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Chibi IA: Recently there's been a lot of hulla ballu about COPPA and its impending implications for YouTube; and of especial interest to those of us who upload MMD videos to YouTube is how this will effect us. But, let me be very clear from the get go: DON'T PANIC! Well, may be a little bit as whenever you have a US Government agency involved in anything, you just got to be prudent. After all, they are the "Deep State" and all full of "know-it-all" elitist Ivy League graduates with no real working knowledge of how life in the US actually functions outside of Washington DC... What caused this article to be written Several people writing to
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There’s been a lot of misunderstanding both within the Japanese and Western MMDC about “Rules”. Cultural differences aside, on the Internet, there are a lot of people who are of the misguided opinion that anything that is free to download is free to do with as they desire. Apart from the fact that this is not true, this has lead to a lot of confusion, misunderstanding and disagreements. So in this article, we are going to teach you how to write rules to protect your modeling work that are legally enforceable. This, however, will not be an in depth discussion; rather we will just simply create a template for you to adapt and
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There was a recent journal written by a Japanese anime artist named puriiriin ( where he was complaining about several pieces of his work having been removed from his gallery after being reported to the administrators as being inappropriate content. puriiriin ( ’s work first caught my interest because of several lovely loli-style images that he created of Miku Hatsune and some of the Kancolle girls. His style is unique and both his compositions and techniques are to a very high standard. So I have been watching his work for sometime now. That said, some of his work I frankly do not care for simply because of the sexual nature of the wor
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How come when I search for MMD content on Nicovideo using a particular motion (i.e. REVOLVER, ガチ百合の女王 and 蜜月アン・ドゥ・トロワ) most of the time they use male models from an IP and less for female models? (bonus points if the motion allows them to do yaoi stuff)

There are a lot of MMD videos made by female Japanese MMD fans which would explain the use of male models.


I just wanted to say that in my first few months of working with MMD/MME/PMXE, your tutorials and other MMD related things have helped a lot.

I do have one question which I hope you can answer.

I'm making a few models now, but I find that in posing them, their ankle bones aren't "connected" correctly. Does that deal more with IK bones or physics, or both?

Please advise, thank you.

Several things can be happening when the ankle bones separate from the mesh. But, I would tend to look at the weighting of the offending bones to the model's mesh before anything else. Have fun re-weighting >< ...

The other possibility is that the length of the leg bone is either too short or too long and is stretching the mesh and causing the derps. This fix is easy; adjust the position of the ankle and other leg bones as required. If your model is wearing pumps, this is usually the cause as the previous editor wasn't paying attention.

hi with your disco stage its telling me a pmd is missing.

and it isnt asking me to load the x files

So what's with the Japanese MMDC's obsession with hiragana as their password for their works?

Because most people outside Japan would have problems reading and typing hiragana. Yeah, if you think it's racists you're not wrong.