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MMD Tutorial - Animating a 360 deg spin

By Trackdancer
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~amethyst3551 wanted to know how to do this so here's the method. The sample motion data can be downloaded from my scrapbook here: [link]
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It really helped, thank u
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Nice to hear that this was helpful.
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hi i traced with PTS gumi's movements.
can i upload it as an animation base?
don't worry, i'd credit you!
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There's no copyright on this motion.
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Thank you so much for making this I tend to have trouble with spins myself.
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Hi ~~

I tried, and I just can't.

If you don't mind, could I use your motion data in a dance of mine?^^

I really can't make Her spin.

It goes faster and slower at moments, and I would be supergrateful ^^

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Sure go ahead but the sample motion data is really very crude as I put it together rather quickly.
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Thanks !!

you're the best ^^

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I need new superlatives ... "Awesome" isn't saying enough!
-- Reggie D
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this is a really interseting tutorial....
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Thank you!
It taught me importance of position of the center of gravity.
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With any motion, BEFORE even contemplating animating it, think it through and even better, do the motion yourself. Only once you have it fairly clear in your mind should you even try to animate the model in MMD. Doing it this way, it's a lot easier.
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Aye, thanks for this.

Will be constantly refering this.
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YW, glad you find it helpful.
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thank you so much!!
i really appreciate it :hug:
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