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MMD Tutorial - VMD Spectrum Basics

By Trackdancer

People keep asking about how to use this software so I made this short, down to the basics tutorial. If you want a fuller understanding of this application, please visit this page:

There is a stage that was built to support this tutorial. It can be downloaded from here:

Stage home page is here:


If you are still having audio related issues please read this:


Fixed the font in one of the panels.

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It does not work, I converted the wav file to 44khz, 16bit pcm!!!

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You're not working on a Windows 10 computer by any chance? Cuz, I can't get the program to work on mine. Have to do the conversion on my old Win 8 net book.
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I am working on a Windows 10.

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Sorry for the belated response.

I cannot get the VMD Spectrum to work under Win10, so I just do conversions using my old netbook which still runs Win8.
Hello, I referenced your tutorial in this video.
Very thank you for sharing easy to understand vmdspectrum setting!
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Hey. Im having trouble importing the wav file into the program, let alone use the program.
Whenever I open the program, it showed a warning message "DirectSound(insert japanese text)". I checked the DirectX driver and its up to date. And I also unblock the rar file to make sure that the .dll files would not get blocked by my computer before i extract. I also changed the wav file to its correct format, sample size and rate but it still didnt work. Any idea on how to fix it?
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im having the same problem, did you manage to solve it?
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Edit: I did, need help?
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Yes please :<
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i have the same problem¡
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Make sure the program has the necessary permissions to run.
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Still don't know how to use Audacity to change the size. :/
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Sorry, I am not sure how to respond as the tutorial doesn't say to use Audacity to change the size of anything.
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Well the VMD thing won't accept/load my WAV, and I can't read the Japanese text that pops up when I try. >.< I figured it had to do with size.
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Oh that... You can change it to the correct WAV format by just selecting the correct settings as indicated in the tutorial. Then export the results to a new WAV file.
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+fav Heart 
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Nuff said, thank you :)
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ok, so I use it, but only makes half of the bars move. the others are stationary
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Use a program like Audacity to check the full range of frequency for the piece of music you are trying to process. It is possible that a certain spectrum of sound is at too low a frequency for the program to process.

Also check the settings in the processing program itself. You might have inadvertently limited the range of sound the program is supposed to detect and process.
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