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Chibi IA: Recently there's been a lot of hulla ballu about COPPA and its impending implications for YouTube; and of especial interest to those of us who upload MMD videos to YouTube is how this will effect us. But, let me be very clear from the get go: DON'T PANIC! Well, may be a little bit as whenever you have a US Government agency involved in anything, you just got to be prudent. After all, they are the "Deep State" and all full of "know-it-all" elitist Ivy League graduates with no real working knowledge of how life in the US actually functions outside of Washington DC... What caused this article to be written Several people writing to
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There’s been a lot of misunderstanding both within the Japanese and Western MMDC about “Rules”. Cultural differences aside, on the Internet, there are a lot of people who are of the misguided opinion that anything that is free to download is free to do with as they desire. Apart from the fact that this is not true, this has lead to a lot of confusion, misunderstanding and disagreements. So in this article, we are going to teach you how to write rules to protect your modeling work that are legally enforceable. This, however, will not be an in depth discussion; rather we will just simply create a template for you to adapt and
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There was a recent journal written by a Japanese anime artist named puriiriin ( where he was complaining about several pieces of his work having been removed from his gallery after being reported to the administrators as being inappropriate content. puriiriin ( ’s work first caught my interest because of several lovely loli-style images that he created of Miku Hatsune and some of the Kancolle girls. His style is unique and both his compositions and techniques are to a very high standard. So I have been watching his work for sometime now. That said, some of his work I frankly do not care for simply because of the sexual nature of the wor
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Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you might know why certain effects such as Curl do not like to render when done as a single frame/still image? I've tried searching for answers and all I can really find are tutorials about how to use Curl and nothing about rendering still images with it. Is there some special trick I'm overlooking?

Why do some of the English side of the MMD community decided to ONLY distribute their work on Discord servers? (Example: JosueMMD13's Discord server) Like are they that paranoid that they have to put it in an echo chamber?

Maybe to some people the Discord service is a more "comfortable" environment?

Personally, my stance is that content creators are free to choose whatever platform they want to distribute their work. You and I might not agree with their choices but it is their right to make that choice.

The main reason is because of people like you, that is impatient, rude, demanding and thinking that we owe you something, Spoiler, N-O. Read it slowly so you can process it.

There's a way to behave in places and also respect exist.

You literally were in other servers spamming to get access and in mine you right away stared wrong, pinning us after Minutes (Not talking of 10 or 20; 5 minutes!) To get access and right away when telling you that your intro was wrong started to insult communities and ridiculing them. That's why 😃 for protect our work of dangerous or people we don't like/ is problematic.

So I've been working with the auto breathing mod for a couple of days now, and the mod for the auto-breathing engine that you download off Bowlroll comes with some vertex morphs that I can't quite figure out. They have names that translate to things like "Fire preset," "cold air preset," "poison fog preset," and even "dragon breath." But each one just...manipulates a single vertex by doing nothing to it and if you open the mod model by itself in PMX there's a single material with only 2 faces assigned to it. The morphs do not appear to do anything obvious (to me, at least) when turned on. I also cannot find any mention of them in the Read Me. Am I just not using these right, or is it basically just bloat-data that I can delete from the model without breaking anything?

Don't delete any of the facials/morphs. They are all functional, some are used by the mod engine itself so removing them will break the mod.

If you are having issues installing the mod onto your model, this video might help:

Okay, I won't remove them. I was just wondering about the vertex morphs, specifically, because they didn't seem to do anything obvious. Thank you.