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Two Wishes for dA users to Protect MMD Culture

Two Wishes for dA users to Protect MMD Culture

I know the most of MMD-users in deviantART are friendly and good persons. I love here and you :) But, unfortunately, a few selfish-people distribute the ripped models from commercial products or do not keep the regulations of each models. It is why Japanese MMD-modelers are wary deviantART. So they set esoteric pass words for foreigners to DL. It is sad state. Now I have Two Wishs to Protect MMD Culture for you. ============================================= (1) DO NOT USE RIPPED MODEL or PARTS ============================================= Ripping is crime. It is Violation of Law. Not only you but users of the model will be blamed a
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Don’t you hate how in PMX Editor the only way to translate the display panel is to do it manually?
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There are English versions of the PMX Editor around. Use one of those.
I meant that the name repair for the Display Panel doesn't work regardless of version, and I already have the English version by EosCustom3D
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I really hate this new DA format. Really hard to keep abreast of messages especially if you have hundreds of notifications...

The name repair function is only as good as the translation list it is working from. You can upgrade this yourself if you know what you're doing and there is information on how to do this in the tutorial section of my gallery (or was it one of my journals)... I forgot but you go figure it out.

The easier way is the method I use. This is to use the version of the PMXe recommended by This one uses a different translation UI and works kind of like a spreadsheet.

So if the built-in list is not comprehensive enough, the method would be to copy the Japanese text enmasse. Use Google translate to do the translation and then paste the results back into the PMXe. Really easy to do if you know how to work with spreadsheets.

Bruh, have you heard that Deviantart is retiring the old layout on May 20th!
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It's going to need some getting used to but the thing I like least about it is that it looks so cluttered. It just lumps everything together on to one page. Like who knows where to look first?

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And I really don't much care for the new layout; which is why I ain't going to pay for CORE...