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MMD Tutorial Model Draw Order

By Trackdancer
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This tutorial serves as an introduction as to how to sort out the order in which MMD draws models which is important to resolve draw order conflicts. The program really does need to be told what to draw and when as it has no intrinsic intelligence as to how to resolve a scene.

If you have any questions, please post these below. In general I will not be able to resolve a specific problem that you're having as I can't see what you're doing; so please refrain from asking for specific solutions.

However, do note that in most instances you should be able to resolve most conflicts by ordering your models as shown here in a logical manner. Also, the program can in some instances, be incapable of resolving all conflicts. Each scene really needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Credits are in the tutorial panel
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thank you for this! you really helped me out!
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It is a pain, always has been a pain, but that's cause computers are really stupid ...
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If anyone wants to know how to access model order, 
you just click Background>Model Draw Order.
It's at the top of MMD's interface ^^
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hey just wanted to say THANK YOU i was looking everywhere for it
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No problem! I was pretty frustrated when I couldn't find it myself too lol
Anyway, I'm glad I helped you out! 
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Argggh... Did I forget to mention that in the tutorial? LOL
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Yeah, you did. It's ok though :) 
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idk where to find the model order thing ;-;
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These are accessed via the menus across of the top of the MMD interface.
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Very useful tutorial. Thank you XD.
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This can be applied to affects, right? I'm having troubles getting "Self Burning" to stay behind my model.... I don't want his face sticking through it weirdly.
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This does'nt help what so ever.

How do we even OPEN the draw order thing?  >_>
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Look under the Background(B) menu on the menu bar across the top of the MMD interface.
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If using a effect like Particle or Otome, which cause floating objects to move around the screen, where would they go in the draw order list? They are accessories, but as it is I'm seeing black circles around them instead of transparency. I'm not totally understanding the badly translated field but I figure it has something to do with it.
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You probably will have to prioritize the effects (stack them higher up on the list) if you're seeing vestige pixelation. You're on the right track, treat them as models with transparencies.
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Thank you for good text!
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That will be very useful, thanks
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whats the name of the blue car? it looks just like the one from this
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