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MMD Hatsune-San's Pedestal

By Trackdancer
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Miku: Hey, you haven't paid me any attention in weeks!
Me: No, that's not true, I made a video with you in it last week.
Miku: But, it was only a cameo role and I only had like 15 secs of air time.
Me: 30 seconds actually ...
Miku: And you gave Luka and Gumi their own stages and I got ... nothing (pouts)
Me: (sigh) ...

About an hour later ...

Me: Miku, come here please
Miku: Yes?
Me: Stand on that ...
Miku: (stands on "that") What is it?
Me: Your very own pedestal ...
Miku: Is that a stage?
Me: ... (long pause) ... well you can use it as that too (sly smile)
Miku: And it has lights (goes doe eyed)
Me: Yep, all the better to illuminate you by ...
Miku: And it's all mine right?
Me: Yep, it's got you written all over it ...
Miku: I'm so happy I'll give you a leek !!!
Me: I'll pass on that thank you ...

So, without further ado, Ms. Hatsune proudly presents her Pedestal accessory for MMD.

Miku: ... and it can be used as a stage too!
Me: Had to have the last word didn't you?
Miku: YES (with a big smile)

Neru Akita: Like doh, you blind or something? It's there right up at the top of the screen next to (dramatic pause) ... "her" picture (frowns in Miku's direction)
Neru Akita: Oh, FYI ... the backdrop behind Miku isn't included in the download. Just saying ... (shrugs and plays with her cellphone)

Meiko: What these two airheads were trying to say is that this accessory can be used to pose your Vocaloids models but can also be used as a simple stage.
Miku and Neru: (arguing in the background)
Meiko: Oh, btw ... (with that "look" in her eyes) ... when am I getting something?
Me: Soon ... (obvious lie)
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wow DL thanks :) 
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using for homework... I have to make a dance blah blah blah, they didn't say it had to be a human dancing
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"they didn't say it had to be a human dancing"... I like the way you "think".... ^^
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Dl'ed this! Thanks! :3
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Using for game

Don't worry I won't be making money off of it
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The most favorite scene.
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I've downloaded this stage ~!
Thanks n.n
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Awesome stage! Does the BG come with it? :3
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No, the background doesn't come with it.
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Darn. Do you remember where you found that BG? :3
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The site where that wallpaper was hosted is no longer around.
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That info story is adorable!
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Thanks - clear forgot all about it. Haven't done much with Miku lately. Going to have to rectify that soon. :)
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Could I edit? I'm making a stage based off a video game c:
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For your own private use, I have no problems with people editing my stuff. :)
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DL'd [some time ago] and [finally] used here: Thanks! =)
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