Story Arc: Chapter 15.

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Published: February 1, 2015

Recent Events: Chaos in the Village, the Faction War.

     In the past couple days, we have seen a lot of chaotic events within Tōrōgakure.
From the Fireworks and Graffiti of the Fox Faction, the Bribery of the Phoenix Faction,
The Day of the Dragon Drafting Celebration, the harsh protesting of the Tiger Faction,
and of course the semi-pacifistic, anti-violence movement headed by the Kirin Faction.

     Perhaps the most significant of these Events was the Clash in the Kirin Territory,
where three factions − The Fox, The Kirin, and The Tiger − All met head on at once.
It began with the Tiger Faction Riot outside the Akarikage's Castle a few days prior,
which the Kirin Faction openly sabotaged and interrupted before retreating home.

     In response, the Tiger Faction marched on Kirin Territory in clear retaliation.
The Kirin were ordered not to attack the Tiger, lest they face Faction Banishment.
This bold though dangerous protest led to several members Deserting the Faction,
'causing the Kirin to become significantly smaller and insufficient to repel the force.

     But as the Tiger entered Kirin Territory, the Fox intervened and aided the Kirin −
An action suggested by the member Aosa Migiwa, who Sensed the Tiger's movements
determining that the Fox's involvement may both save lives and secure the Fox at the top.
A Large number of Kitsune and Mansei entered the region and repelled their Advances,
escalating into a Brawl before the Tiger pulled back due to a big difference in numbers.

     After this, many Tigers and Kirin abandoned their factions, lessening their strength. 
Notable examples include the large number of former Dragons who abandoned the Kirin,
and the birth of a strong rift within the Minawa as their own leader abandoned their cause.
The Phoenix too suffered multiple notable betrayals, costing them some of their support.

False Propaganda and Deception: The underbelly of Tōrōgakure.

     Lately, a lot of False Propaganda had emerged from inside Tōrōgakure's walls,
just like how most claim they had acted in "self-defense" and while vilifying others.
In general, a "holier than thou" attitude has taken the majority of the village by force.

     Some of it came from the Dragon, who pointed fingers at all Clan-ruled Factions,
some of it from the Tiger faction attempting to vilify the Kitsune's defense of Kirin,
and some of it from the Phoenix Faction who preferred to fight from the shadows.

     But most of it came from The Kirin to vilify the very Tiger's they sabotaged,
which had been easy to accomplish with the Tiger's reputation for being rougher.
Despite the Kirin's allegations of Home Invasions and other much worse crimes,
they were exposed and proven falsified upon investigation by the Shikaku Seiei.

     This made a colossal predicament for the Village Council and the Akarikage,
who had been sending Shikaku Seiei to gather information on the Village Factions.
Who can they trust when their own village is the one lying to them?

Story Arc Chapter 15: The War of the Two Alliances.

     Before it could be resolved a letter from our recent Allies in Tonbo Kyūden arrived,
detailing that Haganemachi's Forces of Order were once more marching on their walls. 
The next course of action was obvious, Tonbo Kyūden's alliance was new and wavering.
Leaving them to fend for themselves could lead them to defect or return the favor later.
If we wished to maintain the alliance and advantage in this war, we had to deploy troops.

     But with the majority of Troops in another region, someone would need to be in charge.
With the Akarikage being a Key Military and Diplomatic figure, he can't sit in his office all day.
The Faction war has to end, and someone must be chosen to run the village in his absences.
This is where Factions and the Council come in, they can be delegated duties in his absence.
Simpler things like managing the Village's Budget and Economy, Laws and Order, and so on.
Things that didn't specifically require more from the Akarikage than his Signature of Approval.

     First thing's first, the Akarikage had to gather the potential Candidates and explain.
But to his surprise, they had all gathered outside of the Castle for him...

Main Arc Missions:

1. A Voice to be heard: The Five Factions Speak Out.  STATIC

          For a time the Factions protest, doing their best to be heard over the others.
     Some with signs, some with flags, some with banners, and others holding hands.
     The rest of the village is surely silent, but every faction is gathered at the Castle.

          After some time and careful discussion, against the requests of his advisers
     the Akarikage leaves the castle and walks into the growing mob of people outside.
     As soon as he is in view, the Factions close in around him forming a sea of villagers.

          "In the past couple weeks we've seen a lot of chaos and fighting in the village,
     All of it Faction-related. All of ya have yer noble goals, and seek to complete them.
     But all you've done is step on each other's toes and cause a big mess in the village.
     I've talked with every one of ya Faction Leaders, but even I don't know what's best.
     That's why I'm gonna leave this choice in the hands of the villagers of Tōrōgakure
     because this village we all reside in is just as much theirs to live in as it is mine."

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character in their Faction protesting outside the Akarikage Castle.
     Before the Akarikage comes outside, people had been arguing, protesting, brawling,
     it was pure chaos - Everyone wanted to speak their peace. What were you doing?
     Though the Akarikage has provided a Solution to the conflict, he has not chosen a faction.
     This choice of not choosing is met with mixed acclaim, ranging from outrage to approval.
          ▣ Seiei will act as the wall that keeps the Protesters from the Akarikage.
               − Keep in mind, Seiei are all in uniform right now - Masked and all, no one can recognize them.
               − Roku, Ryuunosuke, and Rentaro form a close Triangle of bodyguards around the Akarikage.
               − Hajime, Kaibun, and Akemi form a much larger triangle - each at one side stopping protesters.
          ▣ If you were kicked out or (worse,) abandoned a faction, you can't complete this mission.
               − In other words, you need to have completed all Arc 14 Missions and not been kicked to do this!

Reward If you Attend with your Faction: 100 Ryõs.

2. A Message from the North: Chaos in the Courtyard. STATIC

          As the Akarikage finished his speech, that is when everything fell apart.
     Everyone was stirring up a commotion, and it was met with mixed reception.
     But what truly caused an uproar was what happened next...

          Abruptly, the Seiei in the back of the Triangle turned and drew a sword - 
     Charging the Akarikage from the back and trying to stab him through with it!

          In the blink of an eye Ryuunosuke flickered back and parried the blow with a kunai,
     while Roku dropped down behind him and snapped his neck - Killing him instantly.
     They leaped onto the roof of the Akarikage Castle and began analyzing the body,
     only to find that it wasn't Rentaro at all! But a Ninja with a Kōsetsumura protector! 

          Meanwhile, Hajime, Kaibun and Akemi all spiraled inward - abandoning the masses,
     quickly surrounding the Akarikage and escorting him back to the Castle as quick as possible.  
     You truly could have blinked and missed it, the speed of the Seiei was something to be marveled.

          Though, while their mission was accomplished - that said little about the masses,
     who at this point were panicking, and scattering for their homes or rioting in confusion.
     From the perspective of anyone, it may have looked like a brawl started in the square.

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character in the chaos outside the Akarikage Castle.
     How did you utilize it? Did you run home to safety? Did you get escorted by the Police?
     Or did you try and strike a blow on a confused Faction as they tried to fall back?
          ▣ Shikaku Seiei have been will be given specific roles to complete.
          ▣ If you were kicked out or (worse,) abandoned a faction, you can't complete this mission.

Reward For Escaping / Participating: 25 Jade Coins.

3. Tension: Voting for a faction to help manage the village. STATIC

          Everyone is on edge about what happened earlier today with the Akarikage in town,
     whether you were there or not - An announcement had been made and news spread.
     Who knew Kōsetsumura would turn on us, and go so far as to infiltrate the Shikaku Seiei.
     but that doesn't change that there's a problem to resolve tonight. A vote must be cast. 
     To ensure Lanterns aren't sabotaged or tampered with, curfew will be at 10 o' Clock.
     Lanterns will be collected at 11 o' Clock by one of the Seiei. No sooner, no later.

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character choosing the Faction and painting their Lantern.
     To vote, you paint your lantern the colour of the Faction, and add the Kanji of the name.
     A member of the Shikaku Seiei will come by and collect your Lantern (Vote) tonight.
     Colours: Red = Fox, Blue = Phoenix, Yellow = Dragon, Orange = Tiger, Green = Kirin.

Reward for Voting: 100 Ryõs.

4. The Draft: Signing Up for your Deployment. STATIC

          Because of the event in the town square, we are now forced to divide our forces.
     One force will head North to apprehend Kōsetsumura for the Assassination Attempt,
     and another will head West to aid Tonbo Kyūden in repelling the southern invaders.

     What task do you plan on signing up for? (Decides the next arc for you)

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character Signing up for Deployment - Where do you go?

          ▢ Tōrōgakure: Stay in the village and take part in Patrols. (Genin and up!)
          ▣ Tonbo Kyūden: To the west, B-Rank Emergency Mission. (Chūnin and up!)
          ▣ Kōsetsumura: To the north, A-Rank Emergency Mission. (Jōnin / Seiei only!)

Reward: 100 Ryõs.
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ςWhat if your character didn't choose a faction?
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Then they cannot participate in mission 15.1 and 15.2. They must start from Mission 15.3 
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there is no reward for 4th mission right? 
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It's probably 1 mission credit, not sure why it didnt show it.
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don't worry >.< and ok i ask for be sure 
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//cry totally want to send Hana to Tonbo Kyūden. We shall wait and see if she makes it through
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This was pretty epic ;v; I love the role seiei is playing in all of this :iconuhuhuhuplz: And curious to see what happened to the real Rentaro :iconfryplz:
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Soon my child. Soon. :I
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