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MMD KOZU - Compositional Line Tool



Several people have written to me about a tool that I've refer to as 'Kozu'. It's actually called:

構図線エフェクト ver0.0.1
(Kōzu-sen efekuto ver 0. 0. 1) or (Composition lines effect ver0.0.1)

It's basically a camera/picture compositional aid with the Rules of Thirds and other geometric regimes built in. It's an MME that loads as an x-file and has to be placed at the top of the draw order stack. Just use it to set up your camera angles and after it's done, disable it or remove it from MMD (as otherwise it will record on your renders).

I've found it invaluable for my pictures, but more importantly for when setting up camera motions.

If you want it, it can be downloaded from: https: //

See here for the password: https: //

Sorry, password page was removed so this tool is no longer available.

The girl in the image is Touhou Kaguya Houraisan, an edit by Flick ( She is a stunning model of this character, a re-edit of the version by Montecore. Beautifully crafted with lovely physics. The model is password protected, but is easy to figure out (just see the video page).
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thankfully the wayback machine stored the video page so the password isn't lost forever