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MMD Tutorial Fine Tuning Your Models

By Trackdancer
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This is the routine I personally use to vet and improve models that I regularly use in my collection. In presenting these ideas I am hoping that you may find some useful elements to use yourselves. Most models, do benefit from some elements of customization to make them work the way you prefer, so I've found these procedures useful in my own works.


Adding attachment points: [link]
Adding groove bones: [link]
Adding labels: [link]
Adding a mother bone: [link]
Adding magic bones: [link]
Adding semi-standard bones: [link]
For specific instructions on using MMD and the PMD editor please use GOOGLE.


Aya Drevis - edit by =Jjinomu d/l: [link]
Mad Father RPG game (the game from which the character came from)(freeware): [link]
Full credits are in the tutorial panel
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OK, 1 thing, you mention the IK heel glitch here, but you just sorta drop it from there. How exactly do you fix that.
I've googled IK tutorials and none of the IK tutorials i've read mention this at all, and yet ALL of my edits have this exact same problem! X_X
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This might help with the IK glitch:

MMD PMD Fixing Derpy IK Legs by Trackdancer
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ok, funny story, I actually found the solution when I wasn't looking for it, I was browsing for some sonic MMD models and one turned out to have a similar IK glitch, in which the author found the solution.
I had to move the IK foot bones(Not the toe ones) to very back of the character's shoe. This fixed ALL of my edits. If anyone out there is reading this with the same issue, try doing that.
sonicct5's avatar… Can anyone help me with this problem?
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First off please stop spamming my galleries with this sort of posting. This is not a public message board, thank you very much.

The problem is simple to resolve.  Just set up your PC to support Japanese language text.
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k but don't be so rude bout it Grump  sheesh
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Welcome to my ban list :)
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A really recommendable dance for checking the models function is "Two faced lovers". Every bone is moved there and often in a quite extreme way. I always use it and can spot almost every error with it. :D
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Nice tip and nice avi!
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I'm going to have to get a hold of that motion - don't have it for some reason.
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I usually just play the sample dance that came with the editor and see if they fail, but this is a much better routine! :D
And it's a good thing I found it too.. since I have a model-download addiction. ^^;
Trackdancer's avatar
Yeah, it's easy to get "that addiction" with so many nice looking models around.
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I used to do it with Sims 3 Custom Content too.. ^^;
I need to just start slapping my hand and saying no.
Or maybe a rubberband.. :shrug:
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just what i do with my models :la:
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Glad to see I'm not the only one that does this :D
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wow, you're pretty thorough o v o
i'm tempted to do this with all my edits from now on c:
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Thanks for the comment :)
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