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MMD Understanding MMD Draw Order

If you have questions please post these below. (Please use coherent language when forming your questions, thanks).

If you want the swimming pool model, it is here:

If you want the links to the girl models used in this tutorial .. well you're out of luck as I don't have them.

As referenced in the tutorial, if you want good quality 3DCG scenery models, check out MMD3DCGParts ' gallery. If you want dinosaurs or pokemons goto Valforwing 's gallery. These two are almost my sole suppliers of MMD mod models and the standard of their offering is better than all the rest - just my opinion for whatever that's worth.

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Thank you very much, you helped me a lot with this explanation!!

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Once you've got your mind wrapped around the basic concepts, it's really quite simple. Glad this helped and thanks for your feedback.

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I may need to study this later much to remember/read! x.x
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i saw some awesome looking video's on nico nico where they'd have a mirror go across the model and his/her clothes would disapear showing their underwear. I'd love to be able to do something like that, and i know it has to do with this but i can't figure it out still. 
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Those kind of effects are most likely done using several "takes" and some form of post editing. If you think it through, Vocaloid models don't actually wear underwear now do they?
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i guess not lol. 
But i've seen alot of models where i remove the clothes and their body's under them. like alice for example. 

But i see what you're saying 
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i think i got this, by experimenting while making my fnaf video, the flashlight was solid on some models and transparent on others, so i had to mind, what to load first... your explanation was way better than trial and error.
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what did you click to open that accessory window??
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Menu bar across the top>Background>Accessories
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thank you for the pool and the tutorial!it helped me a lot!
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YW and thanks for the comment.
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very helpful ^^ thank you..
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YW, thanks for the feedback. :)
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my pleasure dear <3
Thanks. That actually helps a lot.

Sometime in the future, could you do a tutorial about Beamman's "Self" effects? You know, Self Burning, Self Darkness, Self Thunder, those effects. I'm trying to figure out how to use them in conjunction with shaders and PMD/PMX stages.
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I second this, I really want to use Self effects with PMD/PMX stages.
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um, how do I actually make them appear underwater? ^^; I don't understand mmd stuffs like draw order
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I... didn't understand any of that. Uh... can you sum up seeing the models underwater for me? I don't speak brainy... xD
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Draw the water last.
MikuHatsuneMMDlove's avatar
oh, ok! Thanks! Sorry for not understanding clearly xD
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I didn't know any of this, but then again, I am relatively new to MMD. Thanks for creating this tutorial! I found it very helpful!
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