Story Arc: Chapter 11

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Published: August 2, 2014
"... I really shouldn't be the one doing this."
          - Mugon Uranami, Akarikage's Adviser and Leader of the Uranami Tribe.

Chapter 11: Bittersweet Victory.

     In the end, we managed to repel the Masked Invaders, though not without a tremendous cost.
The ashes of the Academy still get blown into the streets, buildings are scarred and stained by smoke.
It had been almost two weeks since the invasion, but the village still looked broken - It still was broken.

     But tonight, we would forget about all of that. It was the 69th Festival of a Thousand Flames.
For a week, everyone would forget about Clan Rivalries, about war, and about all of the tragedies.
We'd celebrate for seven days, for the first time in... I can't remember how long...

     Tonight would be the first of seven peaceful nights in Tōrōgakure. After Three years of Infighting,
the troublesome operation in Ihaigakure, the Jōnin Exams, the Civil War, and the Recent Invasion -
We have seven nights to ourselves, a night to enjoy the Village - To Celebrate our long list of Victories.

     Hopefully nothing goes wrong this year...

Important Events:
     - The Academy and all students who had been evacuated there were destroyed in a massive Explosion!
In essence, that means all 6-12 year old Shinobi are now deceased (no bodies found, presumably destroyed).
     - Numerous high-ranking officials fell in battle, some of which include the 5th Akarikage and other Politicians.

Story Arc Missions:

     The Courtyard around the Castle was so packed with villagers that the crowd extended into the streets.
Most could hear the excited screams of a women in the crowd as Mugon Uranami exited the Akarikage's castle.

     "Well, Akihiko should've been the one to do this... (Sigh)... Everyone! It has been hard, almost impossible even...
But we have endured, time and time again we have endured! This is our night, the Festival of a Thousand Flames!
The Sixty-Ninth anniversary of the day Seidou Shodai, the first Akarikage, brought our forefathers together.
Even in death, his warm and inviting spirit has burned brightly, keeping the darkness outside of the village at bay.
He brought us together, gave us shelter, and showed us the light, much like the glow of our lanterns tonight.
Remember what we have fought for all this time, remember those who have been lost... This is their night!"

     And with that, a Sea of Fireworks, Lanterns, and Kites emerged from behind the Castle, lighting up the sky.
The younger generation looked on in amazement in what had been one of the most amazing displays of their life. 
It had been a long time since the village carried such a euphoric aura despite all the scars and burns it wore.

     "Let the 69th Festival of a Thousand Flames Begin!" 

1A). Traditions and Tasks (STATIC).   

     Everyone's got their own celebrations! But there's a few especially colourful ones in the village.
     Most events are open to anyone (non-clans too!), but you will gain Clan Karma for participating in your own!
     Winners/Champs will be released at a later date, but feel free to complete your submission now!

     Kitsune Clan - The Test of Manhood and Might! (Kitsune only! It requires their strong chakra pathways.)
           - Two Kitsune will drink from the Sacred Gourds of the Clan, then fight it out in a drunken brawl!
         - All fighting stats count, but Stamina, Chakra, and Intelligence will especially matter!

     Asukai Main House - The Kendo Tournament! (Main House only! It requires a Katana.)
Two Asukai will spar it out with wooden swords! Not as strict or formal as the Clan Duels.
         - All Physical stats count, but BukijutsuSpeed, and Strength will especially matter!

     Asukai Branch House - The Senbon Archery Tournament! (Branch House only! It requires a Senbon Fan.)
Asukai will line up and fire on targets! Not as strict or formal as the Clan Duels.
         - All Physical stats count, but BukijutsuSpeed, and Strength will especially matter!

     Hitoyo Clan - The Bell Hunt! Find the bell first and return it to the Compound! 
Hitoyo will attempt to find a bell hidden within the village, and race to bring it back!
         - Mainly, Intelligence, and Speed will aid you in finding the Bell!

     Uranami Clan - The Art of Fishing without any Tools! 
Uranami at the compound will attempt to fish using nothing but their swimming skills and bare hands.
        - All Physical stats count, but Intelligence and Speed, will especially matter!

     Aoki Clan - The Art of Fighting as a Pacifist! 
Aoki will attempt to grapple each other into submission - It's very light and not violent.
         - All Physical stats count, but TaijutsuSpeed, and Stamina will especially matter!
     Shirogane Clan - The Satanic Inferno Paradise Taste Test!
         - The Shirogane have prepared some infamously deadly Curry - Can you handle it?
         - Last woman standing, wins! Stamina and Intelligence will affect your Success!

     Mansei Clan - The Midnight Bloom: Creative Gardening!
         - This village is too dark and dreary, cover it in flowers and plants to bring it back to life!
         - Low Intelligence will mean mostly Creative, while High intelligence means more Strategic!

     Minawa Clan - The Tanryoku Impersonation Contest!
         - Minawa grew up on tales of heroes, however - instead of village heroes, they learned of family heroes! 
         - Immerse yourself in the past, and dress up as your favourite Minawa hero (any)! Best costume wins!

     Hibiki Clan - The Ultimate Test of Honour! Extreme Party Decorating!
         - The Hibiki will only party in the most festive of houses - Decorate with all your might!
         - Most Enticing house wins! Speed and Intelligence and Stamina will affect your Success!

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character participating in one of the many traditions for the festival!
     Unless it specifically says otherwise, anyone can participate in any clan's event!

Reward: 100 Ryõs.Clan karma with the Clan who's Tradition you participate in!

1B). Hospital Time: Missing out on the Festival (STATIC).   

     Some people were injured pretty badly in the last conflict, rest up and recover before going out!

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character resting up in the hospital!

Reward: 100 Ryõs.

2. Tournament of Strength and Might (BATTLE)!   

     Fight it out and show off how tough you are! Show the village your Might!

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character in the tournament! (Any fight is fine, but only 1 credit can be earned!)
     NOTE: You must have signed up for the TOURNAMENT OF STRENGTH AND MIGHT to do this Mission!

Reward: 100 Ryõs.

Sub-Arc: Before the Festival.

     A week before the Festival, it goes without saying there are lots of tasks and repairs to be done!
Note: Pair Missions must be signed up for in advance, if you did not sign up in time - you are too late!

0. Preparing for the Festival - (Partner Mission! STATIC)

     If you think the biggest Festival of the year (lasting seven days) is gonna be a quick set up, you're not so bright.
     This is a huge event and we're gonna need everyone's help to set up! Working in pairs is more efficient!

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character (And your partner!) helping to prepare for the festival.
     There's loads of events to prepare for, from simple tasks like repainting and decorating the village and shops,
     to building attraction stands, buying materials, cleaning up wreckage, rebuilding buildings, and much more!
     For more details on how this works - Be sure to check the Full Journal for directions and rules!

Reward: 100 Ryõs.

01. Ame Uranami - SoulOfPersephone & Roku Akamine - anachui

02. Hiroki Kitsune - petitepurrito & Ren Minawa - SuzakuTrip

03. Kanako Aoki - PeanutHime & Yasuko Shirogane - houteian

04. Isao Kimura - kiippon & Michi Aoki - Sukieyo

05. Shishito Shirogane - luluopp & Mitsuo Asukai - Michuutan

06. Koshi Minawa - SublimeSalt & Yoichi Asukai - Shiori92

07. Jun Tatsuyoshi - MelzyV & Saki Aoki - SublimeSalt

08. Naoto Asukai - Ebberry-Jay & Onomi Mansei - kiippon

09. Inabikari Kaminari - GreenFrogSina & Aosa Migiwa - Taminki

10. Shoichi Enomoto - Jinxaroni & Kaito Ryouichi -MelzyV

11. Makoto Hitoyo - mikiwii & Mikami - anachui

12. Yuurei - Hirnfutter & Manami Taketani - TheArtofAytch

13. Chizu - Darkxm47 & Raiha Kitsune - Dazed--Flame

14. Sora Asukai - Friday70 & Akemi Oshiro - lautte

15. Shinya Asukai - TraceofHatred & Chieri Asukai -petitepurrito

16. Yuka Kazehaya - darlingGrim & Rentaro Takashi - BrookeVeil

17. Akio Shirogane - Ebberry-Jay & Kokoro Kitsune - ochairo

18. Mikazuki - sayaketsu & Michio Asukai - Greg-M

19. Kouki Hitoyo - MiyuKyuu & Riko Mansei - mikiwii

20. Aya - SuzakuTrip & Natsu Sakana - Eriluvs 

21. Karigane Asukai - Taminki & Akira Hitoyo - ochairo

22. Kaien Oshiro - Lumaki-o & Harumi Asukai - AquAlannis

23. Kei Haru - lautte & Kizashi - cadefoster

24. Takumi Hibiki - luluopp & Miki Yamita - SuzakuTrip

25. Himawari Kitsune - cixu & Saya Naien - FudgeNugget

26. Kazue Kitsune - SoulOfPersephone & Chinatsu - feganten

27. Kintaru Oshiro - anachui & Kaname Chouyou - Jaz-Saxx

28. Katsuo Himura - Pozgroms & Tora - aeruii

29. Tsuyoi Asukai - cadefoster & Kaibun - GreenFrogSina

30. Hisako Asukai - Jinxaroni & Eri Koizumi - misslalariot

31. Hajime Nishimura - Thriaemis & Ryota Hitoyo NissaNii 

32. Inugami Kota - BestNess & Yuki Kitsune -TraceofHatred

© 2014 - 2019 TraceofHatred
Had 2 missions for you guys, but after a long debate, I decided I'll release those later after revising them - Get working on your pair missions~ 
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Hirnfutter Looks like we're partners~
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Yeah, looks like it! (: Sooo - how're we gonna make this, a collab maybe?
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Sure! I could color if you'd like?
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Sure thing! Do you prefer more sketchy or really clean lines, then? (:
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I like clean, but sorta sketchy is okay c:
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Regarding the Minawa clan's event - are there images of the ancestors somewhere, or do we basically just make up a Minawa clan outfit for our character/choose an outfit of a living Minawa? Because no matter where I looked, I just couldn't find any reference on the ancestors ;v;
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Good point :iconuhuhuhuplz: I added a few examples and options here: sta.sh/0p82224ujtq
If you scroll down, you see examples of ancestors, but also other options for you to choose ;A;
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Ok great, thanks for the info! ; v ;
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There's a few in the NPC gallery of the Group, but for the rest you'd have to ask Thriaemis 
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On it:iconsaluteplz:
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:'D just thought I'd let you know that the links for the Aoki and Hitoyo events don't work.
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Sukieyo love~
Let's figure something out >'I
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Yes lets do this~! <3

How do you want to do this? ;v;
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I kinda want to try the mixed option ;v; 

But I have no ideas for what they could be doing lol
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Sounds good to me~

I was thinking maybe Isao and Michi can like help hang lanterns around the place or maybe even decorating some of the lanterns. haha
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Oooh that's a cute idea ;v; Let's do it
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Awesome~ So how do you wants to go about it? Who should do what? 

I dont mind doing anything c:

I will just be slowpoke however OTL
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Well I guess we can just do our own sketch and line art, then swap them for coloring x'D

I'm gonna be a slowpoke too, don't worry ;v;
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Sounds good ;A; :iconnissanii:, I look forward to working with you :iconsaluteplz: Any preference to the type of collab?
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omg! i think will be Awesome!
Ame is perfect with Roku <3 they are friends, and wow! Kazue can meet Chinatsu :3 <333
cool cool <3
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Hey Admins~

I finished my half of Collab Mission and Saya is Currently working on the Second. Wasnt sure what the plan was for submitting said missions so i sent my half to the missions gallery.

Michio Mikazuki Collab Mission, Painting Fun by Greg-M

If we are just going to go with the final piece then feel free to let my submission to the gallery bounce and we'll go with the final product

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8I also FUCK that's a lot of dead kids. :I what does that mean for prospective squad leaders since there's not really any kids for them to lead.
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There is one generation that just graduated (13-14 year olds - graduation is age 12) - but they are kind of in Probation I guess. 

Remember, no missions were taken during the time-skip, so they have literally zero experience - As a result, haven't done much. x'DDD
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XD Gotcha.

8I now we really need Hiroki to repopulate the village. Rysicup you'd best get on that. LITERALLY. :eyes:
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