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MMD Tutorial: Groups

By Trackdancer
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Someone asked how to do this. Since they seemed to be totally clueless when given a straight forward explanation on how to do this, I've made this simple tutorial.

Credits and Notes

Fuyu - Nakao / Lazyrage
PMD version used:
MMD version used: 7.39
Compiled in Photoshop 7
MME shader: Serious Shader

1/. Please feel welcomed to ask any questions regarding this topic (with the exception of 2/. noted below).
2/. Don't ask me for specific instructions on how to do this in the PMD version you're using if the method shown here doesn't work - like seriously, do you really think I would download your version and figure it out for you?
3/. Do note that the creation of the VIEW CNT bone has only displaced the mother bone from the list, but that the mother bone still exists and its function is not (directly) affected by the addition of this bone.
4/. The tutorial used a PMD model. If you're working with a PMX model, the interface will look different, but it works exactly the same, just that some of the functions maybe listed elsewhere.
5/. DO NOT ASK FOR THE FUYU MODEL'S DOWNLOAD LINK. It's in/was in Nakao's "luggage".
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Hey! How are u?
I'm having one old problem with my PMX... Again yay!
Dunno if i showed u before but, here, i posted a deviation about it>…
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Maddoktor2 answered your question better than I could.
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That's ok then, thank you so much for taking the time to reply <3
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hi, can you send me the link for pmd editor , please (the last version, don't work correcty for my project ç.ç )
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All versions of PMD are available from the same site.
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can you send me the link ,I search in the his site and it isn't ç.ç, thank's :)
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What makes you think I have the link?
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you have your file in the pc, you upload it on dropbox and share me the link C: please it's very important for me
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I do not have the authority to redistribute other people's software. What you're asking me to do, is not only illegal but immoral.

The program is available from the same site where you downloaded PMD. Specifically VPVP. Several versions are there including this version and the latest one. If you have problems reading the text on the page, please make use of GOOGLE translate. If you need the English language version, you can find a link for it here somewhere on DA.

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NP :) But the version you want is where I indicated.
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this helps me out thank you
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Ah, another helpful tutorial. Added to my collection.
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