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MMD Tutorial: Physics Diagnostics Tools

By Trackdancer
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These tools were introduced with MMD 9.10 and have been a source for some confusion, but here hopefully, we clarify exactly what each of these new tools does and how to use them to correct things like derpy hair and skirts. Although not specifically discussed, these tools are also ideal for model makers and editors who need to fine tune the physics on their models or edits.
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I was wondering if there is an anime tutorial that can help me create a character in Maya?
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Check out's gallery. He's the acknowledged Maya expert in the MMD Community.
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Thanks for this, I can now fix Gakupos hair and Kaitos scarf for my little dance number, those boys really are a demanding pair. XD
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Glad this worked out for you. :)
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Very cool thank you! :)
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I had no idea MMD could do this. This'll be really useful for Shion scarves and Hatsune pigtails. Thanks!
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did someone say shion
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Haha, yeah. Scarves in general though XD
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Danke für dein Tuto, das begreife sogar ich.

Thank you for your Tuto, which I understand even.+fav 
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Thanks, glad it's comprehensible. :)
Danke, froh, dass es nachvollziehbar ist.
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Ah, thanks for sharing the knowledge mate. =D
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With this tutorial, I can do something like this:… (Be honest)
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The best strategy with something like that is to just turn physic off completely for the skirt.
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Only for certain parts of the skirt.
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i usually just fix the skirt it self so that it doesn't happen at all ouo
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Having flawless physics is the ideal solution but its really hard to anticipate for everything. The MMD physics engine is fairly robust but at the same time it lacks refinements so the advantage of being able to override the calculations, even though this is situational, is a good 'workaround' for those times that even on finely crafted models, the physics calculations fail.
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usually when i have a model just standing in mmd phys on an no movement
some models go wild ( and usually derp in motions everywere )
some models nothing happens ( and usually the don't derp in motion )
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Physics on models that are just 'standing' should not have things moving due to physics (unless you've tweaked the grav settings to simulate wind). Usually, it's a faulty or extra physics component that's at fault you might want to edit it (out).
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i know that ouo
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