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MMD Tda Future Rin Append - Romeo X Juliet Theme

By Trackdancer
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Maddoktor2 sent over a copy of his latest project: Tda Future Rin Append, a couple of days ago. Ostensibly, I think I was suppose to beta test the model and send back my findings. Well, at least I think that was the plan, but in all honesty, I wasn't really in the mood to write another model review.

Then again, I think I've going through an autumn melancholy. I am just not in the mood or don't have the energy to really start anything new. So out of sheer boredom I went to the local public library and borrowed a stack of anime DVDs and one of them was Romeo X Juliet. I watched half the series but not the second half as those discs were too badly scratched and wouldn't play. No big deal, as I didn't really get into it. Not a big fan of tragedies anyway plus the plot for me was a little bit too much of a stretch.

But I did like the opening tune which was a Japanese version of "You Raise Me Up" by Korean singer Lena Park Inori. It has nice lyrics too. Now I did do a motion of this song sung in English with Teto in the lead role, so I put the Japanese lyrics to that motion and it didn't quite jive since the meanings of the songs are different. To make it work, the motion would have to be redone, so I shelved the idea.

And then I received Maddoktor2 's version of Rin...

What I didn't quite realise about the model until I first saw it was this is an older version of Rin. I'm going to let you into a little secret of mine: I'm not a big fan of high school girls. Women are like fine wines, they get (much) better with age, so I really don't get the Japanese Otakus' obsession with females in this age group. This Rin model probably still falls into that age group, but she's definitely more mature plus the model itself is stunning. It's also very well rigged and comes with superb physics.

So off she went to the PMD Editor, well at least my copy, and I made a few slight changes to make her easier to work with the way I like to do things and then I did the Japanese lyric lip sync. Loaded that on to the Rin model in MMD and just used the old motion to get a feel of what the performance would be like. Honestly, I was thinking I would just modify the existing motion and make it work. But the amount of work that would be required to reworking the old motion would be about the same as starting from scratch so forget that.

The point, however, was that this version of Rin could pull this song off very credibly so I sat down and did the performance motion the following evening. Now right off the bat, I did realize that this was an Append style Rin and I had made a stage for this style of Rin yonks ago. Put the two together and I had a perfect fit, but I really wanted this version of Rin to show her stuff and at the same time really use the stage.

All of that in a 90 second performance? Could it even be done?

Well, this was where lateral thinking comes in and I am trained to think laterally. Well to be perfectly honest, my logic is twisted most of the time anyway. But here's the thing. Most motions use the center of the stage, but this stage has perfectly good railings on either side.

And so I had 'better idea'...

Honestly, I pushed the envelope a bit on this one in terms of my portrayal of Rin's character. On the one hand I've deliberately included some 'moe' motifs in her posing, but I've also flavored it with a more provocative, mature and slightly aggressive sensuality and it works rather well. The model also has a superb bone/weighting structure, so I took full advantage of that too; her movements and expressions are, despite the fact that it was all done in only two evenings, very fluid and natural.

Anyway, see what you think.

The video can be seen here:

As for the Rin model, my recommendation is to definitely check her out when she is finally released. An absolutely superb model edit, and unlike far too many DA edits, excellent craftsmanship with superior attention to visual and functional details. You should be able to download her from Maddoktor2 's gallery when she becomes available.

Quibbles ( to Maddoktor2 ):

1. Some of the bone names are too long and won't all fit in the frames display. Also please label the mother bone as the 'mother bone' (or 'mother' or 'root') and the upper body bones as 'upper body' and 'upper body2' respectively.

2. The tail of the Append gear (you see this at the beginning of the video) seems rather starched (too stiff) don't you think? On the plus side it does kind of help sort out her hair at the rear to an extent, but it does tend to stretch credibility if someone wants to be really nick-picky.

3. The hair IK + physics system is top notch; really good choice to go this route, didn't have to use a single trick to keep all that mass of hair under control at all times.

4. I love that you have facials to remove her teeth. Really helped with this particular set of lip sync data.



[DL] Tda Future Rin Append by Maddoktor2 - Maddoktor2
MMD Rin Chan's Append Stage Set - Trackdancer
Skydome - UssiP

Serious Shader
Object Luminous
Auto Luminous
Post Point Light
Diffusion 7

Music: Theme from Romeo X Juliet anime - Lena Park Inori
Motion/Camera - Trackdancer

MMD 9.26
Mogg Face and Lips

Rin Kagamine © Crypton Future Media, Inc.
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Great Job on the vid and a nice model from Maddoktor2!
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TrackdancerHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks and yes it is a VERY nice version of an older Rin.
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Joey1058Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nice effort!
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TrackdancerHobbyist Digital Artist
TY :)
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Great video! That little hair twist at the end is perfection! =D
Thanks for taking a look at her. =) Her UpperBody2 is now renamed correctly, as is the Master [I like that better. ;P ].
There were 2 possible fixes for the belt issues. One was the easier Q&D method of taking a couple of minutes and simply rearranging their non-collision groups [which could have caused other issues to crop up down the road]. The other was to spend a couple of hours actually repairing the physics bodies causing the problems. I opted to do the latter, and also rebuilt the belt[s] physics while I was in there.
Her booty physics work a treat now! Icon Rin Kagamine Smiling by akiochan5302

I still have to take a look at and fix the long[ish] bones names, and will probably get to that sometime this weekend.
I fixed the bone names as best I can - I shortened Right and Left to 'R' and 'L', auxiliary to 'aux', and destination to 'dest.'. That's the best I can do without abbreviating things like hand, foot, middle, shoulder, twisted, etc, and because I personally prefer not to go that far, I'll leave that choice up to whomever adopts her. =)

One thing I thought important was how she aged. Like you, I fail to understand the attraction to Loli types, but unlike the majority of Anime babes who reach adulthood, Rin did not acquire a ginormous set of size DDs. Some women are simply fated to remain lesser endowed in some areas whilst aging most gracefully in others. [Sorry Rinny, you're as fully developed in that area as you're going to get...]
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TrackdancerHobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you liked the video and you're welcome as always.

Just from the screenshot on the page (which you might want to disable at this point), the tails look much more natural.

With regards to 'ginormous' sets of mammary glands... ><... like what's with that? There's a lot more to woman than those and in the real world, appendages like that are more of a disability than an asset. And besides, as Alice has mentioned before (subtly or not so subtly in her case perhaps) less endowed women are more 'sensitive'... ^^
Maddoktor2's avatar
Exactly, Alice is 100% correct according to every modestly endowed lady I have ever known (biblical sense included). It's like my take on the old saying about more than a mouthful being a waste. Ever wondered about what the difference is between excess and surplus? It's quite simple, actually. More than a mouthful is excess, the other one's surplus! =D

*Rinny just smacked me good for that one, BTW. Oh, and she said to tell you that she agrees with Alice, but wouldn't have minded being built like Haku to "test the theory". (Was that a thinly veiled hint, my dear? Sorry, never gonna hap... OW! >_< ) And we thought Alice is feisty? I've created a monster, methinks. Daughter of Evil indeed... OUCH! >_<

[Finishing touches are finished, stash is smoked, DL will be up sometime later today. Thanks again for the fresh look - I always seem to forget something, and you have a great eye for details. =) ]
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mary34Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice video! I personally prefer the english version of this song, but this one's great to. ^^ As for the anime it's attached to I personally enjoyed it which did surprise me because normally I'm not a romance person.
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TrackdancerHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. Personally, I'm not sure which version of the song I prefer; each has their nice qualities.
mary34's avatar
mary34Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, indeed. Both singers have a nice voice. :)
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NintendrawHobbyist Digital Artist
Great video! Looking forward to the released model! :D

Out of curiosity, do you do model requests when people ask, or...?
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TrackdancerHobbyist Digital Artist

As for model requests, sorry but I don't do those.
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NintendrawHobbyist Digital Artist
asdfghjkl *model reviews
I've seen "requests" so much more often that I typed that instead. Sorry. ^^;
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TrackdancerHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, I still do model reviews; please note me the details.
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NintendrawHobbyist Digital Artist
Noted! Let me know if I missed something.
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