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MMD KOZU - Compositional Line Tool

By Trackdancer
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Several people have written to me about a tool that I've refer to as 'Kozu'. It's actually called:

構図線エフェクト ver0.0.1
(Kōzu-sen efekuto ver 0. 0. 1) or (Composition lines effect ver0.0.1)

It's basically a camera/picture compositional aid with the Rules of Thirds and other geometric regimes built in. It's an MME that loads as an x-file and has to be placed at the top of the draw order stack. Just use it to set up your camera angles and after it's done, disable it or remove it from MMD (as otherwise it will record on your renders).

I've found it invaluable for my pictures, but more importantly for when setting up camera motions.

If you want it, it can be downloaded from: https: //

See here for the password: https: //

Sorry, password page was removed so this tool is no longer available.

The girl in the image is Touhou Kaguya Houraisan, an edit by Flick ( She is a stunning model of this character, a re-edit of the version by Montecore. Beautifully crafted with lovely physics. The model is password protected, but is easy to figure out (just see the video page).
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Thanks for bringing up the kozu line of thirds guide tool XD
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I got a weird untextured leek thingie when I open the effect (see pic below), any idea why?

Wtf Kozu by NamMisa
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It means this tool isn't supported by your system. The leek is a dummy model used to anchor the effect and is invisible if the effect was working properly.
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huh, and I guess that by system it means my computer and not my MMD vers.
Welp, that sucks...
Thanks anyway
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Please do not post unsolicited solutions to passwords in my gallery.

It is extremely disrespectful to the originators of these wonderful works that we can all enjoy for free. If all these people want is for the user to visit their site, it is the least we can do in appreciation. Besides, often by going to these sites, you can find other wonder things to download there.

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Ur fucking welcum m8. Sorry for being half retard
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when i load it,appears a white leek what i do
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Huh? White leek? Screenshot please...
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sorry to say this. but i wanted to DL this effect. but it's pass protected and i can't figure out the password. and can't find a hint annyware.
i feel so stupid:(
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and it doesn't work... all i see is the untextured leek thingy. is there something i'm doing wrong?
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you have my gratefull thanks.Ene (Smile) [V7] 
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Thank you for the link. So simple, but so useful.
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Geez, I haven't thought about the rule of thirds in ages!!!
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It's a helpful methodology that almost second nature to the way I do things, but this tool really helps with the visualization aspect.
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Very nice and valuable effect, will definitely try it sometime :)

Oh, and btw, the name of the character is Kaguya Houraisan. Just thought I should point it out ;)
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I thought it was Houraisan too, but GOOGLE Translate translates it as Penglaishan. I'll correct it thanks.
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Yeah well, google can be wrong sometimes when it comes to translations, hahah XD
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Thanks a lot for sharing this.

This will be very handy. :)
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NP - it's a good tool that a lot of people don't seem to know about (even though it's listed on VPVP).
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This seems very helpful!
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