Story Arc: Chapter 6.5

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Published: January 6, 2014

     "He truly was a Man of the World, the light that illuminated the entire village...

But we must carry on, we must not let his sacrifice be in vain. We must be strong."

     − Hitoyo Tamotsu, about Kitsune TarouStory Arc OST: Scene of a Disaster "

Story Arc: Chapter 6.5  Three Years of Chaos: Time  Skip.

     It feels like it was just yesterday, but it's already been three years since that fateful day.
Tōrōgakure, known as the most powerful village in the land, both militarily and economically, 
is now struggling to keep itself and it's people fed, and continues living in fear of an invasion. 
So many lives were lost that we are unable to spare shinobi to complete significant missions.

     These have been dark days for Tōrōgakure... some of the darkest we've seen in ages...

Timeline of the Three Year Time − Skip: Story Arc Missions: Chapter 6.5:

Winter, 1260 − The Day of the Attack: 
      Tōrōgakure was attacked by the masked men and suffered heavy damage to it's walls.
           Kitsune Tarou and various others died in this siege, many buildings were destroyed.
          − Tōrōgakure falls into debt, and the economy crashes.

      A Funeral for Tarou and other shinobi is held one day after the invasion in Tōrōgakure.

      Tarou passes the title of Fifth Akarikage to Akihiko, who subsequently goes missing.
           The Village Council runs the village in his absence, while searching for a replacement.
           Many candidates emerge, but at the call of Takashi Hideaki, the search is postponed.

Spring, 1261 − The First Year begins: 
      Village becomes somewhat divided due to animosity between Founding Clans once more.
           Typically at the Kitsune side, the Hitoyo and Aoki are supporters.
           Typically at the Asukai side, the Minawa and Uranami are supporters.
           Other Clans remain purely neutral in the conflicts that would later arise.

      Half a year later the division becomes so severe, a brief brawl occurs in the main street.
           The was stopped by Hideaki Takashi, who intervened with his renowned Technique.

      Approximately 30% of the rebuilding is done by the end of the year.

      The village yearns for an Akarikage, unrest sets in. But once again, the decision is stopped.

Spring, 1262 − The Second Year begins: 
      Just after the new year, the Asukai Clan has a falling out between their two clan houses.
           Though there is no violence, the houses split and refuse to acknowledge each other.
           As a result, the Asukai fall out of political power as the highest form of authority.
                The Kitsune rise to power during this time, becoming the most authoritative clan.

      Relations between the Kitsune and Asukai intensify, returning to hate and intolerance.
           Arguments in the street are common and clans refuse to meet under the same roof.

      Approximately 45% of the rebuilding is done by the end, delayed due to clan arguments.

     − On the second anniversary of Tarou's death, Akihiko returns to the village during the night.
           Potential Candidates are dismissed, and Akihiko is forced to take responsibility by Mugon.
           This decision is met with criticism within the village, particularly by clans with candidates.

Spring, 1263 − The Third Year begins: 
      Animosity in the Asukai increases and bloodshed begins, the two houses act as separate clans.

      Tōrōgakure is mostly divided between three major Political Factions, each with different views: 
           The Fox: Support Tarou's old reign and traditionalism, they have doubts in Akihiko's reign.
          − The Phoenix: Despite not being really sold on Akihiko, they prefer him to Tarou's methods.
          − The Dragon: Wish to incite revolution in the village, and see Akihiko as a pinnacle of hope.

      Rumors of start of groups of travelers (shinobi and civilian alike) getting brutally murdered.
           Any form of travel outside of the village is banned unless approved by the Jōnin Commander.

      Tension between the many shinobi countries become worse, leading to paranoia of a shinobi war.
           The Land of Snow is now at war with the Land of Canyons  and by Association, Tōrōgakure.

      Due to a campaign fronted by the Akarikage, Approximately 95% of the rebuilding is completed.

Time − Skip Form and Tasks; Three Years of Chaos Arc Missions: Chapter 6.5:

     To continue the story, you must create a new Design for your character in the coming Arcs.
Keep in mind, once your Design is approved, it becomes canon, you cannot change it afterwards.
Like Always, down the road your design could change, but you still need approval of an administrator.

Sample by TraceofHatred

1. Life After the Invasion: The Darkest Days of Tōrōgakure.
     Things have changed... have you? In what ways? Submit your new Design for the Timeskip,
3 years have passed and the remainder of Story Arcs require you to age up to complete them.
Create a Design for the year 1263 and explain how they've changed in the description of it.

     − Mission Type: Design Client: None. Reward: 300 Ryõs.

2. Enrolling into a Specialization: The three years of training.
     Learning a Specialization takes time and hard work, keep a log of your progression.
It takes three years of training to enroll into a Specialty, nonetheless actually learn it.
Meet with your teacher and begin honing the art of your specializaty! Grow, little sapling!

     − Mission Type: Static. Client: None. Reward: 10 Jade Coins.

3. Caged Birds Keeping Busy: A Peaceful Life without Missions.
     A shinobi without missions is certainly an idle one. What did you do to keep busy?
Were you involved in the political unrest? Did you help rebuild? Did you pay respects?
From farming, to cleaning graves, to construction − There's lots that needs to be done!

     − Mission Type: Static. Client: None. Reward: 10 Jade Coins.

4. Shinobi Strengths Reevaluation: The Test of True Strength.
     A shinobi who's been inactive and out of practice for three years is likely to soften up.
That's why you will be tested, and drilled by your Sensei in your squad once more! Ready?
This test will be grueling and will decide whether you're ready for what lies ahead, or not!
     − You must complete the three missions above if you wish to take on this task!

     − Mission Type: Dynamic (Battle!) Client: None. Reward: 10  Jade Coins (x 2 If passed!)

      Keep in mind, all characters have now aged up by +3 years during this Arc!
© 2014 - 2019 TraceofHatred
General Time-Skip shite - sorry it's so rushed - today was a nightmare.

Please if you have any questions or are unsure of/don't understand/agree with something, 

Post a comment or contact myself on Skype - I will try to clear it up as fast as I can.
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I'm a little confused about a few things. I read through it all, but I don't know what to put for certain things. Like the missions done. I haven't done any, so what do I put down? And as for the Time-skip credits, do I apply that to my Post-timeskip character?
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houteianHobbyist Digital Artist
If you haven't done any yet, it's fine to put zero. The time-skip credits will indeed apply to your post-timeskip character! I hope that answered your question.
ShadowHachia's avatar
ShadowHachiaStudent General Artist
I feel like I missed something despite reading this several times, going back to reread what I wrote and looking at the example give, etc. Oh man do I have a headache from this @ ^ @

Anyways, I have a couple questions:
1) For the personal event, do we have to send it to the admins BEFORE adding it to the pre-ts sheet we're writing or after? Or do we just put it on there and hope whatever reason we come up with is good enough as you all read through the app?

2) And as far as the "time-skip credits" go, what are they exactly? @ ^ @ Like added stuff for people to give to their characters? ((this is where I kinda feel like I missed something))
ennueye's avatar
:iconlulfaceplz: sorry if this was talked about in the journal, but i'm still a little hazy about it OTL
If we want to apply to the group, in the pre-application should we make them as pre or post -time skip? 
TraceofHatred's avatar
TraceofHatredHobbyist General Artist
Your application should be their POST-TIMESKIP version, since the time-skip happened a long time before you join.
instead of a time-skip, you'll get a "flashback" arc of the past events, so to speak. hope that helps!
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thank you! it cleared up a lot
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Ah question! I was looking over Akihiko's sheet again, and noticed he disliked the Fox party. 
I found that weird as he's part of the Kitsune clan, so I assumed he liked them, and that the Fox party would be supportive of him. 
So the Kitsune's part of the fox party, do they like not accept Akihiko as a Kitsune? Is there like some secret hatred towards him because he was adopted in and he's not a full blooded Kitsune? Or is it really just they liked Tarou's ways better, and don't like change? 

I'm probably thinking too hard about this, haha. 
TraceofHatred's avatar
TraceofHatredHobbyist General Artist
I should clarify - Akihiko dislikes BOTH parties - Because they both want him to do something he doesn't want to do.

The Fox Party has little to no faith in him and essentially wants things to stay exactly how they were when Tarou was around - believing he won't be as good.
The Phoenix party wants him to do the exact opposite - they don't like him, but they prefer him to Tarou - they want radical change, revolution, a new Toro.

Akihiko has a hard time siding with either of them because he wants to be his own man and hates being told what to do - so he hasn't at this point.
He doesn't want to be Tarou II - and more importantly, doesn't think he's a good enough man to be Tarou II - so he dislikes the fox party.
But the Phoenix party hates Tarou - and by that logic alone Akihiko would never associate himself with them.

You did pick up a quite subtle foreshadowing to that I hadn't said prior though - because in fact, yes - Akihiko is no longer A Kitsune.
You could attribute it mostly to them just not wanting change - but it also ties in with his relationship with the clan leader - which has gone pretty bad.
Akihiko has chosen not to reside in the compound anymore (because he doesn't really feel like it's right for him to when the clan leader is so unhappy with him.)
cixu's avatar
Ohhh okay. I guess he just can't win. :\
The amount of stress he's going through, trying to rebuild a village with 2 pretty demanding and disapproving parties that you hate. orz

He should just make his own party. u v u the 'fuck you I do what I want' party, or whatever party represents him the most. :XD:

*GASP* He's just Akihiko now, not Akihiko Kitsune. ;;
So the clan just disowned him? :c
Also who's the clan leader now? Tarou was the leader before, right? Is it Yuki?
Eriluvs's avatar
EriluvsHobbyist Artist
Natsu would totally join the 'fuck you I do what I want' party :icongoyuiplz:

She's too tired of people fighting anyway :iconmingplz: Akihiko is Arikage now, and people should support him~
cixu's avatar
Yay! 2 members now :iconmingplz: 

Hima's kind of tired of the fighting too :iconimsotiredplz: even though she takes part in it sometimes. xD
Well if everyone supported him, that would be too easy for him and the story line. :iconohyouplz: 

Eriluvs's avatar
EriluvsHobbyist Artist
Yaay! :dummy:

Natsu will probably take some part in the fighting too xD I mean it's not like she will just stand there and do nothing

That is true :iconohyoumeplz: It's just Natsu's personal opinion :iconpapmingplz:
TraceofHatred's avatar
TraceofHatredHobbyist General Artist
I wouldn't say the whole clan dissowned him - but Yuki got pretty mad at him - which led to him leaving.

So you could indirectly say Yuki made him leave by accident but totally didnt regret it.

Yes - Yuki is Tarou's oldest biological son, making him the heir.
cixu's avatar
Ohhh :\

And okay, I was a bit confused. I had thought Yuki would have been Akarikage along with clan leader once Tarou passed away, but after Akihiko became the kage, I thought him or the mother were clan leader. xD
TraceofHatred's avatar
TraceofHatredHobbyist General Artist
Nah - It's pretty rare that the Akarikage is also a Clan leader - Tarou also wasn't the clan leader when he was appointed Akarikage - he achieved the titles at separate times.

While Yuki is Tarou's blood and lineage - and is guaranteed to be clan leader (it's his birth right),
Akihiko was Tarou's FIRST son - and has as such had the most time to bond with Tarou, and in a way, was kind of his 'favorite.'

Yuki is also way too young (and pre-timeskip) weak to be the Akarikage. x'D
Hikari would've been a good choice, but she's semi-retired as a shinobi - additionally, the Kitsune is a male dominated clan:
For the past 116 years, the title of Clan Leader has been passed to the firstborn son of the current clan leader.

Gengoro Kitsune passed it to his son, Mamoru, 
who passed it to his brother, Kotaro (as Mamoru's son was too young at the time), 
who passed it to his son after he died (who was also too young), 
thus Hikari - the sister of the two led the clan for a short time until Kotaro's son grew old enough. <- the only female clan leader in all history.
From there, Kotaro's son passed it to Tarou - who left it to Yuki.
cixu's avatar
Mmm, okay. O: :icongoyuiplz: I understand, but I'll probably forget and ask you again. 
Geez only one female leader. xD
TraceofHatred's avatar
TraceofHatredHobbyist General Artist
Yeah x'D
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MelzyVHobbyist General Artist
I have a question about missions/stats before the timeskip. Idk if it's been brought up already or not, if it did I missed it and then blanked completely... cuz I can't remember pfft....

Okay~ I know we can still do the past missions in the timeskip arc like it said in the above,  can the credits we get from the completion of the missions still be put into our official timeskip stats as long as they don't be over capped?
TraceofHatred's avatar
TraceofHatredHobbyist General Artist
yes xD
MelzyV's avatar
MelzyVHobbyist General Artist
Alright thank you! xD Sorry I wasn't to sure lol
Dazed--Flame's avatar
Dazed--FlameHobbyist General Artist
All of this, so detailed, damage influencing stats, omg, so realistic :la:   Time to swoon over another journal it seems!  
TraceofHatred's avatar
TraceofHatredHobbyist General Artist
Thank you :'D
Pozgroms's avatar
PozgromsHobbyist General Artist
Time to start that flash-back. :iconfuckyeaplz:
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