Story Arc: Chapter 6.

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Published: December 3, 2013

"Well, well. It looks like we have some pesky salesmen at our gates - What a bother!"

          − Rin Kitsune, head of the Shikaku Seiei. Story Arc OST: 哀と悲 "

Story Arc: Chapter 6  A Home in Flames and the Crying Gods.

     Tōrōgakure's brave shinobi returned home once more victorious, though not without costs.
The four appointed commanders all failed in their missions, botching the missions entirely.
The villages had been liberated, but the struggles kept them away from home for a few days. 
The Daimyō's fortress had also fallen − but what they found in that castle took them by shock.
They did not find a cowering Daimyō, nor an ambush awaiting them behind those locked doors.

     Blood painted the floor boards strewn with with broken furniture in the Daimyō's chambers,
As the bodies of an entire battalion of Samurai lay gruesomely mutilated on the creaking floor.
Similar situations occurred in the villages. The Daimyō's commanding attendants found dead,
with Tōrōgakure being the only grand military power for miles, yet not responsible for this.
Who did this? Or better yet, who had the power to, and just as importantly, why would they?

     Despite all of this, the shinobi returned home - weary, but proud of their hollow victories.
The thoughts of banquets and celebration filled their minds, how glad they were to be home.
But they were greeted with the sight of their village's gates destroyed and buildings set ablaze.

     Tōrōgakure was under attack.

Story Arc Missions: Chapter 6  A Home in Flames Arc Missions and Tasks:

     Do note these missions are OPTIONAL! However, each mission will give you a reward.
Remember, Ryõs are used to raise stats, improve chakra natures, and later on, other things!
There's no time! We've got to help protect the village! the battle has been raging on awhile.
The village gates are all destroyed, and numerous buildings have been damaged or set ablaze.
If only we'd gotten back sooner - But there's no time for regrets now, Keep in mind shinobi:
We're all returning from different destinations, and as such, we're returning to different areas!

Shinobi joining the battle from the Southeast:

Keigo Aoki, Ryota Hitoyo, Kaito Ryouichi, Harumi Asukai, Inugami Kota, Akemi Oshiro, Takumi Hibiki,
Ame Uranami, Usui Komuro, yoichi asukai, reiko uranami, hisako asukai, akira hitoyo, Sokuhei Hitoyo,
Inabikari Kaminari, Akishi Nakagawa, Aoi Asukai, Saki Aoki, Momoka Kanno, Hanako Kitsune, 
Tomoe Minawa, Kei Haru, Masaru Yuudai, Kinu Ishikiri, Minoru Furutani.

Shinobi Joining the battle from the South:

Enkou Akiyama, Michio Asukai, Shun Sekai, Souon Uranami, Taiki Aoki, Yuki Kitsune, Suzu Hitoyo, Michi Aoki,
Mana Usami, Manami Taketani, Naoto Asukai, Asuka Kitamura, Toru Kitsune, Toshi Kitsune, Seichou Uranami,
Kazue Kitsune, Makino Hamaki, Kōshi Kumamōto, Tora Hitoyo, Kinzen IShigani, Kyoya Fujima, Nomozu Hitoyo,
Natsu Sakana, Yuzuki Ryuusoki, Kaname Chouyou.

Shinobi Joining the battle from the West:

Tsuyoi Asukai, Tsuneo Ishikiri, chieri asukai, Isao Kimura, Kokoro Kitsune, Keitaro Isozaki, Kohaku Tsukino, 
Shigeru Ide, Namida Kitsune, Jun Tatsuyoshi, Urara Hara, Chinatsu Kitsune, Sayo Hoshizora, Riri Asukai, 
Nene Aoki, Maiha Uranami, Atsushi Kitsune, Kanako Aoki, Mitsuru Aoki, Kyo Tsutakana, Yukiko Sasaki, 
Gorou Ryuu, Koi Sakana, Nami Takashi, Tami Mamoru.

Shinobi Joining the battle from the North:

Mugon Uranami, Miki Yamita, Akihiko Kitsune, Roku Akamine, Sora Asukai, Raiha Kitsune, Yasuko Shirogane,
Hotaka Yamada, Kintaru Oshiro, Makoto Hitoyo, Jiro Yonamine, Himawari Kitsune, Aosa Migiwa,
Shinju Kitsune, Tsuyoshi Uranami, Shira Komuro, Kaede Hachisu, Kouki Hitoyo, Yukan Akiyama,
Gakuto Sakurai, Shoichi Enomoto, Hiroki Matsumoto, Tomoyo Uki, Mikazuki Fuyukawa, Kaien Yagato.

1. No Time to Waste: The Masked Men Invade!
     The village is under attack! Help the shinobi drive away these strange, masked invaders!
The fields surrounding the village are full of them! The Jōnin are trying to keep them at bay,
but with their sheer numbers there have been several casualties on our side − even the odds!
     − Mission Type: Dynamic! (Combat) Client: Tōrōgakure. Reward: 100 Ryõs.

     Minor Antagonist: Reaper by TraceofHatred

Reinforcements Arrive! The Sage of a Thousand Flames, Elites, Seiei and Yōkai:

     Several forces around the village have finally mobilized and a proper counterattack is underway,
the elite among elite have all cast out and entered the fray! Watch in awe as they bring a swift end!
The main difference is that with all the help, now you'll be able to protect civilians and the village.
The odds are much better now, we can still pull through! Show them the fiery light of the lantern!

2. Rescuing the Village: Reinforcements.
     Reinforcements have arrived! Depending where you are, the task at hand will be a little different!
Your location is decided by where you were in the last arc, reference above where you entered battle.

     North: Yōkai Kitsune and the rest of the clan elite have arrived to help eradicate the northern foes.
"You're a hundred years too young to be a threat to me!" bellowed Inari as he chomped a masked man,
"Tarou-Chan! You let the damn village get this bad?! You're lucky I don't eat you myself, bakayarō!" 
"Gomen, Gomen Ojīsan! I just have to take care of something though - If ya can handle the situation here."
"Always cleaning up after your messes, just like when you were a kid! Don't expect any favors, boy!"

     Southeast: Yamato III, and the other Asukai Elite have arrived to help eradicate the masked men.
Their swords scatter the masked men brutally, aiding in the slaughter while you aid recapture the square.
     "It appears some worthless vermin are attacking the city. I'll see a swift end to that."
     "I don't know why we're defending this area, it's Kitsune Territory." A younger Asukai mumbled,
     "Nonsense! The Akarikage and your village need you - we'll worry about that later!" he replied.

     South: Hideaki the sage has created a wall of a thousand floating lanterns to defend the village.
      "Don't worry, I can handle these youngsters - I once took down a whole army myself, you know."
He turned to the remaining enemies and created an opening into the village, gesturing the youths to enter.
     "Your village needs you more than I do - Show these masked children one does not simply put out the lantern."
The southern side is mostly residential. Hideaki can handle this, in the mean time, save the civilians!

     West: The Shikaku Seiei have arrived to assassinate the masked men with their deadly maneuvers.
In swift partner cells, the Seiei begin assassinate targets one by one. Will you even have time to get a kill?
     "Didn't even have time to put my armor on, what a drag! No matter, I would be revealed eventually!" 
Rin Kitsune bit his thumb, drawing blood, and placed it on the ground before shouting, "Kuchiyose no jutsu!"
The entire Shikaku Seiei was summoned. "Drown them in the darkness from the Shadows of Tōrōgakure!"

     Minor Antagonist: Reaper by TraceofHatred

     − Mission Type: Dynamic! (Combat) Client: Tōrōgakure. Reward: 100 Ryõs.

Victory, but at a Cost: The Masked Men Retreat, but for what reason?

     Tōrōgakure had been attacked while our shinobi were away, taking a substantial amount of damage.
Though they were valiant in their battle - because of their late arrival, many casualties befell the village.
Despite this, our valiant heroes rushed to aid their families and friends in battle against the masked men.
Though the battle wasn't easy for anyone - with the combined might of the teams, and the village's finest,
the battle started to turn up. But all of a sudden, the Masked Men retreated. They turned and ran away...

     Without warning these strange, twisted invaders began to pull back, and leave the village.
Some fled, others simply turned to ash - But what had caused the sudden change of heart?
A Sickening thought gave birth to the obvious answer: It was simple, they had gotten what they came for.

STOP! From this point onward there will be SPOILERS!

You should Click here to read the Important Update first!

Before you read any further in this Spoiler-Heavy journal!

A Lantern without a Light: The Death of an Era, the Man of the World.

     Tōrōgakure has managed to survive the battle, but at what cost? This is hardly a victory in any case.
Many brave Shinobi young and old have fallen in battle against the masked men, leaving us decimated.
A large number of important buildings have suffered permanent damage as well, and will need to be rebuilt.

     We also have the mystery of the masked men to deal with once more. Who are they? Or better yet,
What are they? None of them left behind corpses, only dirty cloaks, broken masks, and disgusting ashes.
Fear has spread among the people, calling these masked men Shinigami or Oni for their ghoulish traits.

     The worst part about all of this is the sickening question inside of everyone's mind: Is this the end? 
Or is it only the beginning of something worse? Nobody knows at this point, and nobody wants to find out.

     The only thing we do know, is it'll be some time before the lantern is able to stand on it's own again.

Village Fatalities:

- [#030810] Tarou Kitsune
- [#153034] Toki Imaizumi
- [#161808] Makino Hamaki
- [#162791] Katashi Nobuyuki 
- [#160170] Saiko Guyomi 
- [#160556] Koi Sakana
- [#170545] Kaoru Kitsune 
- [#180101] Amaya Aoki 
- [#173113] Kuro Kitsune
- [#160789] Ritsuryō Uranami 
- [#170314] Ippin Shinagara
- [#172862] Chiyo Uranami
- [#171346] Yuzuki Ryuusoki 
- [#173123] Yukiko Sasaki 
- [#182685] Hanako Kitsune
- [#181456] Kinzen Ishigani
- [#181347] Kinu Ishikiri
- [#180899] Yoake Yuuka
- [#180269] Hotaka Yamada
- [#182837] Nero Harumi 
- [#180882] Haku Konohana 

All of the above OC's have been slain in battle during - and won't be alive in further missions. 
They will only be available in flashbacks prior to this point from now on!

3. Man of the World: The Fourth Akarikage is dead.
     In honor of those who fell - we will be holding a funeral service in the graveyard.
Though the primary focus is to attend the sealing Ceremony of our fallen Akarikage,
so that we may release lanterns to guide him into the pure world that lies beyond, 
others will be buried too. All who fell in battle that day will be buried at the ceremony,
so that we may pay respects to all of the fallen, and not just our glorious leader.

     Once the offerings have been left and the lanterns have been released,
Hideaki will seal Tarou's body into the Monument with the rest of the Akarikage.
The villagers will take part in singing the final send off for our brave Akarikage,
though singing is not mandatory, as it's normal for people to be too distraught.

     It should be noted - Traditional Funeral clothes are strictly black and white!
Black is to symbolize mourning, while white is to symbolize their journey beyond.
The Funeral will take place in the Graveyard, right in front of the Narukami Falls,
as all of the Akarikage are sealed within the same Tomb before their Statues.

     − Mission Type: Static. Client: None. Reward: 100 Ryõs and a lifetime of sadness.

     Graveyard Map by TraceofHatred

© 2013 - 2019 TraceofHatred
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I have a question can masked man speek ?
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Nope. This is covered on their profile I believe ;A;
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I did read it again and it says nothing about not being able to speek 
only says that they upon death they tend to turn to Ashes conceal information
So if not for inforation they should able to speek in general, right ?
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No, they don't speak. That's what I just said. xD
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Question, what does the Shikaku Seiei look like? ^^;
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There's a uniform - I just have to do a clean digital version of it - the outfit is a one-sided kimono with wrist/shin guards and a furred hood/mask + kabuki make up, with a large scarf around the neck. I'll try and get the design up soon.
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You could consider them dead - yes, I'm not sure if we canonically killed them yet or not - if not, feel free to use this as a cause if you wish though.
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"Them, it, they, the foe/enemy/masked man/etc." Him is also used as the default (when you don't know the gender).
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