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MMD Palladio Stage Ver 1.0



Always wanted to build a classical style stage in the Renaissance style -- so I did. This set pays a small token of homage to the great architectural works of Andrea Palladio. Guess this is what happens after one watches the Da Vinci Code ...


There is a lot of built details in this model even though I've stylized it quite a bit to keep it simple. Still, the model is a bit on the polygon heavy side, so it may be slow on older PCs. Works fine on mine so it should be OK for most systems.


The stage is a full environment model and it also comes with a smaller stage module and illustrated instructions. It's a breeze to install.


Recommended that you use the Post OverRayVR MME effect with this stage as it really helps to define the moldings. Find this effect in ElleP's luggage:…


D/L: In the right hand column of this page.

Demo Video:


Full credits in the package.

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DL! thx! v cool