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MMD Tutorial Derpy IK Legs Perma-Fix



The best way to avoid a problem is to prevent the problem from happening in the first place. Honestly, we've worked this out a long time ago and because the solution was so lame we didn't think of mentioning it. However, people keep running into this issue and finally Miku suggested that maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to show people how to avoid the problem in the first place.

Anyway the correct file name is: IK制限角.txt

Just copy the name and use it to rename the mislabeled file and this will prevent the problem from happening.

For those of you who do have problems with existing PMX models that were converted incorrectly here is the manual fix:

MMD PMD Fixing Derpy IK Legs by Trackdancer

To avoid wasting everyone's time, here are the answers to some questions that might commonly arise:

1. Will this solution work for the PMX Editor?
answer: YES
But my version of the PMXe came with the correct labels in the _data folder so it was never an issue to begin with. And don't ask me where I got my copy from. It was sent to me by someone else.

2. How do I set my computer to support Japanese language text?

answer: Please use GOOGLE or contact Microsoft

But in a nutshell... 

Control Panel > Regional and Languages Option > Advanced Tab > Select Japanese

3. How do I avoid this problem in the first place?

answer: Find a version of the PMD/PMXe that was packaged correctly and open the zip package with regional language option selected if applicable.

4. Where I can find a correctly package version of the PMD/PMXe with an English language UI to download?

answer: Your guess is as good as mine... I have no idea. Try this one, that's the version I have (PMXe - English UI):

English Pmx Editor - v1.1 by eoscustom3d
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(Sorry for my bad english I'm french)
Thank you a lot for this tutorial, but... I still have problems, but others problems than before following it...
Errrrr... by LivesChannel  Here is my problem. The two models(PMD: left PMX:right) have the same (random) pose. Can someone help me please?...