Story Arc: Chapter 13

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Published: October 10, 2014
"I found this to the south, it's of Tōrōgakure origin, no doubt - I think it's Commander Satoshi's."
          - Saki Aoki, Chūnin Champion and Rising Star of the Summoning Brigade.

Recent Events: A Village in Two, a Divide in views.

     Jōnin Commander Satoshi Saitō went on a reconnaissance mission in the Land of Order,
however - In grim news, Satoshi may have been captured by the enemy, or befell a worse fate.
Our original Mission was to set course for Tonbo Kyūden to negotiate with the Megamikage,
but the group was quickly split into two over what course of Action to take next.
HLV: Paths (1/4) by darlingGrim
     Mugon Uranami believed Satoshi would have wanted them to finish the mission first,
and prioritized the safety of village over the safety of his own Sensei. A cold, but loyal choice.

Meanwhile, Akihiko the Akarikage decided to depart immediately to track down and save him,
and saw little point in saving the villagers if he had to sacrifice the same villagers to do it.

Story Arc Chapter 13: The Hero and the Loyalist.

     Our two Leaders have gone separate paths, both of which are controversial in their own ways.
The choice comes down to one notion: What's more important? The Villager? Or the Village?

     Where will you go? With the Former Akarikage to the south? Or the Loyalist Adviser to the west?

Loyalist Path: "Sacrifices" are necessary to complete the Mission.

     You chose to leave Satoshi for dead, and instead followed Mugon to continue the operation.
Your village will appreciate your Loyalty, but those around you will not forget your heartlessness.

     The effects of the deadly mists in the bamboo thicket are growing more potent the deeper we venture,
but we still press on. The Palace isn't far, we can probably make it by sundown if there are no distractions.
Unfortunately, in this line of work - There are always distractions, and this operation was no exception.

     The Palace isn't far, but just as it comes into sight, the Nightmare begins again: The White Lily Returns.

1. Captured: Slowly Slipping into Darkness.  BATTLE

          As though she had been only waiting for us when she retreated before, the White Lily Strikes again!
     This time, in a full blown Ambush. The Seduction Suicide Technique and Traitorous Technique return,
     manipulating the large group of shinobi into quickly being struck down, or striking each other down.

          One by one the shinobi in the group fall, starting with the weakest - the fresh Chūnins,
     then the begin to fall Jōnins, and finally - The Squad Leaders. Everything becomes dark.
     And you can try to run, you can try to hide - but there's no escaping a Demon of the thicket.

          Consciousness escapes you - Is this what death feels like? Or are you just dreaming?
     Hard to say, either way - you notice your vision slowly slipping into complete darkness.

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character in the retaliation of the White Lily, before our capture.
     There is a Genjutsu Mist in the air! It has become more potent as we ventured deeper!
          - 2.5 and below: Perpetually Hallucinating under the Effects of the Genjutsu Mist! Cannot fight!
          - 3.0 Can resist somewhat, but may hallucinate at times! All Accuracy Stats reduced by -1.0!
          - 3.5 Can resist, but has Headaches and is light-headed! All Accuracy Stats reduced by -0.5!
          - 4.0 will be able to complete suppress the Mist, taking no ill effects from it.

Major Antagonist: White Lily by TraceofHatred

Reward: 100 Ryõs.

2. A Strange Turn of Events: Unexpected Attention.   OBSTACLE

          Unfortunately, this time - The White Lily came in much larger numbers with a solid ambush.
     It appears her first attack was merely a false ambush, a ploy to test our strength in battle.
     Though you're not quite sure how you got here, you awaken in dark room with multiple cots,
     most of which are filled with your companions - But all being treated by similarly robed Geisha.

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character in this strange new place full of Geisha.
     Across the large hall you can see Mugon, playing what looks like Shōgi with another Geisha.
     You aren't sure who these mystery geisha are, or how you got here after the battle -
     but it appears they're on our side and healing our injuries, for the time being anyway.
     You can see your friends, though going and checking up on your friends might be difficult depending on injuries.
          - 2.0 or Below: In Genjutsu shock - Stamina reduced moderately, too light-headed to get out of bed.
          - 3.0 or Above: Suffering headaches - Stamina reduced slightly, but can stumble over to check on allies.
          - 4.0 or Above: Absolutely no effects, wake up uninjured and unaffected by the prior Illusions.

Reward: 100 Ryõs.

A Strange Turn of Events: New Allies, and a New Objective - Do not let the Palace Fall!

     As it turns out, the same "White Lily" who attacked us was not in actuality the White Lily!
But instead, was the Hunter-nin squad of Tonbo Kyūden! Though we were their prisoners,
after a lengthy period of negotiations with Mugon Uranami, their stance on us has changed.

     Apparently, the Land of Order's Propaganda has not only made it's way to Tōrōgakure,
but Rumors that Tōrōgakure planned to move on and attack Tonbo Kyūden had been circulated.
From their point of view, such a reaction was understandable - But despite all of this,
they have extended a level of hospitality by trying to heal the wounds of those they defeated.

     But this journey isn't over yet, ill news from the gates of the Dragonfly Palace!
The Land of Order has sent a basic advance party of shinobi to try and take Tonbo Kyūden!

3. A New Ally: Defend the White Lily!   BATTLE

          The Land of Order is in for a surprise when they realize we have teamed up,
     rather than attempted to destroy each other like planned! Pay them back for this mess!
     Though we've been battered and injured on our way here, we have substantial aid this time.
     With the combined efforts of Tonbo Kyūden and Tōrōgakure, we should be able to prevail!

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character defending Tonbo Kyūden, the Red Dragonfly Palace.
     Though alone we would stand no chance in battle against a large group of Warriors of Order,
     with the aid of the Geisha, we should be able to repel the deadly Warriors of Order together!

Ally: Shirayuri by TraceofHatred  Major Antagonist: Warrior of Order by TraceofHatred

Reward: 100 Ryõs.

Heroic Path: Saving Others comes before so-called "Success."

     You chose to abandon the Mission, and instead followed Akihiko to save our Commander.
Your Kindness will never be forgotten, but your superiors won't forget that you abandoned the Mission.

     After a time of heading south, we exit the bamboo thicket to find somewhere we hadn't expected.
It turns out Mujinchitai reaches across the continent to the coast, and surrounds the Land of Bamboo.
We are back in this gray, haunted land once more - And won't be able to pass through before nightfall.

     In the distance, a lone, colossal fortress of Steel and Smoke looms in the gray Horizon.
Akihiko sticks out his thumb his thumb to gauge the distance. We were coming for you, Satoshi.

1. The Gray Wasteland: Death Looming in the Horizon.  STATIC 

          It's cold, dry, and lonely here. Morale is sinking steadily from the grim atmosphere.
     From a distance, it was one thing - But up close, well - It was really something else.
     We walked along the coast, the outskirts of this forbidden land - Mostly because we could,
     no one dared walk closer to the ruins and dunes in the distance. This would be the first time,
     that any had dared walk through these lands in 10 years. We Were breaking international Law. 
          Some of us questioned what we were doing. After all, this wasn't a mission, this was a quest -
     We weren't following any superior's orders, we were simply doing what we thought was right.

          At the head of the group, the former Akarikage himself trudged onward, fixated on his goal.
     It was hard not to retain at least some morale in the presence of such unwavering determination.

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character on heading to the fortress in the horizon.
     We have a long way ahead of us, and will have to set up camp before we arrive. 

Reward: 100 Ryõs.

2. The Infiltration: Taking on the Tower of Steel. OBSTACLE

          After a brief summit with the former Akarikage, Enkou Akiyama has orchestrated a plan.
     Note: If you want to be added to the plan, please comment on the journal! (or tag me)
     I am not psychic. Though I read all the missions, I do not know where everyone is going!
     If you are in group 1 or 2 and wish to be shuffled to the Task force, you may request so!

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character on partaking in Step 1 of the Plan - The Infiltration.
     Sneak passed the many patrolling guards surrounding the fortress, and get to the walls.

     Stage 1: Infiltration - Attempt to sneak to close proximity of the Fortress (Speed).

          - 3.0 or Below: Will be detected, exposing you and your partner in the ambush.
          - 4.0 or Above: Will not be detected, able to sneak up to the wall of the fortress.
          - 5.0 or Above: Arrive at walls of the fortress before the others, able to sneak in as well.

     Group 1: Assault Force - Ninjutsu (front) and Tai/Tool (back-up)! Partnered for Safety!
     - Akihiko & Miki, Kazue & Tsuyoi, Hajime & ... - MORE WILL BE ADDED -
     Group 2: Ranged Support - Genjutsu and Long-Range types only! Partnered for Safety!
Enkou (Commander), Kana + Puppets. - MORE WILL BE ADDED -
     Group 3: Task Force - Medic and Infiltration only! Partnered for Safety!
     - Takumi (Commander), Yasuko. - MORE MAY BE ADDED -

Reward: 100 Ryõs.

3. The Plan in Motion: Saving Satoshi. BATTLE

          So far the Plan has gone well for the most part, aside from a few sloppy detections!
     We'll have to clear out the enemies before we can take Satoshi from the Castle!

     How you performed in the last mission had direct influence on this mission!

     Stage 2: Assault - Break the line and clear out the enemies before finding Satoshi.

     Group 1: Assault Force - Attack and Take the Fortress! (Some in battle, Some searching!)
     - Akihiko Kitsune (Commander) has 5.0 Speed and was able to infiltrate the Castle!
     - Miki Yamita has 5.0 Speed and was able to infiltrate the Castle and open the frontal gate for Group 1!
          - Because Neither member had to wait, the pair can go into the castle and Search for Satoshi inside!
     - Kazue Kitsune has 4.0 Speed and was able to reach the front of the Castle without detection!
     - Tsuyoi Asukai has 4.0 Speed and was able to reach the front of the Castle without detection!
          - Because Neither member infiltrated the Castle, they will have to fight before helping search!

     Group 2: Ranged Support - Provide Ranged Support for Group 1! (Currently in Trouble!)
Enkou Akiyama (Commander) has 4.0 Speed and was able to reach the front of the Castle undetected!
     - Kaname Chouyou has 3.0 Speed, and was not able to reach the castle walls without detection!
          - Because Kana was detected, Enkou will have to rescue Kana! They will be unable to help search!

     Group 3: Task Force - Find Satoshi and Restore him to Health! (Currently in Battle)
     - Takumi Hibiki (Commander) has 4.0 Speed, and was able to reach the Rear of the castle without detection!
     - Yasuko Shirogane has 5.0 Speed and was able to infiltrate the Castle and open the rear gate for Group 3!
          - Yasuko had to wait for Takumi, so they will have to clear out enemies before searching for Satoshi!

     - Comment the Arc or Skype TraceofHatred to have your character added to these portions!

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character on partaking in Step 2 of the Plan - The Assault.
     Some will be fighting, some will be searching, and others in trouble! Refer to above!

Reward: 100 Ryõs.

Aftermath of the Invasion - Re-Grouping and Returning Home:

     After a difficult fight, the small - But strong - batch of Tōrōgakure ninja managed to take down the fortress.
Satoshi was found inside the Fort's main Castle, and is currently being brought back to health by Takumi Hibiki, 
though his fate is uncertain at this time. Having claimed the fortress, we have gained a strategic foothold -
as well as recovered a prisoner of ours, and a few from other countries - All while sustaining few casualties.

     Meanwhile - in Tonbo Kyūden - The rest of our foces endured the assault by the Land of Order.
The village still stands, and after seeing what they're up against - Tonbo Kyūden has temporarily allied with us.
Though we had a rough start, we've made a new ally in a far away place, giving us a strong set of reinforcements.
Few casualties were sustained - though it was a rough ride, we've managed to pull through just fine.
     The two groups then meet up in Tonbo Kyūden and heal up while trading stories before heading home.
What a nightmare this Mission was, but it's all over now - We'll return home to Tōrōgakure in the morning.

4. Familiar Faces: Crossing Paths.  STATIC

          Reunite with your allies from the other squad, it's good to see everyone's okay!

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character resting up or traveling home in the morning!

Reward: 25 Coins.


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