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  • Reading: My comics
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Wow..... Just wow! I've totality forgot about this. I've been keeping my Flickr address active but forgotten to renew my membership here.... Ill be renewing my membership sometime this month. I'm very active on my Flickr address so while I'm down feel free to visit. 
I've been kinda quiet for a while now.... Sorry about that. I'll be posting more soon just haven't gotten the chance to post due to work.
  • Reading: My comics
  • Eating: A Cheese sandwich
  • Drinking: Plain old city water
Hello I'm currently working on my new comic which will be here soon called "Catch The Ninja". TJ Brown (the main character) is stuck in a dream and the only one that can get him out is a novice level ninja named Kaede McNeilus. I'm still working on my work so the roughs will be here sometime today or tomorrow.
Hi there! I'm in the process of uploading some of my rough comics and new characters. They'll be on here soon!