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whoa a ice digimon apper
( meeting the digidesnted) 
    Chase: I chase and I want to battle you
    Tracker: why me
    Chase: because if I rule this world I need to fight strong people and if you battle digimon I need to fight you
    Grey: you need to fight me and gargomon
    Jarisi: and me and  Lekismon
    Tracker: guy let me do this ok
    Everest: are you sure
    Tracker yes I sure
    Marshall: ok get him
    Coronamon: show him what you make of
    Tracker: Birdarmon!
    Birdarmon: ok let this this
    Birdarmon fly up and ready to fight wolf digimon and Everest ask gomamon something
    Everest: hey who that digimon
    Gomamon look and said
    Gomamon: mm oh ah
    Gomamon look at the digimon and said
    Gomamon:  that Garurumon a wolf digimon as you can tell he fur is like armor that what I head and you know one of he attack
    Chase: ok Garurumon show them what you made of
    Garurumon: yes master
    Garurumon jump and use he attack
    Garurumon: howling blaster
    Tracker Birdarmon move
    Birdarmon obey  she dodge the attack and she hit the wolf digimon with her wing  that send him flying
    Chase: Garurumon  get up don like a bird bet you she low on energy
    Garurumon: sorry chase but she strong some how
    Chase: so attack again
    Garurumon got up  and ran at he bird digimon
    Tracker: man what with this guy any way
    Garurumon jump and claw the Birdarmon. She cry in pain but she garb him and throw him to the ground  and use attack
    Birdarmon: METOR WING
    Tracker  and  Birdarmon seacon the made the attack stronger and it Garurumon but when the smoke clear they show Garurumon trying  get up
    Chase laughing: you think that take down Garurumon not attack them
    Before Garurumon going to attack Lekismon did a close  back oh him and sent him flying to were chase is standing and he digivole to gabumon
    Tracker look at Jasiri: JASIRI
    Jasiri: what I want to help little
    Chase: you may beat me but when we meet again I will destroy you ok  as chase pick up gabumon and walk away
    Birdarmon dedigivole to biyomon and said to tracker
    Biyomon: that was fun
    Tracker laugh: yea but next time keep you guard up ok
    Biyomon jump on tracker head
    Biyomon: ok
    Grey: oh I know what we do now
    Marshall and Terriormon: what

Grey: we should do  a victory dance

Every one look at him and gomamon said

Gomamon we should do it

    Lunamon: we should to make us happy a little
    Tracker: ok guy let dance
    Everyone stared to dance and have a good time
    Back on earth everyone went him to get read for school and at school is a football  game so tracker is  getting ready for it
    Everest look at tracker thinking about gomamon and said
    Everest:  hey track
    Tracker look up from he shone and said
    Tracker: yes what wong
    Everest: you ever think me and gomamon will help you guy
    Tracker: what you mean
    Everest: I mean you grey and Jasiri  and your digimon have the power to digivole but me and marshall  and our digimon cant digivole yet
    Gomamon came out of the bathroom when he done taking a bath
    Tracker: gomamon why you in the bathroom
    Gomamon: will I need a bath so yea and biyomon take a bath as will
    Tracker: WHAT!
    Biyomon can out of the bathroom  and looking at tracker
    Tracker: that were you are
    Biyomon: well I need a bath so yea
    Tracker laugh and went to bed
    Tracker: Everest you and gomamon will get your power someday
    Everest: you think so


    Tracker yes I know
    The next day the gang was at the football field the two team was getting ready for the game   tracker doing jumping jack and grey running up and down to getting ready for the game as they doing that every  girl have dreaming eye at them because they think they hot and cool ( will that true) then Everest came and help tracker abit
    Everest: ok track do your best and try not to kill no one ok
    Tracker: ok  I try
    The a kid came to tracker
    ??: hey you tracker
    Tracker: yes I am
    David: I David I hope we been friend in this game and I cant believe  playing agent you. I head you like the fastest football play in you school
    Tracker: yup I am that fast now let see how good you are
    At the Feld 
    Ref: ok you know what you do and started
    Ref blow and tracker get the ball and past David
    David: HEY get back here
    A kid ( one of the digidesnted: man he fast
    Other kid: I head he fast like a cheetah and a  rocket together  will that what I head
    As that kid said that tracker got a goal by doing a backflip  anyone cheer
    One of the digidesnted: wait he your bother
    Everest look at the kid
    Everest: yup he may brother all right I Everest what yours
    TK: I TK
    Kari: I Kari
    Tai: I tai Kari bigger bother
    Yolei: I yolei
    Cody: Cody  nice to meet you
    Everest: nice to meet you

The other jungle pirate say there

    Marshall: I marshall
    Jasiri: I Jasiri and down there with tracker in number 4 is grey
    Almost all the boy of the digidesnted blushed when they saw her
    TK: man you petty
    Yolei: you may get cute boy to get your phone number
    Jasiri: I do I can show you if you want
    Yolei become like little star
    Yolei: really
    Jarisi smill: yea
    Cody: so tell me   how is tracker is fast I bet he train
    Everest: to be honesty when he was 9 and I was 7 he race a cheetah even he lose he keep on running and because faster
    Tai: so that way he fast he race a cheetah
    Marshall: yea he always like animal a lot
    At the field it was 10 to 6
    Tracker: man these guy are good
    Grey: yea but like show them how the jungle pirate do it
    Ref ok that game the winner is the strom cheetah( sorry but I don want to do the whole game so yea and strom cheetah is tracker team )
    The game is over every one is getting ready to   digidesnted and the gang came to grey tracker David
    TK: that a good game you two 
    Tracker: aaaa
    Everest: tracker meet tai Cody Kari tk and  yolei
    All of them: hi
    Tracker: so you guy are friend of David
    Tai: yea we are 
    Tracker: that good friend of you
    David: yea we all need to help each other
    Tracker: oh David these are friend of my Everest my sis marshall Jasiri and grey you already know
    David: hi
    Everest them jump in front of him
    Everest: you really awesome out there
    David: really
    Marshall: yea it true you really good almost good as tracker
    TK: it true David is good a player
    Jasiri: yea like take was we ( the jungle pirate) go to the park
    Cody: why the park
    Grey: we do some thing there it really impostement or we doing
    Kari: oh
    Yolei: that make since
    Grey: yea they why we call the jungle pira….
    Before grey tracker grab him and said
    Tracker: Don talk about our digimon and beside we don tell no one that we have digimon ok
    Grey: ooooo ok
    They get back up to the group
    Yolei: what that about
    Tracker: well it noting just between me and grey
    Everest: yea you get in fight all the time
    David: fight what fight
    Jasiri: well let they fight over almost everything
    Tracker and grey: WE DO NOT
    Marshall: Remember the one time you guy fight over a pizza
    Tracker: yea the was one time and beside grey don have a chance one me
    Grey: no you not I petty sure I stronger then you track-
    Before gray finish tracker kick him in the head that send him fly
    Kari: tracker why did you do that
    Tracker: I rule In my book people say they stronger then me well get kick
    Cody: that didin mean you can hit him you two are friend and
    Everest: Cody don get between these two like then do there thing
    Tai: yea it like me and max when we were young
    Marshall: who max
    TK: he my big bother
    Marshall: I want to meet him someday
    Then Jasiri look her digivice in her bag and said
    Jasiri: guy we need to do the thing you know
    Grey: oh right let go bye
    All: bye
    As the gang walk to the park  tracker  was think about the digidesnted
    Tracker: guy don’t get me wong but those guy  are abit strange
    Grey: strange how
    Tracker: don know but just a feeling
    Jasiri: well if you done talking about that  let go to the digiworld
    All: yea!!!
    Marshall bring out his computer
    All: jungle pirate go!!
    Now the jungle pirate  are at a beach place anyone look at the beach and was in awe
    Tracker: wow now this is a beach
    Grey: now were my swim suit
    Jasiri: yea me two
    They wait on the beach then Everest ask gomamon
    Everest: hey gomamon
    Gomamon: yes  what yo want Everest
    Everest: can you swim right
    Gomamon: why you ask that I can swim did you know that
    Everest: no this a new world and digimon are different then human so-
    Marshall: Everest trying to say  if you can breath under water if that what you saying
    Gomamon: I can breath under water why
    Everest: if you digivole I want to know what type of digimon you would be like biyomon a big fire bird Terriormon a gun rabbet I think you what I mean
    Gomamon: yea I know
    Then biyomon fly up in the air looking around
    Tracker: do you see anything biyomon
    Biyomon: no we in the clear no digimon around
    Marshall: tracker what you doing
    Coronamon: yea what are you doing
    Tracker: well I say we may take a break in the digiworld and have little fun
    Lunamon: that sound nice
    Terriormon: yea let play!!!
    All: YEAA!!!!
    All of them play on the beach Everest and gomamon are swimming Jasiri and Lunamon are laying in the sun as marshall grey and tracker and there digimon are running on the beach but then a digimon jump out of the water every one saw the digimon and getting ready to fight
    Grey: ok that a big digimon
    Tracker: biyo who what
    Biyomon: that shellmon Champion level watch out for he  Aqua Blaster
    Shellmon: Aqua blaster
    The team move out of the way
    Grey: ok every time you say he attack don say watch out
    Tracker: ok this guy mas up my beach day he well pay
    Tracker bring out he digivice put he hand in the air and put he left hand in front of him that made a ring as that done he made a x with his arm and slash his digivice ( again he digimon is from season 4 so yea)
    Tracker :  JUNGLE PHOIENX animal digivolition
    Biyomon digivole to Birdarmon 
        Jasiri bring out her digivice
    Jungle moon

Tracker: let do this

Birdarmon: yea

Jasiri: follow Birdarmon Lekismon

Lekismon: right

The digimon run/fly to shellmon and they attack him

Lekismon: tear arrow

Birdarmon: meteor wing

The attack hit the digimon but was steal standing

Shellmon: Aqua blaster

The attack hit Lekismon

Jasiri: no Lekismon

Back with the other

Marshall: we need to help them

Everest: remember two of us cant help

Grey: I would help but Everest

Everest: yes

Gray: don let protest you all the time we may be around but what if we not

Everest think about it and said

Everest: yea I need to be stronger if I have faith then yea

Everest ran  to the battle

Gomamon : wait for me

    At the battle Everest came to tracker side
    Tracker: Everest what you doing
    Everest: showing I not weak
    Tracker smile at her brave self
    Tracker: ok do your thing
    Everest: right GOMAMON!
    Gomamon: right
    Everest look at her  and jump and put her hand in front of her and a ring was in front of her  then she spin around and slash her digivice
    Everest: jungle ice, ice digivolition
    Then the ring came on gomamon
    GOMAMON SHINKKKKKAAAAAAAA Ikkakumon (sorry I want to put that in)
    Ikkakumon land in the water and ready to fight
    Tracker: whoa now that cool cool like you sis
    Everest: if I right Ikkakumon is a Sea Animal Digimon ok go
    Ikkakumon changer at shellmon that send him flying and said
    Ikkakumon“: Harpoon Torpedo]
    The missile from his head hit shellmon
    Birdarmon: ok let combine our attack
    Tracker: yea


    everest: yea let do it 
    Ikkakumon: blizzard tackle
    It a move when the body of Ikkakumon turn to ice
    Birdarmon heat wave
    Lekismon: moon kick
    All the combine and hit shell mon that send him flying
    Everest was so happy
    Everest: we didi it
    Tracker you did and now we are stronger
    Jasiri: yea we are
    The other come
    Grey: You guy did great
    Terriormon: yea
    Tracker look at marshall
    Tracker marshall now you and  Coronamon need to learn how to digivole ok
    Marshall: ok we try
    Coronamon: YEA 


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