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PMD UV Mapping Primer



An introduction to advanced UV mapping from within the PMD interface.

The UV mapping plugin can be downloaded from here:
The author, Gyoran_MMD, has written other PMD plugins that might be useful. Search for them using his username on

It's hard to write a tutorial on UV mapping to cover all situations (actually it's impossible) so if you have general questions, just post these in the comments. Just to let you know how complex the subject is, the instructions on how to UV map in GMAX takes an entire chapter with 51 pages; and these are just the basics.

Do note that very often, if you're looking for a specific mapping solution, there's probably a tutorial written by someone out there on the Internet. It probably will not be specific to MMD/PMD but the general principles will still apply - so please try not to ask me for specific solutions to specific mapping challenges. Try figuring them out for yourself first.

UPDATE (May 21, 2014)
More info on how to UV Map models using this plugin:
Also there's another good tutorial by Nintendraw here: MMD UV Plugin Guide + Tips

UPDATE (June 21, 2014)
If you run into an installation problem go watch this video for a fix:…
Video courtesy of Bl4ckSaw

UPDATE (Nov 03, 2014)
The latest version of this plugin is a lot easier to install. Simply put the correct dll file into the plugin/system folder.

Alternatively, create a new folder in the ..//plugins/user folder and place the dll file in there. This will create a subgroup folder in the PMD menu display for this plugin and makes it easier to find and access.

Update 05-13-2017:
English version of the UV Editor available here:

Update 08-15-2017:
I do not provide support for this plug-in. The tutorial and description tells you everything you need to know to get the plug-in working.
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so is it possible to edit small parts of the vertices or just the entire thing?