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MMD Girls Und Panzers

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And so I was sorting out my MMD folders and then I found a ton of stuff. Probably some of them were left over from the 1940s ...

Actually I did find the Panzer IVs. They are here:

Panzer IV ausf D (early war):…;
Panzer IV ausf F/G (mid/late war):
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Char B1 had a 45mm gun in the turret by the way
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Thanks for that - should have GOOGLE'd it back then, but I was too lazy... LOL
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Great and somewhat cute explanations, gute Arbeit ^^ !
Wouldn't have expected Bismarck to know so much about the Heer's tanks ^^

And good to see, someone finally notes, how the "Blitzkrieg"-tactics worked and that the Wehrmacht wasn't that highly and superior technologized war-machine during the invasion of Poland and France, many believe it was. Most of the material was still carried by horse and cart and the infantry marched mainly by foot.  Even in number, the german Panzerwaffe (tank force) was inferior to the allies.
Its all like you mentioned: its common tanks of that time, the light tanks Panzer I-III, may have been even against allied light tanks but already inferior to allied medium tanks.
Same went for the common german PAKs (anti-tank guns) of the Panzerjäger, except for the 8,8cm-FlaK (anti-aircraft gun).
Thus, a great part of the reasons for the Germans' overwehelming victory in the first part of WW2 layed, in fact, within the tactical faults of their allied opponents. At that time, the Wehrmacht was an effective war-machine, mainly due to how they used what they had by better tactics, strategy and organization.
So often, it's called the "fairytale of the Blitzkrieg" by critical voices (but that "fairytale" was a win-win-situation: the allies could blame their defeats to a supposedly superior technologized opponent and the Germans could boast with excatly that, despite of the facts.)
Only later in war, they would develop efficient weapons like the Panzer IV-VII, the Sturmgeschütze/StuGs and the Sturmgewehr 44.

(btw, it's "Auf Wiedersehen" in German)
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Oh so that's how "Auf Wiedersehen" is spelt .. /facepalm
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It is funny to see a BATTLESHIP explaining tanks
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Yep, but I just love that model and she just looks right with the equipment of this era.
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Could you please tell where did you get the Mk.I tank? I searched  Bowlroll and didn/t find it and it's not on VPV wiki.
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Two versions, one with crew and one without plus a re-texture set.
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Thank you, that's just my favourite tank!
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Yes, it's a nice little tank. I like them a lot too. And these models do them full justice.
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Getting D/L error from IV ausf D site.
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You might want to grab this set too: MMD WoT models

They are the tanks from the WOT game but ripped for MMD. They're usable as static objects.
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From the download page, click on the download arrow on the far right - don't click on the filename itself.
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Didn't notice that arrow........

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Yeah, I had that missing file issue too and then I remembered how lame Google software could be ... LOL
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