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MMD/PMD Tutorial Adding A Mother Bone in 2-clicks

By Trackdancer
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The easy way to do this.

Note that I've used the latest, Japanese language only, version of PMD for this tutorial, but the function also exists in the older English language version. It's in the same place in the menu system (Edit>Bone>MasterParentBone).

If you are using the English version of the PMD Editor, the name of the bone on the Japanese side is incorrect. The function still works, but replace the label on the Japanese side with the correct Japanese characters: [ 全ての親 ]
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Worked good for me I was able to make multiple Mother bones for a skateboard at three points front and back wheels then center. This allows for a little more control but complicates resetting mother bones in conjunction with other mother bones a little. Is there a way to have multiple parent or mother bones follow each other instead of in order if that makes sense? Thanks again!!
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Thanks for this, it really helped with the motherbone-less model I downloaded.
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Glad it helped!
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my model doesn't have the mother bone, that one that moves everything but the legs, hw do you add it?
EDIT: nevermind I figured out
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This helped me a lot (I DL'd a model without a motherbone and did not know what to do XP). Thanks so much! ^^
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Glad to hear that this helped!
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So... I have THIS issue. Help. by TwitchyTheNeko   I saw someone else had the same issue and it had something to do with the mother bone, but I tried this...and it didn't fix anything at all. The models I use work fine with almost all of the motions I've tried them on, and they were fine. None had this issue. A few motions I've tried lately have done this to my friend's OC, then all of the sudden this happens on all of my models and I'm confused. This other person that had the same problem had a confusing solution and I understood none of it. It would be helpful if you could explain exactly what to do... If not, that's fine. 
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Haven't seen this issue for years, so you're lucky, in a sense... LOL

It was a pain to figure out at the time, but the issue is just caused by a misconfiguration of the bone hierarchy in the Leg IK chain.

The solution is simply to correct the hierarchy by making sure that the Leg IK bones are parented to the center bone
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Ohh! I see! Thank you, that made a lot more sense! Lmao
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this works perfectly when I move it manually,
but when I load a motion where she's supposed to move, she doesn't?
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Huh? Never heard that happening. Need more info, before I can figure out what is going on.
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I fixed it but what had happened was I had the bone named wrong
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Hmm.. that would definitely do it. Like it has never happened to me before, right? 😆
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yeah, haha, sorry for bothering you!
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hey, I'm trying to fix a lot of the structure of this model… (mother bone, twist bones, physics, etc)
any tips?
I have the semistandard plugin so it's helping a lot, but this is pretty much my first time trying to reconstruct a model.
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"any tips?"

You do rips for commissions? I hope you are aware of the fact that this practice is totally illegal.


a. Most gaming models were designed to use a different bone system/structure from the ones associated with MMD. This being the case, converting a game model to MMD and expecting it to perform flawlessly, is a really big challenge.

b.Game models are similar in construction to MMD models but the problems comes at the major structural joints and also when trying to adapt advance bones constructions (such as twists) to the frame. Simply, this is caused in general because ported models may use a mesh system than what the limited AI capacity of the semi-standard bone plugin cannot cope with.

The only real solution is to attempt to resolve these issues manually. Since you are only charging like 50 cents per model, that, in terms of the time you will need to invest will represent a net loss in business terms.
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oh, no! this model wasn't originally mine! I downloaded it and wanted to fix it myself, because I was completely unhappy with the quality.
sorry for the confusion!!
But thank you for the tips, I'll try my best to do most of this manually with various tutorials online.
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You know how to fix if the model stays in the same place? 

like this:…
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The model's lower torso bone hierarchy is screwed up.

Look at a good working model's bone's association to see how it should be set up. Then just copy those relationships to your edit and it'll fix the problem.

In your example, check the parent-child relationship of the leg IK bones. That's most probably the culprit.
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Thank you for your reply! It really helped! :3
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I did just this, but it's still not working. Her body stays in the same spot, but her feet are dragged away.
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I don't know what to say when something so simple doesn't work. Why not try using the semi-standard bone plugin to try to add this bone instead.

BTW, the reason why you have this problem iis because the bone hierarchy is wrong. This model you're working on, is this a DA sourced edit by any chance?
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Oh BTW, can I attach this to a character via PMX Editor:…? Because, well, it has no head bone and I'm not sure if this is confirmed correctly, but I think I read somewhere that importing too many models of things (such as characters, weapons, accessories, vehicles, etc) into MMD will cause it to crash. So by adding all these things together via PMX Editor, it will minimise the chances of MMD crashing.
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