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MMD Production Dance Studio 2013 Edition



I revamped my MMD Help Center model and converted it into a Production Dance Studio - even Vocaloids need practice space, right? The model is very light weight, and there's plenty of room to add decorations, including if you wish, a mirror.

The one shown above is just the MME Mirror Working Floor model by HariganeP, re-sized and shoved up against the wall.

D/L: Use the link in the right column of this page or download from:


Ani-Chan: *Digitrevx (Texel Works) [ ]
Ani-Chan (C)

IA & Chibi IA: Mqdl/(Kiyo) [ ]
IA (C) The First Place Co., Ltd.

Chibi Gumi: Mamama/(Trackdancer) [ ]
Gumi Megpoid (C) The INTERNET Co., Ltd.

Skydome: UssiP (look for his work on under author name: "ussi_cat")

MME: MirrorWF (HariganeP - effect is in his luggage [ blog: ]) / Serious Shader

Software: SketchUp 8 / PMD / MMD 8.03 / Photoshop 7

Please do not ask for model or effect links.
Warning: people sending me notes demanding that I give them either models or effects will be blocked. I do not condone nor tolerate immoral practices.
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this is super cool thx! dl'd