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MMD Oriental Dream Stage Set



Somewhere to the east of Constantinople (Istanbul) and to the extreme west of China lies the once fabled Silk Road. On this great trade route caravans transported goods from the East to the West and back again for centuries.

Traveled by merchants, soldiers, adventurers and bandits this route is now almost forgotten. Fading into history over time. It crosses over a harsh landscape where the weather can be extreme and the people there are rugged and steeped in ancient lore. Today, it's traveled mainly by the ghosts of the past which makes it perfect as a theme for a Vocaloid stage.

This stage tries to capture a flavor of this region which has been traversed by people like Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Marco Polo. A place where the East meets the West; where fortunes were built, ideas were exchanged and where adventurers could dream ...

... an Oriental Dream


Cleopatra model -
Sky dome -
These models are not included in the download

Download link: Top right next to picture
The zip includes motion data to animate the components. Designed for use with MMD 7.39 with illustrated instructions enclosed

:iconnew-plz: There is now also a blue chinese rug version of the dance area available here as an add-on for this set:

YouTube video demo:
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