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I was browsing through AnimeNebula003 's gallery and saw her official version of IA Rock. "Oh wow", I thought, but being my usual stingy self, there's no way I'm going to fork out 200 bucks to buy software that I will never use to get access to what obviously looks like a quick conversion of the IAx model by mqdl. Nevertheless, it is a nice conversion, but honestly it is not hard to do so I made a version.

And so here she is for those of you who are as cheap as I am... ^^

Mind you, this version includes all the usual upgrades I regularly add to my models including:

1. Outline OFF slider since I'm too lazy to access the menu option to do this...
2. Fade OUT slider for when IA is feeling really shy...
3. Fade to BLACK or WHITE (For the hell of it...)
4. Built in poses for spread, relaxed, OK, peace sign, pointing finger poses. These can be used in conjunction with the magic hand controls to create thousands of other hand poses quickly and painlessly. Great for those (like me) who hate posing fingers.

Incidentally, her skirt won't be see thru when her outline is off. And so far as I can see having tested her on a couple of motions, she's derp free (cuz I make clean edits).

Note: This version uses a custom eye texture. If you don't like the eye graphic just swap out eye.png with the file of the same name from the IAx model.

Terms of Use:

As per the IA Beta and IAx models by Mqdl and in accordance with their rules:


1. No immoral use.
2. No adult content.
3. No commercial use.
4. Use within 1st Place Co. Ltd. guidelines for the IA character.
5. Credit if used (not mandatory).
6. Editing and redistribution of edits, OK

* And don't make claims that this is the official IA Rocks model because it isn't. It's just a 'cheap' (but good quality) knock-off for those of us who are tight wads... ;)

CREDITS (promo picture)

Guitar and amp -
G2 Shader / WorkingFloorX
MMD 9.26 with custom background
Photoshop 7

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I fav'd & DL'd. Will absolutely follow the rule & credit you when I use her. In other words, as they say on learnmmd, I will "Keep the Faith"