Story Arc: Chapter 16.

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Published: February 12, 2015

     "There is nothing to talk about. If you have last words, then say them...

Come, let us settle this generations old conflict − Once and for all, Akihiko!"

     − Prince Fubuki, the sixth YukikageStory Arc OST: Avenger "

Recent Events: Once a trusted friend, now a deadly traitor.

     Everyone is on edge about what happened in town the other day at the political hearing.
This is not the first assassination attempt, but each is more elaborate and vile than the last.

     Who knew Kōsetsumura would turn on us, and go so far as to infiltrate our Shikaku Seiei?
Who knew our Ally would not only infiltrate and outsmart us, but nearly assassinate our leader?
All while another siege on Tonbo Kyūden is taking place... Something is clearly going on here!

     For now, we will have to divide our forces once more in order to solve both problems.

Story Arc Chapter 16: A Familiar Face Belongs to the Enemy.

     Currently our forces are divided into two forces, each of which was formed via Sign ups.
The first party is moving north to Kōsetsumura under the Leadership of the Akarikage himself,
with the goal to apprehend Prince Fubuki for what he has done, and if necessary - Defeat him.
Mugon will lead the second party and head to the east to break the siege on Tonbo Kyūden,
hopefully repelling the invaders from the south, and preserve our alliance with Tonbo Kyūden.

Chapter 16  Branch A: Kōsetsumura: The Wolf and the Dog bare their fangs.

     You have decided to travel north with the Akarikage in hopes of apprehending Prince Fubuki.
The setting is snowy and you will have to bundle up to survive − Be sure to bring winter clothes!

1. The Lands of Forever Winter: The Wolf of the North Bites! 
     Making our way to Kōsetsumura has never been easy, but this time was different.
The winds howled fiercely, the snow fell in heaps, and the chilled air tore at your skin.
A demoralizing air of anxiety hung over the Force as we marched on our former allies,
but even the wind itself had turned against us  Could the stories of Yukimura be true?

     − Mission Type: Decision Client: Military emergency! Reward: 100 Ryõs.

2. Apprehending Kōsetsumura: A Clash of Fire and Ice.
     The storm has begun to let up, revealing something much more dangerous than snow.
From above on the Cliffs of the Trench, a large force of Hunter-nin stand armed and ready.
Prince Fubuki himself stands at the front, arms crossed with eyes sharpened like daggers.

     "Tatsuya, I want a word with you!" 
     "There is nothing to talk about. If you have last words, then say them." 
     "I suppose you're right... Shall we, then?"
     "Come, let us settle this generations old conflict Once and for all, Akihiko!"

     With that, the Akarikage leaps onto the cliff with his Seiei following him closely,
meanwhile a large number of Fubuki's men pour in from over the cliffs on our Force.
We are stuck in a clash. The two main forces skirmish at the foot of the Cliff Trench, 
while Akihiko and the shikaku seiei engage Fubuki and his elite hunter-nin atop them.

Ally: Hunter-Nin by TraceofHatred

     − Mission Type: Battle Client: Military emergency! Reward: 100 Ryõs.

3. Surrounded: The Crimson Snow again.
     The clash was fierce, we were evenly matched. Weapons littered the area,
and the two 'Kage still clashed at the cliffs edge. A bloody battle if there ever was.
The snow shakes and masked men burst from beneath, a dire ploy of Kōsetsumura?
Perhaps not, as the masked men show the same mercy to them as they do ours...

Ally: Hunter-Nin by TraceofHatred 
1 by TraceofHatred

     − Mission Type: Battle. Client: Military emergency! Reward: 100 Ryõs.

Chapter 16  Branch B: Tonbō Kyūden: The Dragon of the south returns again!

     You have decided to travel west with the Jōnin commander to help break another brutal siege.
The setting is tropical and you will will probably wish to dress lightly − Be wary of Genjutsu mist!

1. The Lands of Many Graves: The Dragon of the South Bites.
     It felt like only the other day that we were deployed into the Grey Wasteland,
something that hadn't happened in easily ten years or longer, until most recently.
Yet here we were, once more trudging through the land just a few short weeks later.
At this time, we could only hope our allies in Tonbō Kyūden would be alright.

     − Mission Type: Static Client: Military emergency! Reward: 1,000 Ryõs.

2. Reinforcing Tonbō Kyūden: A Clash of Spears and Senbon.
     Finally we have arrived, and not a moment too soon! Their walls are overrun!
Attempt to drive the enemy out of the Palace, eliminating as many as possible.
The Megamikage herself stands atop her walls, holding them with an iron grip!

     "All Physical types, rush the front. Supplementary and Illusionary, to the walls.
Ninjutsu, protect the Supplementary and Illusionary Units. Do not let the Palace fall!" 

     And with that, our forces split in two and joined the battle for Tonbō Kyūden.
We are stuck in a clash. While Bukijutsu and Taijutsu types are sent to the front lines, 
Mugon and Genjutsu types help the Shirayuri hold the walls and use Genjutsu from afar.

Ally: Shirayuri by TraceofHatred
Major Antagonist: Warrior of Order by TraceofHatred

     − Mission Type: Battle. Client: Military emergency! Reward: 100 Ryõs.

3. Luring the Tin men: The White Lily Returns!
     The Megamikage herself has a plan! However, in order to accomplish it she needs help!
Lure the enemy forces into the town, which really looks more like a dockyard than a Palace!
It sounds like suicide, but is there a trick? Only time will tell what the Megamikage is up to.

Ally: Shirayuri by TraceofHatred
Major Antagonist: Warrior of Order by TraceofHatred

     − Mission Type: Battle. Client: Military emergency! Reward: 100 Ryõs.

Recent Events: The Crimson Pass, History Repeats Again.

     How did we find ourselves here? Standing in the freezing wind and the dark of night, 
looking on in regret at the smoldering remains of the once snowy village, Kōsetsumura.
Bloodied snow surrounded the corpses of shinobi, women, children and sled wolves alike.
The badly burnt buildings of Kōsetsumura were now just splinters and boards in the snow,
and the blood and bodies of our former allies stained our boots. What have we done?

Building Tensions: Factions, Assassination and The War.

     It all started with the civil war, and the assassination attempt on the 5th Akarikage.
Though the attempt itself was swiftly prevented, the inevitable chaos afterwards wasn't.
To anyone in the crowds, it had appeared that a faction brawl started in the town square. 

     It wasn't until after the news was spread by Seiei while collecting faction votes
that the people were aware of what had truly happened, the assassination attempt.
But something didn't add up. There were two corpses of the former turncoat Seiei, 
Rentaro Takashi. But no regular transformation techniques lasted through death.
The only clues to go by were a Kōsetsumura protector, and the assassin's weapon.

     Swords are not a terribly common weapon. This is because of their short reach,
heavy weight, and melee-only usage - It is an archaic weapon, and is seldom used.
Shinobi in this day and age tend to prefer kunai, senbon, and other thrown blades.
This left two groups in suspect: Kōsetsumura, and our very own Asukai Main House.

     After some investigation, it became clear that the Asukai were not responsible.
The faction war had left the clan crippled and occupied, they didn't have the time,
nor the military numbers to challenge the Seiei. Sora was far too smart to try that. 
Not to mention their affinity to Bukijutsu, transformation is anything but their forte. 

     So that left one lead, an age old ally who has constantly been competing with us.
An ally known for their talents in both Ninjutsu and Bukijutsu, as well as assassination.
Led by Prince Fubuki himself, who wasn't known for getting along with any Akarikage.
But something still felt off, of all the times for Kōsetsumura to turn on us, why now?

     In the mind of the Akarikage, that left one solution: to confront Prince Fubuki.
Not because he thought that he was responsible, but because he needed the facts.
Having the Fukuro Family send a messenger owl wasn't a good idea in this situation, 
it could be intercepted, and we already had to worry about possible double agents.
The only way to know what Kōsetsumura had planned, was to confront Kōsetsumura. 

     At the same time, a message from Tonbo Kyūden arrived by messenger dragonfly.
They were under attack once more by the Haganemura, and in desperate need of aid.
Not wanting to jeopardize the already tense alliance, the Akarikage approved the request.

     Tōrōgakure would then host an optional military draft for two separate operations.
The first, a main force that would depart for Tonbo Kyūden immediately as a reserve.
Their mission was simple: Repel the invaders, defend the palace, and return home.
The second, a force of elite shinobi that would head north and escort the Akarikage.
They were to meet with Fubuki personally, and if necessary, engage Kōsetsumura.

The Dragonfly Slays the Dragons of the Southern Cliffs.

     Tōrōgakure quickly arrived to defend Tonbo Kyūden, and not a moment too soon! 
Even the stunning Megamikage herself had been drawn into the heat of the battle. 
Mugon was quick to give orders and come up with a plan to reclaim the lost walls,

          "Physical types, rush the front. Supplementary and Illusionary, to the walls.
     Ninjutsu, protect Supplementary and Illusionary Units. Do not let the Palace fall!"

     It was a bloody battle to say the least, but the Megamikage had a back up plan.
Abruptly, she signaled a full retreat, and began heading back to the central Palace.
Cooperating with them, Tōrōgakure also fell back, luring the enemies in behind them.
The palace was a labyrinth of bridges and fountains leading up to one elevated shrine.
As quick as they could, the defenders crossed over the bridge into the colossal shrine.

     Instead of crossing the bridge, the Magamikage stopped and turned in the center,
turning to face the incoming enemy army and viciously preparing a chain of hand seals.
What was the point of retreating into a seemingly empty town? The Megamikage spoke,

     "Whatever you do, make sure you all stay on that side of the bridge..."

     As the last of the injured shinobi limped across the bridge, the hand seals stopped.
Instantly, the waters of the many rivers and ponds that run through the village rose,
and formed a tidal wave large enough to wash Tōrōgakure from the face of Shintenchi.
In mere seconds the streets were flooded and the enemies washed beneath the waves,
tumbling and drowning in the submerged streets. It was an unrivaled display of might.

     A short time later, the water drained from the streets back into the rivers and ponds,
But the buildings stood unscathed. The bodies of the enemy were strewn in the streets,
but the streets themselves were not damaged. No, they were built to fully endure this.
The Megamikage scanned the streets before slowly turning and walking inside the palace,
battle was won, for now. It was time to gather up the bodies of the dead for investigation,
and lick our wounds and recover before returning home to our village of Tōrōgakure.

     But in the aftermath of the battle, a messenger hawk from Kōsetsumura arrived...

The Wolf and the Fox, and Darkness in the Crimson Pass:

     Meanwhile in the north, the two Kage meet at the Crimson Pass near Kōsetsumura.

     "Tatsuya, I want a word with you!" 

     "There is nothing to talk about. If you have last words, then say them." 

     "I suppose you're right... Shall we, then?"

     "Come, let us settle this generations old conflict − Once and for all, Akihiko!"

     The Akarikage took to the cliffs to meet Fubuki head on, his Seiei following him closely,
meanwhile a large number of Fubuki's men pour in from over the cliffs to engage the army.
The two forces clashed brutally, most notably the Seiei and hunter-nin intercepting the Kage,
caught in a deadly dance of Kage-rank Ninjutsu and attempting to foil the enemy bodyguards.

     But halfway through the battle, a familiar eeriness fell upon the frostbitten battlefield.
Black, slender hands reached out from beneath the snow and revealed a familiar threat,
the Masked men. They attack relentlessly, showing no mercy to either side of the conflict. 

     Realizing they were at a disadvantage, Tōrōgakure and Kōsetsumura temporarily allied,
teaming up against the Masked men while keeping tabs on each other through the battle. 
In the end, the Masked men were overwhelmed by the combined might of the two forces,
but the alliance was tense and temporary, as an exhausted Fubuki grumbled to Akihiko,

     "So, what brings the foolish lanterns to the north? A wish for an early death?" 

     "This, actually."
 Akihiko threw the protector salvaged from the assassin to Fubuki,
who promptly examined it before shaking his head and reaching into his own pouch.
     "What manner of poor replica is this? An attempt to justify your vile actions?"
He then threw a Seiei mask at Akihiko's feet, it bore the old Kanji for 'Imprisonment.'
It was missing the headdress, but that was likely removed to find the Seiei Cell Kanji.
     "I might not be from Tōrōgakure, but I know all of the Kanji of the Seiei..."

     "Kaibun, can I borrow your mask? I know it's against the code of the Shikaku Seiei,
and You'll get a new one, I promise - But I need your mask for a moment or two..."

     Hesitantly, he handed over his mask, obscuring his identity carefully with his hand,
Akihiko then removed the headdress and revealed the same Kanji: It was a fake mask,
a really good fake, identical even, but still a fake. After all, no two Seiei Kanji matched.

     "So, we've been had." Fubuki mumbled before chuckling both impressed and annoyed.

     "Looks like it." Akihiko handed the mask back to the Kaibun, "So, alliance back on?"

     "I suppose a temporary ceasefire is in order, but I wish discuss this in my court." 

     So a Ceasefire was organized between the two badly demoralized and exhausted forces,
whom agreed to perform a joint investigation at the village given the suggested circumstance.
But it wasn't long after that they realized no investigation was needed, the culprit was clear.
The Pools of molten lava burning holes in the snow and stone structures was a dead giveaway. 

Currently: Story Arc Chapter 16.5: A New Breed of Alliance.

     And that's how to this situation. Standing in the freezing wind and the dark of night, 
looking on in regret at the smoldering remains of the once snowy village, Kōsetsumura.

      "It's all gone... The castle, the women, the children, the wolves... Everything..." 
Akihiko tried to put a hand on his shoulder, but Fubuki quickly pushed it off and grumbled.

     "Just go. There's only one place left for us... This should be a victory for you."

At first he wasn't sure what to say. Akihiko understood loss, but not on the same level.
Personal loss wasn't the same as this, and even the attack on torogakure paled in comparison.
But that's when it came to him. It was unheard of, but it just felt like the right thing to do.

     "Well, there's always one alternative... You could return home with us, for a time..." 
Fubuki's head whipped back, his expression caught between disgust, shock, and confusion.
Akihiko paused for a moment, doing his best to fib up some proper and official reasoning. 

     "I mean, we need to interrogate your subordinates for your assassination attempt..."

     "Akihiko... That's impossible... Unheard of... Ridiculous!... We are now enemies!"

     "And your alternative? Maybe we have to actually work together to end this war."

     There was a long and uncomfortable pause before fubuki turned back to the wreckage,

     "One night. We'll bury them properly, take what we need, and... leave it all behind..." 

From the Ashes of Kōsetsumura and into the light of Tōrōgakure: Two as One.

     For the first time in history, two villages have now merged into one. It's not the first choice,
but it's what we're left with. It's tense for all of us, but maybe something good will come from this.
There's lots to do in the village, and the transition won't be easy for anyone. But we'll have to try.

The New Clan "Kōsetsumura Exchange Resident" is now open! 

4. Multiple Possible Tasks (Choose one): Decision!
     01. Welcome Home: Help build housing in the village for our new residents. Reward: 100 Ryõs.
     02. Funeral Ceremony: Help the villagers of Kōsetsumura bury their dead. Reward: 10 Jade coins.

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So can only jounin go to Kotetsumura?
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Aaw ;; Well, nothing to do about that :'D I'll hope Natsu manages to become chuunin so she can go to Tonbo Kyuden! ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ
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:I Calling it right now, totally not Kosetsumura that actually did it. >I Fubuki seems too pissed about something. 8I I bet the twist is a third party made attempts on both of them and framed the other. But of course that's just a guess.

;v;/ so does this mean there's no arc 16 missions for genin then or are they just not up yet?
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Still deciding.

There were really only 4 people who took the genin path last time, making it feel ultimately like it was a waste of time.
There's over 100 missions at this point, I think it would prove better for Genin to catch up and go harder on exams.
I could always create a rather light arc revolving around local issues like bandits, or an extension of the faction war.
But let's be totally honest, who wants to brag about how they totally fought bandits for the third or fourth time,
while all the other people are off fighting "The real fight"over in Kōsetsumura adn Tonbo Kyūden?
But at the same time, what would a Genin be able to do in the high risk situations other than die or get in the way?

All in all, still pending. We'll see. I don't want to build a complacent sense of "There will always be arcs for me if I continue to fail!"
because then people don't bother trying to pass because they don't need to. I think Chūnin is a fine complacency point,
because you've been substantially active but still have room to grow. You're not special, but you're not useless either.
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X'D yeah I mostly asked because if there's gonna be variety for my character's for the arc I want to take advantage of that. ;v;/ but it's perfectly fine with me if you just stick to the two paths.
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