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PMD Tutorial adding labels to PMX models

By Trackdancer
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Do you get confused by which bone is which with PMX models? 'Null_#' gets confusing when everything is labeled almost identically. Well, this tutorial will show you how to fix this and it's really easy to do.


Gumi model by Aran Sumishi (from the original by Mamama)
(If you want her there should be a link to the model on *Xoriu's blog).
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I hate how I can’t translate the display panel unless done manually
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Hi, I'm trying to make a chica model, when i load the "Lets Eat!!!" Texture on the part of her dress, it comes out backwards. Help?? 
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Sounds like a mapping issue. Model probably needs to be remapped.
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Why did I go and manually relabel like 100 bones into English for my first model again... x)
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Beats watching the grass grow I'll bet ... :)
CelestCroweSilvari's avatar
its not working for me T_T
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Make sure your PC supports Japanese language.
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Well then something else is going on. Can't tell what it is from where I'm sitting. Sorry.
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This would have been really nice to know... six hours ago. >_< *headdesk*


I mean, thank you so much!!! I've been manually editing labels this whole time... ^_^
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The labeling wizard does translate everything. Some labels still need to be done manually if you want to be comprehensive.
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After doing two models completely manually, I had decided I really only needed the facials... and the group names to keep me from going crazy. 

But a wizard is much faster. I thought there might be something like this, but since I can't read Japanese... >_<
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PMDe has had a lot of great features that for those of us who don't read Japanese ... argh don't even want to talk about it.
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how do I convert that PMX model for pmd?
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I highly advised that you DO NOT downgrade a PMX model to PMD standard. You may encounter unexpected results.
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aha, ok
but then how can I convert to pmd? just wanted to know because it has a model I downloaded that has the physical problem and I wanted to fix
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Use a version of the PMD editor that can open PMX files.

BTW, if the model you downloaded was a model made by someone here on Deviant Art, my advice is just delete it and find a similar model made by someone who knew what they were doing. Honestly, trying to fix the physics on some of these models is a total waste of time.
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^ ^'', Ok I'll try, but I think it's fun to arrange physical
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If you want a nice model to mess with, download Kakomiki's Haruka Takamori - it's made for people to add their own physics to.

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ok arigatou!!!!
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Eh, maybe someday I can get my PMX Editor to work..

great tutorial, keeping this one!
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The version of PMDe used here is ... you have the same version right? Don't upgrade to the latest version, it's got glitches.
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