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MMD Tutorial - A Complete Hand Control System

By Trackdancer
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Example animation here: MMD Izayoi Sakuya Animation Demo by Trackdancer
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Damn... it seems I'm steel a newbie :(
I cannot mirror the pose I created for the right hand to apply it on the left one :S
Following all instructions for mirroring a movie data, but nothing :(

** EDIT: Ok, ignore me... I'm dumb :D ... solved ***
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** EDIT: Ok, ignore me... I'm dumb :D (Big Grin) ... solved ***

1. OK, ignored. ;)
2. Well you're Italian... so no comment. (j/k) :D
3. Ah, see it wasn't so hard after all. ^^
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1. Well done
2. Groan. We have invented pizza, pasta, radio and phone (yes we have. Meucci has invented it before Bell, but he hadn't the money to patent it), show more respect for us!! CURSE YOU!
3. Just the wrong copy/reverse buttons :D
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Pasta was invented in China; Marco Polo brought it back with him after his trip there.

But more importantly, for Western and hence "modern" civilization; the Renaissance started in Italy, and without which we wouldn't be living in the world that we live in now. Also, what would the modern fashion world be without the likes of Gucci?
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You, heretic! I'm talking about the one, real PASTA: Spaghetti, Maccheroni, Fusilli, Cappelletti, troffiette... don't dare to name chinese pasta!! :D

About Gucci and contemporary italian fashion I won't answer. As said in many tv series... I plead the fifth amendment :D

Coming back to topic, I was wondering if these bones and/or morphs should be named in some particular "standard" way in the japanese name field of pmx editor. I won't distribute the model I'm actually working on, but I added at least the fingers rotation bones on any of my most recent models. Do you know if our awesome f(r)iends from the rising sun isles use "standard" names for:

- Lef / right hand attachment bones
- Left / right finger rotation bones
- Spread / relax morphs

And finally. In some rare cases I added also IK chains on arms. Would you suggest others to use also these "unuasual" bones, when redistributing models?

Thanks :)
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Coming back to topic...

1/. Since these modifications are non-standard, you can use the same labels on both the Jap/Eng sides with no adverse effect.

The hand attachment bones do exist on many Japanese models, but even with these their labels are non-standardized.

2/. There are no issues redistributing models with these modifications as these do not negatively impact the performance of the models in anyway. For example, my edit of IA Rocks below has all of these features installed.

MMD IA Rocks [UNOFFICIAL] by Trackdancer  
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how can I make the bone facials for the fingers? I cant find any tutorial :c
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Look in my tutorials gallery under the PMD editing category. There is one in there on creating bone facials.
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I'll admit I rushed when I read but is this a thing you mod the character rig for or a thing you load into mmd separately? And yeah posing fingers is bleh xD
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These are mods and for animation purposes (as well as static posing) they really do help reduce development time. Complex as our hands are, we only really do move them in certain ways most of the time and this system does a good job of easily replicating those movements and positions through essentially very simple controls.
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Wow, that system indeed sounds very usefull.
I might try that little trick (gotta practise my pmd editing anyways).
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Try it, it's easy to implement, use and very versatile. :)
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