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MMD HD Passion Teto - Original Animation




And so I got bored. Saturday's appointment with my significant other got cancelled as she had something else to do. So I started poking around my MMD folder and found this edit of Teto by YamiSweet which had caught my eye on a YT video that I watched earlier in the week. It only took a quick search to find the model, and so I grabbed a copy from her DA gallery.

It's a wonderful model and having used this editor's other models in the past, I knew that for the most part, it would be fully functional and derp free. And it is, but there were some things that needed to be fixed for it to be used comfortably for developing an original animation sequence. So, I fixed her labels so that I knew what was what, resorted her Groups List, respecified a few bones (so that I could actually use them, for some reason they had custom local axis restrictions) and added my finger control system. The latter was a lifesaver, I didn't have to pose a single one of Teto's fingers through the entire sequence and yet the fingers were properly animated.

The music is from Celtic Woman and this particular song was something that I had already processed for use in MMD sometime ago, but it just sat there as I got distracted by other things. I had cut it down to be about 78 seconds long, which works fine for the Diva Performance vignette animations that I have a preference for. What I didn't realize was how quickly it could all be done. This entire sequence was done during an afternoon and one evening; including fixing the model, developing the lip sync, animation motion and creating the renders. Plus it wasn't as if I was sitting in front of the PC doing it either all in one sitting, after all I had to walk my dog and my significant other finally turned up and kept my attentions for awhile. And yes, I admit, I was making it up as I went along; but to be fair I had a rough idea what I wanted to do before I sat down to program the movements.

Still it got done and I only had to do three takes. The first one revealed some things that I wanted to change, so I made the changes and re-rendered the video. The third take was mandated as there were some errors (such as hands going through hands) that I somehow managed to miss the first two times around. Actually I'm pretty proud about the close coordination between the two hands, it's a lot harder to do than it looks, the timing at some points have to be extremely precise.

Regardless, it all turned out pretty good. Teto, in her absolutely fabulous dress, gives an almost flawless performance. Very touching even though I've introduced a lot of 'moe' into her poses. Dang, she's a real charmer and is it just me, or is it really the case that Teto gets to wear some of the best outfits? She almost looks like a doll in this dress, and those of you who knows me better, knows that I collect old porcelain dolls, so I just couldn't resist using this version of her.

Do please let me know what you think after you've had a chance to see her diva style performance and my interpretation of Teto's character; and all in Technicolor too ...



Passion Teto D/L: Tda Darkness, Passion and Light models - DOWNLOAD by YamiSweet


Tda Style Passion Teto: YamiSweet
Stage: Gothica2 MMD Gothica 2 Stage + Scarborough Fair motion
Music: Celtic Woman - You Raise Me Up (clip used only)
Motion / Camera / Lighting: original work
MME: G2 shader / o_BleachByPass / o_ToneMap / Diffusion 7 / Auto Luminous 4 / Object Luminous
Software: MMD 9.26 / PMD / Face and Lips / Audacity / Photoshop 7
Codec: Xvid
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A video with my favorite song! Yay!
Nice animation by the way :)