Story Arc: Chapter 10

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Published: June 3, 2014
"Akihiko! We have an unconfirmed B-Rank Emergency to the southwest of the village!"
          - Aosa Migiwa, Respected Member of the Sensory Division's Village Defense Team.

Chapter 10: Final Warning.

     The Internal struggle for power in Tōrōgakure raged on for several weeks. Entire families were torn apart,
and a vast many bridges were burnt, while new and unexpected alliances were born from their ashes
Loyalty to one's own Faction rose in importance above all else, splitting Tōrōgakure into three Major groups:
Tarou's Spiritual Sucessors, The Fox; Yamato's Ambition, The Phoenix; and the Revolutionaries, The Dragon -
All of which had their own ideas of where the village should go in the future, and how they should get there.

     It was the first time in nearly 60 years that the Clan Rivalries and Internal Tensions had gotten this bad, 
erupting violently into skirmishes in the streets, political division, and bitter disagreement within the village. 
Even bystanders weren't safe, as many had been dragged into the conflicted unintentionally and drafted to a side.

     In an attempt to quell the situation, the Dragon Faction intervened in the Village wide Phoenix - Fox conflict
in hopes they would wear down both forces with a demoralizing, and crushing blow - Defeating both parties in one go.
However, when things got a little out of hand in the Dragon Faction's Raid, it quickly became a war of vengeance.
Things only got worse as the casualty count grew, becoming a battle of hatred rather than political superiority,
Clans blamed the Clan-less population as responsible for this, while the Clan-less blamed the Clans for being the cause.

     Was this the end of the Village we all knew? What would happen next? Who would be the next die in our streets?

     As the Seasonal Village Meeting drew nearer, the situation had nearly escalated into a vicious civil war -
Even bystanders could barely leave their house without getting into some sort of trouble on the way home,
and being in a faction well - It was only harder to go out unscathed. It was a truly dark time for Tōrōgakure.

     Then came the day of the meeting, one of the three dominant factions would be chosen to assist in running the village -
The rest? They would go unheard until the next seasonal meeting... It was a tense time, and someone was bound to disagree.
As a result, the three Factions gathered the bulk of their forces in the Main Street - Prepared to fight it out for supremacy,
should they disagree with the outcome of the meeting - Leading to a massive stare down between the three factions.
     The Court Room ended with a surprise twist however, as the Akarikage and his council delegated not one -
But all three of the parties to a specific task, in hopes that it would put a stop to the fighting and force them to work together.
Since it would require all three of them to function, the Faction Leaders would call off their forces - and the showdown would end peacefully,
as if one of the parties failed - It would in turn affect all three of the parties. Momentarily, it would force them to put aside their differences.

     But just as the Meeting in the Court Room came to a close, a young Sensory-Ninja by the name of Aosa burst into the room.
Something wasn't right - Something, rather - many somethings had been detected outside of the village by the defense team,
It was a B-Rank Emergency outside the Village Walls - A large number of unidentified presences were heading towards the village.

     The court room emptied quicker than you could give an order as the villagers headed to the southwest wall to face the disturbance...

Story Arc Missions:

     All was Quiet, the shinobi waited at the edge of the wall, watching intently - Awaiting the massive presence.
But there was nothing. It was silent - no movement - no presence. Until a Sensory-Type Shrieked and pointed just in front of the wall,
there it was. It was nearly invisible, but the faint rippling outline of a massive barrier could be seen if one focused long enough at the ground,
only a sensory-type could notice something like that so quickly. Within moments, a vast amount of shinobi emerged from the barrier,
leaped up the wall and attacked the villagers, taking them by surprise and pushing the battle half inside the walls, and half out.

     All is tense as the battle rages on, and Faction warriors wonder if they should put aside their differences and put down the enemy first,
or stab a foe in the back before this is all over to take a lead in the battle? Whatever happens, there's not much time to think about it.

If you are a Genin:

      The battle rages on, but you stand there anxious - These aren't your usual bandits, that's for sure.
Amid the fighting, a grisly old Jōnin sees you idling and barks out an order while repelling a masked man's attacks.
     "What the hell kid! It's way too dangerous out here! Go get help - Make sure everyone knows we're under attack!"
Before you can answer, one of the strange masked men plunges his blade into the shoulder of the Jōnin,
but he retaliates with a neck-snapping swing of his club. "Well?! Are you gonna do somethin' useful?! Or ya just gonna gawk?!" 

1. Getting Back up (Static).

     As a Genin, you pose a more of a risk on the battlefield than a helping hand - It's better you go find help,
     then return later with a larger force. There's no point in throwing your life away before you reach your potential.
     Run as fast as you can, because lives are on the line and most of the village is unaware of the attack! Get going!

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character getting help and letting the others know we're under attack.
     Whether you are telling civilians to evacuate to the castle, helping Academy students to the Academy,
     or finding veteran warriors to aid the conflict - word of mouth travels fast - Make sure everyone knows! 

Reward: 100 Ryõs and +/- Karma depending on who you tell.

2. Helping the Helpless (Battle).

     Remember, there's easily over 10,000 people in this village who need to be protected and evacuated.
     From helpless old ladies, to small children, to retired ninjas, and stubborn merchants - they need to go!
     But be careful - some enemy scouts have gotten past the front lines! Do not under estimate them!

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character helping the citizens of Tōrōgakure evacuate.
     Civilians and shop keepers need to go to the Akarikage's castle! There is a shelter there.
     While Academy Students need to head to the Academy, there is also a shelter there.
     If you're in a Clan, the Houses (some of which are castles) have defensive fortifications,
     and will act as a shelter for their more aged (or less aged) members in need of protection.

     Be wary! You may run into some enemy scouts!

Minor Antagonist: Watcher by TraceofHatred

Reward: 100 Ryõs and +/- Karma.

If you are a Chūnin or Jōnin:

      The battle rages on, a younger, more naive you from three years ago would probably be pretty scared right now - 
But this isn't the first war you've fought, nor is it the first grotesque enemy you've had to face - You remember them, don't you?
     "What are you doing, kid?! Get out there! We need as many shinobi as we can get on the field!" A Jōnin shouts at you.
Before you can answer, one of the strange masked men turns his gaze towards you - Looks like you're gonna have to fight,
but that's what you've been training for all these years isn't it? I think it's time you paid these masked men back for last time. 

1. Making an Opening (Battle).

     You heard the man! Do not falter! We must protect Tōrōgakure's people and the walls at all costs!
     The younger, less experienced shinobi have been sent to go get help - Hopefully they return with some,
     or can at least get everyone to evacuate to the various shelters in the village. One can only hope the gods are on our side.
     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character defending the village and clearing out the enemies from the walls.
     First Attempt to clear out the enemies from within the walls - This will give us a foothold in the battle!
     Remember: Fox Faction is Southwest (the most fighting is here), Dragon is furthest South, and Phoenix is to the West.
     Be warned - You will run into scouts without a doubt! Be wary of their talents - Or you'll end up dead fast.

Minor Antagonist: Watcher by TraceofHatred

Reward: 100 Ryõs and +/- Karma.

2. Take to the Field (Battle)!

     The bulk of the enemy's forces are still outside fighting - It's an ugly battle thus far,
     turn the tides and attempt to push back the enemy forces! We can still win this!
     Remember: Fox Faction is southwest, Dragon is south, Phoenix is west.

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character's fight in the fields outside the walls.
     There's not much in terms of strategy to fall back on, it's gonna be an ugly fight either way.
     Be wary, as the masked men will be in large numbers here - It's dangerous to go alone!

Minor Antagonist: Watcher by TraceofHatred  Moderate Antagonist: Wraith by TraceofHatred

Reward for Defeated by Enemy: 100 Ryõs, Karma affected.
Reward for defeating Scout: 100 Ryõs, Karma affected.
Reward for defeating Wraith: 100 Ryõs, Karma affected.

If you were not in a Faction or dropped it and became Neutral:

      Ignorance is bliss they say, right? It was just another day, the factions were having their rally today outside the Court.
But you weren't in a Faction, so you didn't go. You were just kind of waiting for all this to blow over, or hoping it would anyway.
You're walking somewhere, but you see a panicked boy running and screaming down one of the back roads of the Village.
     "We're under attack! Quick! Get everyone to the walls!" they shout at you. Without thinking, you begin heading towards the walls.
You look over your equipment, you weren't expecting a fight today - Chances are, you're poorly equipped and not ready.

1. Prepare for Battle (Static or Battle - Note and Choose)!

     You heard the kid! We're under attack! You gotta run to the walls as fast as you can,
     Everyone's in danger and they're gonna need all the help they can get! No matter what!
     However, you're completely unequipped - So it might pay off to head home and gear up first...

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character heading to the walls to aid their allies.
     Not being in a faction caused you to miss the demonstration, and ultimately, the invasion.
     You're a bit out of the loop, but you can still help change the battle! Albeit, you're totally unprepared.
     Note: Any Weapons you carry will have been left at home! You have absolutely no Combat Equipment!
     This brings up an issue for some - Head home and gear up? Or head to the walls and help the others?

Head Straight to the Battle: 1 Mission credit, Karma affected - You will have no weapons for the entire Arc!
Head home first - Then head into Battle: 1 Mission Credit, Karma affected - You will arrive to the battle late!

Then the rest of your path is decided by rank - Genins will start at Genin Mission 2, and other Ranks will start in Mission 2 of the other path.

The Early End of a Generation - Latter Missions:

Completion Note: You must be done Missions 1 & 2 to Participate in Missions 3 & 4!

Genin Path (Inside the Village):

     Things were clearing up - By now, most of the Masked Scouts had been cleared out of the village streets.
All of the civilians had been evacuated to the Akarikage's castle, and the Academy students to the Academy Shelter.
Tōrōgakure's Streets are starting to look normal again, so you decided to head back and aid the front lines.

     But the second you begin to turn away, the loudest bang you've heard in your life sounds from behind you -
Flames now surround the Academy as the Structuring caves in on itself, becoming little more than a pile of smoking rubble.
As quickly as you had heard the blast - The entire Academy has now caved in on itself and has been engulfed by flames.

     It's gone, everything is gone; Along with everyone inside. 

3A. Ashes to Ashes (Academy Path) - STATIC.

     If you were evacuating academy students to the Academy, you would've just dropped someone off here.
     As a result, you were close enough that the blast would've affected you.

     You're still trying to figure out the origin of the Blast when you're thrown off your feet and across the road.
     The ground is hard on impact, causing you tumble across the street for a time before coming to an abrupt stop - 
     The pain in your body is akin to being battered by from all sides with stones, your skin is burning from the heat.
     You try to stand, but the world is spinning - You stumble around for a few minutes before managing to stagger to your feet.

     The second thing to hit you is your guilt - This was a safe zone, you'd brought someone here to protect them.
     But for all you know now, they're probably dead. Inadvertently, you may have just caused the death of a villager.

     You turn to face the Akarikage's Castle, that's where the rest of the evacuees are - Will they meet the same fate? 
     You wish you could be two places at once, as you're left with a difficult choice of where to go and what to do.
     Your injuries will make either path significantly more difficult, but you can't sit here and do nothing - Can you?

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character's experience in the destruction of the Academy first hand.
     You managed to survive the blast, but are by no means unscathed - You've never been in so much pain in your life.
     After struggling to your feet, you're left with a choice - Limp to the Castle, or back to the wreckage.

     Your Stamina will be reduced to 25% (Exhaustion and Serious Injury) due to the effects of the blast.
Limp Towards the Wreckage: 100 Ryõs, this will decide your next Mission.
Limp Towards the Castle: 100 Ryõs, this will decide your next Mission.

3B. Clear View of the Tragedy (Castle or Other Locations (Compounds, shops, main street, etc)  STATIC Path.)

     If you were evacuating Civilians to the Castle, you would've just dropped someone off here.
     As a result, you were far enough that the blast would not have affected you - but you would've seen it.

     You watch helplessly as everything in the area is destroyed within a matter of seconds,
     your own insignificance becomes apparent as you realize the only thing you can do is watch.

     You turn to face the Akarikage's Castle, all of the civilians are here - It must be protected to avoid such a fate.
     Simply abandoning the Castle to check the wreckage could endanger everyone hiding within it's walls, 
     but your helplessness makes you curious - Things might be cleared up over here, but they're not over there.

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character's experience in the destruction of the Academy from a distance.
     Though there's no enemies outside of the Castle right now, you can see the battle on the front lines isn't over.
     Abandoning your post could allow a lot of people to die, but you're concerned for the Academy and those around it.

     Your Intelligence will be reduced by -1.0 for this Mission - Morale is at an all time low, causing Panic and worry.
Stay and Protect the Castle: 100 Ryõs, this will decide your next Mission.
Abandon the Castle to check the Wreckage: 100 Ryõs, this will decide your next Mission.

Chūnin or Jōnin Path (Outside the Village):

     The battle still raged on - They were everywhere and beginning to swarm. It was as though their target changed,
they were no longer attempting to run past and enter the village - they were just focused on wiping out the defenders.
But the battle is interrupted by a loud blast, coming from the direction of the village - You turn to see.

     You can't make out what's happening or where it was, but it looks like there was an explosion somewhere in the village.
Concerns race through your mind as you worry for your friends, for the villagers, and anyone else you're close with but don't see.

3C. A War on Two Fronts (Outside Path) BATTLE

     The Battles aren't getting easier by any means, but you're managing to endure - You will not fall yet.
     But the explosion back at the village has brought up quite a few concerns, particularly personal ones.
     Being on the front lines is the duty of a warrior, and certainly helps keep the village safe -
     But the human in you can't help but wonder if you could be saving someone else inside the village.

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character's experience in the destruction of the Academy from a distance.
     Though there's a big fight going on out here, for all you know - The village could be falling right now, or worse.
     Abandoning the front lines might cause a few more casualties, but could also save a few lives or the Village.

     Your Intelligence will be reduced by -1.0 for this Mission - Morale is at an all time low, causing Panic and worry.

Minor Antagonist: Watcher by TraceofHatred  Moderate Antagonist: Wraith by TraceofHatred
Keep Fighting on the Front Lines: 100 Ryõs, this will decide your next Mission.
Retreat to Protect the Village: 100 Ryõs, this will decide your next Mission.

4A. Dust to Dust. STATIC

- This is the Path for those who Limped towards the Wreckage, or Abandoned the Castle.
- This is the Path can be chosen by those who Retreated to Protect the Village. 

     It really is as bad as you imagined. There's no bodies left, no signs of a battle - Just, nothing.
The charred rubble of the building stands before you in a massive heap, only one way to know for sure...

     - If you were injured in battle, or by the blast earlier - you won't be able to search for long!
As your body will succumb to it's injuries - you're in need of medical attention, and fast!

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character's experience at the destroyed Academy - What happened?
     Well for one, the search was pointless - there's literally no signs of any corpses or remains - It's just gone.
     Keep in mind some of the people searching are gravely injured! - You don't want them to die of blood loss, do you?
     An alternate path to this Mission can include helping the more injured shinobi limp to the hospital.

Reward: You manage to find 10 Jade Coins in the rubble. +/- Karma.

4B. The Last Stand. BATTLE

- This is the Path for those who Limped towards the Castle, or Stayed to Protect the Castle.
- This is the Path can be chosen by those who Retreated to Protect the Village. 

     Due to a large amount of deserters from the front line, a number of masked men got through.
Though this force isn't an impossible obstacle, it's your job to put them down and hold the line.
This is our Last Stand - If they take the Castle, it's over. Are you going to let that happen?
It's gonna be a hard fight, especially with all those deserters who headed to the Academy...

     - If you are a late comer, you'll miss the start of the fight and appear as reinforcements.

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character's experience in the battle outside the Castle - What happened?
     It's not as rough as before, but we'll still need all the help we can get! Hold on!

Reward: 100 Ryõs. 

4C. The Rock that Still Stands. BATTLE

- This is the Path for those who Stayed on the Front lines.

     It's been a long fight, and it's not quite over - But we're nearing the end. Let's finish this!
     Some of us have fallen, and we've suffered injuries aplenty... But we will not move!
     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character's experience in the Battle on the Front lines.
     It's been a long fight, and you're gonna take a few hits - watch your injuries and endure to the end!

Reward: 100 Ryõs, +Village Karma. Stamina will be Temporarily reduced by -1.0 or more (depends on injuries) Next Arc.
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I have a question. In the time that I have been gone have we scrapped the 2 credit per arc rule, because I see many missions stating they give a credit as well as the karma and stuff?
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Maybe before even - there was a journal a while ago. :'3 but yes, everything past Arc 8 has been running in the old system.
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Yes sir!
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Incidently, enemy villages are to the west, and the north - with the south and east being basically land and then ocean. xD

You'd think the housing wouldn't be in the first area of danger, but then again - they were also the first village made - so there weren't any "enemy" villages during construction.
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