Story Arc - Chapter 14.

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Published: October 30, 2014
     "I lost my son and my nephews to this war, none of which were old enough to be in a Faction.
Do you see why this war must end? And why the Clans cannot be trusted to rule peacefully?

          - Masanori Hōjō, Faction Leader of the Rising Dragon.

Recent Events: A village Reunited, and the journey home.

     Akihiko and his followers marched on the Steel fortress to rescue Satoshi from peril,
while Mugon took the others to Tonbo Kyūden in order to negotiate an alliance of sorts.

     Akihiko and his squad of ninja managed to take down the fortress, and found Satoshi.
Having claimed the fortress, we gained a strategic foothold and recovered the commander.

     Meanwhile - in Tonbo Kyūden - The rest of our forces endured an assault by the Land of Order.
The village still stands, and after seeing what they're up against - have temporarily allied with us.
     The two groups met up in Tonbo Kyūden and healed up while trading stories before heading home,
What a nightmare this Mission was, but it's all over now - Though it will never be forgotten...

Story Arc Chapter 14: An Eye for an Eye.

     While the many brave shinobi of Tōrōgakure were away in foreign lands fighting,
others have been fanning the flames of an old war at home: The Faction Struggle.

     In the events of the last Faction conflict, the village was divided by two coalitions: 
The West Clans, The Fox, and East Clans, The Phoenix. In addition to these two,
a third, massive coalition formed entirely by Non-Clan Shinobi, The Dragon, was born.

     The Struggle ultimately came to an end with the Dragon faction's intervention,
as a well planned ambush by the Dragon Faction decimated the Fox and the Phoenix.
This ambush would lead to the two remaining factions to unite against a common threat,
crushing the Dragon Faction just before the season's political summit with the Akarikage.

     It wouldn't take long for the two parties to go back to bickering among themselves,
but for the Dragon Faction - It was too late. So many within the faction were conflicted,
and had various different views towards the Clan population, and what Revolution meant.
This conflict would result in the Faction ultimately breaking down and disbanding completely,
but that didn't mean Dragon Faction members were necessarily safe from the Clan's anger.

     Shimi Tachibana in particular was tired of the Dragon Faction from the beginning,
he believed that "the old days" were better days, and that the dragon had it all wrong.
But he was angry at a large number of clans, and needed a faction to defend his family.
Gathering the Tachibana house and their allies, he would form the Valiant Tiger Faction.

     On the other end of the Dragon party's deserters, many would flee to the southern farms.
This was a new residential area that had been in construction since the last Faction struggle.
Many of these former Dragon Faction members would cower in fear of the anger of the clans,
but the Aoki would offer them protection and safety before forming the Guardian Kirin Faction.

     But not all Dragon faction members deserted, in fact, many became more dedicated.
With the many attacks on their homes by the various clans of the village, their resolve grew.
With the deaths of his children, nephews, and cousins, a new fire burned in Hōjō's heart.
He would start a revolution to create Equality in Tōrōgakure with the Rising Dragon Faction.

     Meanwhile, both the Fox and the Phoenix would lose support in their own right.
The Aoki never had a heart for the Clan wars and ended up forming a more passive faction,
The Shirogane would abandon the Fox as well, joining the Tiger in a strange turn of fate.
While the two rivaling houses of the Asukai would grow bitter and split up once and for all.
Without the Branch house, they lost power and were abandoned by the Minawa and Uranami.
Remaining supporters would take on the names the Awakened Fox, and the Reborn Phoenix.

     Age old alliances are left in tatters as new temporary faction bonds are formed, 
Five Factions now struggle for power in Tōrōgakure - But who will rise to leadership?

Faction Objectives and Talents: What you are standing for and supporting!

     There are five different Objectives! Though all five of these are focused on to a degree,
each Faction can focus on three at a time - Putting forth special effort to one especially!
Military - The Academy and Training Regime in Tōrōgakure, our Military strength. 
Defense - The Defense and Security of Tōrōgakure, our public safety and security. 
Economy - The Commerce and Economy of Tōrōgakure, our main source of income. 
Revolution - The idea of Political Revision in Tōrōgakure, freedom and social justice.
Tradition - The Culture and Traditions of Tōrōgakure, the very things that define us. 

The Awakened Fox: 

     They are perhaps the most traditional of the Factions, and wish to preserve Tōrōgakure's culture.
They take great inspiration from Tarou Kitsune, and wish to restore the village to it's former glory.
With the Third Great War looming on the Horizon, The Fox believe Tōrōgakure's military is at risk.
They wish to improve training regime, and village defenses - Yuki Kitsune is the Faction Leader.
     ▢ Main Supporters: The Kitsune Clan, The Hitoyo Clan, The Mansei Clan.
     ▩ Faction Directive: The Fox are incredibly strict about faction loyalty and faithfulness.
     ▣ Faction Objective: Tradition, Defense, Military.

The Reborn Phoenix: 

     They are perhaps the wealthiest of the Factions, and wish to expand that wealth into Tōrōgakure.
They take little interest in the looming war, and would much rather improve Tōrōgakure's Economy,
but plan to use a portion of the increased income to pay for defenses at home - As a precaution. 
They also believe keeping clan culture close is very important - Sora Asukai is the Faction Leader.
     ▢ Main Supporters: Asukai Main House, The Fukuro Family, The Hibki Clan.
     ▩ Faction Directive: The Phoenix are strict about Intellect, and do not take kindly to fools.
     ▣ Faction Objective: Economy, Tradition, Defense.

The Rising Dragon: 

     They are perhaps the most proud of all Factions in the village, and have many different views.
Their first and foremost goal is to bring an abrupt end to the Monarch-style politics in Tōrōgakure,
as well as improve the rights of all Non-Clan Shinobi. They see the importance of a strong Military,
and also understand the necessity of economic growth - Masanori Hojo is the Faction Leader.
     ▢ Main Supporters: The Hojo Family, Various Non-Clan Families, and others.
     ▩ Faction Directive: The Dragon are very devoted, and do not take kindly to lackluster efforts.
     ▣ Faction Objective: Revolution, Military, Economy.

The Valiant Tiger: 

     They are old-fashioned and believe Tōrōgakure's Defense has seen "worse times." Instead,
They want to strike first, rather than waiting for an invasion - crippling any threats immediately.
They also wish to improve the village's economy to support future attacks to rise back to power,
with Tōrōgakure as the military super power it once was - Shimi Tachibana is the Faction Leader.
     ▢ Main Supporters: Tachibana Family, Asukai Branch House, The Shirogane, The Minawa Clan. 
     ▩ Faction Directive: The Tiger are strictly Militaristic, and do not take kindly to cowardice.
     ▣ Faction Objective: Military, Economy, Tradition.

The Guardian Kirin: 

     They are perhaps the most passive of all factions, choosing to focus entirely on the village itself.
Defense is highly important to the Kirin, and to supply a strong defense you'll need a strong economy.
But, as a former portion of the Dragon Faction, they would also like to see big changes in Tōrōgakure. 
They much rather wait for a fight to come to them than strike - Wakana Aoki is the Faction Leader.
     ▢ Main Supporters: The Aoki Clan, The Uranami, The Saitō.
     ▩ Faction Directive: The Kirin are strictly non-violent, and do not believe in aggression.
     ▣ Faction Objective: Defense, Economy, Revolution.

The Light Shadow (Shikaku Seiei Only!): 

     The Akarikage and his Elite do not partake in the Faction struggle in the same manner as others,
they are obligated to a life of neutrality and apathy. It is their duty to monitor the clan war carefully,
and search for a resolution. The insiders of this party will infiltrate other factions for information, 
and will attempt to bring an end to the Faction War for good - Akihiko Kitsune is the Village Leader.
     ▢ Main Supporters: The Shikaku Seiei, the village council.
     ▩ Order Directive: The Light Shadow are strictly confidential, and do not tolerate weakness.
     ▣ Faction Objective: Defense, Military, Economy.

Factions Reborn: The Devastating Struggle of the Five Beasts.

     What do you believe in? What will you fight for? There are Five Factions to choose from.
While your Clan may support one, you personally can to choose whichever faction you want.

     Faction Missions will be listed on their Faction Page (which will be sent to you in secret),
keeping confidentiality between Factions so nobody truly knows what will happen until it does.

     There are many paths to choose, which one will you follow? And how far are you willing to go?
Keep in mind however, once you join a faction there's no going back - Traitors are rarely taken!
Furthermore, what you do in your faction can either get you promoted, or kicked out!

1. What I Stand For: A Village Split in Five.  STATIC

          The Fight of the Five Factions is looming in the weeks to come, where do you stand?

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character taking a side in a faction, as well as what their view is.

          ▣ Waiver Related Fun Stuff (Only those with Village Waivers can choose this!)
           If you are okay with killing other RPC's or faction members, contact TraceofHatred .
           If you are okay with being wounded by other faction members, contact TraceofHatred .
          − If you rather play a double-agent to a faction, be sure to contact TraceofHatred .

Rewards (vary with paths):

Choose a Faction to Serve: 10 Jade Coins.
Choose not to Join a Faction: 100 Ryõs. (There are no Missions for this path!)

     Missions 2-4 depend on your faction, find them here!

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