was sad. Actually, it was quite convenient. Without my theater minor, I could graduate after a semester. So, I convinced a professor to give me an independent poetry class to finish my minor, and I switched all the theater classes to fit my majors.

Broken DollMy face is a figurine's,
made of porcelain,
serene. I watch,
eyes open; mouth closed,
I listen. I am your
everything. I don't know
until after I fragment
in the heat of your fire
that I have become hollow.
I have nothing inside
but you, and you
have gone.
      on the continuation of time.Head bent in prayer,
I touch the inside of my lips with my tongue,
in the hope that they will be there still.
The moon erodes, crumbles
into the sky, filling its velvet ink
with shining destinies, pinpricks of hope --
and I bay miseries to a fading memory.
The mist rising from the ground,
a ghostly apparition, constricts my chest,
restricts my breath into wordless,
song. In sun-strewn bars,
light leaks in, pale shadows
of a lovely embrace. The kiss of petals
on riverwater echoes across the valley
and dewdrops lie heavy
on my shoulderblades.
Spring has taken flight.


:bulletblue: I graduated from uni in December with TWO - count them - TWO degrees! I have a Bachelor's of Arts in History and a Bachelor's of Arts in English with a Creative Writing minor.

<da:thumb id="340261916"/>     Life is Good by TheTellerofStories     I Graduated! by tracy-Me

:bulletblue: After graduation, I did stuff. Okay, I actually had a guy I'd been talking to for several months come visit me. It was four days of awful. Don't ask. But I had some fun around St. Louis, despite his presence. I don't think I've gone through all of those photos yet, either.

St. Louis Arch from Below by tracy-Me    <da:thumb id="459325946"/>     Arch by koz22     Down the Middle by BaiMilPhotography     .:Sunset in St Louis:. by RHCheng

:bulletblue: The last week of December, I went to Wisconsin and Minnesota :snowing: and my best friend's family took me to the Minnesota Wildlife Connection, where I was allowed to photograph some of the animals. Actually, my friend's family paid for me to shoot one animal (the little red fox), and I was allowed to photograph the coyote as a Christmas present from the owners. Best day ever. Also, cold. I still have some photos of them that I haven't submitted yet, but I didn't want to spam anyone with their wondrous cuteness, so I'm holding off.

Foxy by tracy-Me     Red Fox in Snow by tracy-Me    Fox Floof by tracy-Me

Majestic Coyote by tracy-Me     Coyote in the Snow by tracy-Me     Winter Coyote by tracy-Me

:bulletblue: January was incredibly dull. For some reason, my work did not schedule me the entire month. I guess this was okay because I was snowed in for two weeks and my Lyme Disease symptoms were terrible, but I needed the money. I started to apply to non-retail jobs, since I had two degrees and all. I didn't get out to take photos, and I kept feeling like I had papers to write and deadlines that I was missing.

Haiku of BoredomLost within myself,
Surrounded by blank, white walls;
I should paint them soon.
     Winter Dreamsice dust drifts
from frozen sky;
delicate crystals
cascade, like silence,
into fog.
an enchanting death,
earth blending upwards
into heaven: all is
white, and nothing
has an end.
     Lyme Disease: a Romance.tingling...
your breath on my hands,
kissing my knuckles -
they are numb.
your fingers glide along
my spine, find that place
between my shoulders and press,
wrapping vertebrae in hot embrace,
squeeze until I cry out,
dizzy with each new twist and pull.
you warp my back, massage
my knees and feet with knives.
I can't move, weak
in my resolve, I see
your sharp teeth.
I tingle,
and you drain my energy.

:bulletblue: I have not finished editing photos I took in February or March because of reasons. Reasons being the gradual decay of my sanity, a complete overload of photos that I haven't gone through, and mostly laziness paired with the blessing that is Netflix. I spent a lot of time on Tumblr, though.

Outside the British Museum by tracy-Me Here's my art Tumblr, if you want it:

:bulletblue: Here's the fun part. I quit my job and bought TWO one-way plane tickets (actually, I didn't pay a cent for them because I got bumped from my flight to St. Louis from Minnesota). One was to Houston, where I visited some family for a week. The other was to California, where I have moved in with my very obliging grandparents and have started looking for jobs here because there are more opportunities than back in St. Louis. I have a lot of photos to go through already, and I've only been in California 3 weeks.

California Horizon by tracy-Me     Dusk in the Country by tracy-Me     Sunset in the Valley by tracy-Me     Californian Fields by tracy-Me     Sounds of the Ocean by tracy-Me     Rocky Point 2 by 5isalive   

:bulletblue: My internet connection is TERRIBLE here, so I'm not sure how frequently I'll get to submit photos. But I am alive, don't worry.

:bulletblue: To this date, I have applied for over 70 jobs. Of these, I have received one inquiring email and two interviews. I have not gotten a job yet, but I would like to continue to refuse to go back to retail (not because retail is bad but because I "don't have experience" for the non-retail work I want to do, and I won't have experience unless I can get something else, but I think no one will hire me because I don't have experience, so I can't get experience, and I would love to go volunteer somewhere like a library or museum to get experience, but I need to work to afford the gas to volunteer). I am trapped in a Catch-22 of education vs. experience vs. work, and I'm getting very discouraged.

:bulletblue: Feel free to share your life/art/experiences in the comments, and please feel free to send me notes whenever you want. I will try to respond as soon as I can. I wish I could have featured more artists than I did, but my internet connection was so bad that it would only really load my work, so I apologize.

:hug: Thank you for following, and I hope you have a wonderful day/week/month/life. :hug:

P.S. If you know of any non-teaching job opportunities which a former cashier with English and History degrees, an elementary reading comprehension of Middle English, and intermediate Spanish skills might qualify for, please let me know. :D
© 2014 - 2020 tracy-Me
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Nice selection and thanks for featuring my picture, very appreciated.
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Thanks, and you're welcome!
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wowo Tracy, this was such a wonderful read, life moves along fast thats a fact .... so many pictures and what youve shown us look fantastic ... fingers and toes crossed for work, its catch 22 for most people leaving education :tighthug:
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Thank you! :hug: I'm probably going to get a typing certificate some time this week, so hopefully I'll have a better chance.
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my pleasure always :hug:
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Thank you for featuring me among such talented artists :)
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You're very welcome! :D
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:clap: Lovely feature, and thank you for including me! 
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:hug: Thank you, and it was my pleasure!
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