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Shinya Asukai - Asukai Clansmen. by TraceofHatred Shinya Asukai - Asukai Clansmen. by TraceofHatred

Pre-Time-Skip Shinya Asukai by TraceofHatred

Though Shinya earned his Chūnin vest two and a half years ago, he prefers to keep it hanging on his wall than to wear it.
Instead he chooses to don more ancestral armor of his Clan reminescant of the famous brothers, Yuu I and Yamato I Asukai.
He also keeps his Kimono one-sided, with his Fan Arm (left) covered by a long sleeve (rolled up slightly to keep out of the way of his hand),
and his sword arm (right) adorned only in armor, to prevent his robe from getting caught on the lengthy handle of his Zanbatō.

Important Events During the Time-Skip:

Mastering the ways of the Asukai Elite; Picking up the Art of Dual Wielding.

     During the first year, Shinya devoted himself to his Clan's Specialty. After being saved by Noboru Asukai during the invasion,
Shinya became incredibly passionate about mastering his Clan's techniques - Hoping one day he'd be that talented with a sword.
This also led him to spend more time with Hisako Asukai to train in the sword, a past-time that led him to his later choice to duel wield.
She had been his long-time teacher in kendō already, but now that he was in the Elite it was time to take things up a notch;
they began using real swords, and after many duels the tide steadily began to turn, with Shinya often emerging the victor.

     Shinya also registered for the 95th Chūnin Exam during this year as well; leading to his promotion to Chūnin Rank!
He did suffer a defeat to Akira Hitoyo (minor grudge), but was still proud to be the first member of his team to be promoted.
This also further inspired him to increase his Talent at close quarters, and take up the sword as his new primary weapon.

     Shortly after the exam he completed his Specialty Training, and finished Mastering the ways of the Asukai Elite
leading him to pick up the Art of Dual wielding before his 18th birthday - A feat practically unheard of within the Clan.
Chronologically, this makes Shinya the first of the New Generation to Master the Asukai Elite Specialty, (Pre-TS credits only)
a feat that earned him some praise from other members within the clan - and restored his confidence to the best it had been.

Now Accepted by the Branch Family; Dream of Bridging the Houses together:

     Because of this feat, the Branch House has begun to accept him despite his Status as a Tainted Branch Asukai.
Shinya still feels quite uncomfortable with the branch family though over what happened to with mother just a few years back, 
and as a result: He is somewhat jaded and very skeptical of their affection, believing it to be simply for his talents and not himself.
But he is still somewhat enjoying this new found familial support (something he never had), no matter how superficial it evidently is.

     Most often he dreams of bridging the two houses together, which would allow his parents to spend their days together in peace.
But there is the odd time that he wonders if he could ever be truly respected by the Main House, or if he will lose favor in the Branch House.
Being half Main Blood and Half Branch Blood, It's a difficult call for Shinya; As someone who has never been a part of either house, 
he is conflicted with himself in which House he should take a side with. Much like his father, who had to pick between his lover and his family.

The Next Two Years, bonding + Hair Charms, and Social expansion:

     For the rest of the Time-Skip he was fairly relaxed, devoting his time to his hobbies and trying to enjoy himself more than he had. 
He devoted a fair share of his time with Hisako Asukai, but rather than training in the sword they went out for dinner and bonded instead.
This led to Shinya developing a crush on Hisako, but he's assumed that it's one-sided and is anxious that he'll lose her if he confesses.
It is also because of his parents that he is afraid to take the relationship further or explain his feelings, he doesn't want Hisako to get hurt.

     He also opened up to his teammates Daiskuke and Hajime a bit, becoming less reluctant to spend time with the two of them.
That being said, he still thinks they are incredibly strange. But despite what he might say, he respects and cares for them.

     Shinya also spent a lot of time reading on and learning about his clan's history, and brushing up on the finer things in life.
Particularly he read a lot of Poetry (specifically not Hajime's), practices Calligraphy with his father, and Tea Ceremonies with his mother.
His guests in this varied, but most commonly invited Hisako, Hajime, Daisuke, his father, or his mother to spend time with him.
It's during this time also that Hisako suggested Shinya should quit smoking from his pipe - He is trying, but not close to succeeding.

     Shinya also starts taking a lot more pride in his appearance, continually grooming his hair and styling it with metal beads.
Though he always used to keep it clean, it becomes a much more serious passion now - adorning it with a variety of charms and chains.
In addition, he begins hanging special handmade charms on the large ring that hangs at the bottom of his hair made of gold and silver.
Each charm is specifically made for a close friend of Shinya's - He wears five currently, but may add more in the future if he has more bonds:
A lotus for his father, a lily for his mother, A Clan Symbol for his Mentor Noboru, a pair of feathers for Hisako, and two men for Haji and Dai. 
The way he sees it is he's not just protecting his back or preventing his hair from getting cut - He's protecting them by wearing those charms.

     But when the Clan tensions between the Asukai got worse - He became distant, and worried once more for his parent's safety. 
He missed the brawl between the Houses entirely, as he had spent the day with Hisako and didn't return home until after the brawl had ended. 
But with the clan tensions, he found himself in a similar situation as his father; bound to a Main House Asukai, but cursed by his Branch House hair.
Wanting to stay close to both his father, and Hisako - It became incredibly difficult for him to choose a side in the House conflict - So he didn't.

     What will happen next? Look forward to finding out in the new missions.~

Important Factor's Before the Time-Skip:

- Shinya has no confidence at all, and is quite easily discouraged.
- He's ignorant to the point of being a little bit sexist, and a little unwise.
- He doesn't talk to people unless they talk first, severe social issues.
- Many people think he is a mute.
- He's an incredibly heavy smoker and a heavy drinker.
- He's very stuck up and snooty, despite not having confidence to back it up.
- He has a lot of ill feelings towards Main House members for what they did to him in the past.
- He uses strictly tools, relying on a few Kunai for close-range, and Senbon for long-range.

Important Changes during the Time-Skip, and After the Time-Skip:

- Shinya is significantly more confident and determined - Very Strong-willed. 
- He's growing out of his ignorance, and is generally more educated and open-minded.
- He's trying to become more Social with his Family - He is branching out and trying to make friends.
- He's trying to quit smoking Tobacco from his pipe (but not succeeding)
- He's not stuck up anymore, and has a bit of a sweet side if you deserve it.
- His ill feelings towards the Main House are Lessened (but can be brought out of him).
- He Dual Wields a Sword and a Fan - Giving him mastery over all ranges on the battlefield.
- Though Nature Infuse and Tools are his main traits still; He also uses Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.
- He's developed a crush on his childhood friend, Hisako Asukai. But thinks she is interested in someone else.
- He carries charms in his hair for each of his friends - They are handmade and picked personally.

Personality and Mannerisms:

     Shinya can be described as well mannered, charming, and dignified - He holds morals and respect above all else, 
to the point that he has a very specific and strict (Self-written) guideline of what a Man should do, and be like.
But despite his socially enticing personality, because of his experience growing up as a Tainted Branch in the clan, 
he is somewhat jaded, and skeptical of people in general - Making him incredibly timid and anxious in social situations.

     Shinya has very little confidence in himself because of bullying, and as such - Becomes discouraged easily.
When one of his side braids was cut off at age 17 in a duel - His anxiety and insecurities worsened even further,
to the point that he could rarely be seen without playing with the rings in his hair or running his fingers through it.

     Over the Time-Skip however; A lot of personal growth occurs within Shinya. Namely through bonding and training.
Hisako teaches him not to be so ignorant or close-minded; As well as easing him into becoming more social.
She also teaches him to use a sword, which combined with mastering the Asukai Elite Specialty in one year,
tremendously increased his confidence in his own abilities - as well as helped him to discover a unique fighting style.

     He still holds slight discontent for Main House Asukai, namely due to their proud ways and ill-treatment of his clan in his past,
but even despite this, he does not hate the Main House (After all, he's 50% Main Blood) - He simply refuses to allow himself to be below them.
He currently resides in the Branch Family House with his father, while his mother resides in the Main House under the care of her sister.
They meet in secret sometimes, but he mostly loves her at a distance; Hoping someday he can face her without guilt.

     With his hair much longer now, he starts hanging charms in it for those he cares about, rather than decorating his Sword.
Each charm is different and have specific reference to each person - Sometimes literal, other times metaphorical.

Full Reference with Charms shown:
Shinya Asukai - Charm and Size References by TraceofHatred

Mannerisms and Habits:
He frequently plays with the rings in his hair, or running his fingers through his hair.
Ever since it was cut during a duel, he's been very protective and self conscious of it.
He often rubs his hand over his left shoulder, likely because there is a large scar there.

Speech and Voice:
His manner of Speaking is very proper and educated - He always uses proper honorifics,
unless he doesn't like you - In which case he'll rely on insults, Like "Insolent mudcake."
If he speaks at all, he's very soft spoken with a gentle, cautious tone of voice,
but when he is in a bad mood, he can come off very dry, and even emotionless or sarcastic.

Likes and Hobbies:
Good manners, Talent, Intellect, Going for walks, building Lanterns, Long hair,
Tea Ceremony, Sake, Tobacco, Relaxing, Calligraphy, Poetry, the Finer things.
Brushing, growing and styling his hair (hence all the jewelry), Visiting family,
Watching Lightning and Thunderstorms, Duels, Honing his skills with a Sword.
After the Time-Skip he particularly enjoys spending time with Hisako, Dai, and Hajime.

Dislikes and Peeves:
Bad Manners, Cowards, Dishonorable Tactics, the Dark (Doesn't fear; he just hates it),
Men who hurt or otherwise mistreat women, Asukai who mistreat one of the houses,
Being judged for his hair color, his family situation, those who judge ignorantly, children,
When people touch his hair without permission, or when it gets caught on things.

Goals and Ambitions:
To become closer with his mother and the rest of his family, To start his own family, 
To unite the Asukai Clan, to become a better swordsman than any Main House Man.

"Tainted Branch" Status and Weapon Information:

     Shinya is what most Asukai call a "Tainted Branch" - As his mother is from the Main House, and his father is from the Branch House,
"Tainted Branch" is simply the Dominant Branch DNA overpowering the Main DNA - In all cases, This is what happens when the two houses merge,
they appear identical to the Branch House (Because the Black hair DNA always overpowers the fragile White hair DNA), but in actuality are half and half.
Because of the Main houses Status advantages being robbed from the individual, it's referring to as "Tainting" - And is highly looked down upon.
because of his father's Branch DNA he resembles a Branch House Asukai - But he is in actuality quite peculiar with 50% of each House's DNA.

     Like him, Shinya's fan is peculiar - Unlike all other members of the Branch Family who use Tessen (bladed folding fans) - Shinya wields a bladed Gunbai (war fan),
Gunbai do NOT fold like Tessen, and as such - their lack of folding joints makes them difficult to conceal, forcing him to hold it or keep it visible at all times.
It's named, "Raijin" (雷神), which literally translates to, "God of Thunder." It has a trigger operated senbon launcher in the handle.
Shinya is the only member of the Clan who wields a Gunbai instead of a Tessen, as it's technically NOT the clan's style of fan, as it's not taught the same - 
but he was not reprimanded by the higher ups for using a different style of Fan, as he still mastered the basics of the clan's fighting style with no problems.

     During the Time-Skip, Shinya deemed his skills with the sword to be enough to wield his own sword, instead of merely practice with his bokken.
Shinya wields a Zanbatō in his right hand (mostly) - It is 160cm long, making it an Ōdachi (Literally: "Big, big sword" (大太刀)).
It is named Ame-no-Murakumo (あめのむらくも), which literally translates to, "Gathering Clouds of Heaven." It belonged to his grandfather (mother's side).
Shinya uses his sword in his dominant hand (right) - Usually taking clear advantage of the blade's range with wide-arcing one-handed slices.
He can also enhance it using his clan specialty of Lightning Infuse - Making him able to briefly paralyze his foes.

     Dual Wielding is Shinya's trump card of his fighting Style; having mastered the Art during the first year of the Time-Skip at the young age of 17.
He uses his left hand (non-dominant) to wield his fan which he mainly uses for parrying attacks, or shooting senbon through from a distance, 
while using his right (dominant) to hold his sword and bring on the heavy attacking, and the majority of his Nature Infuse Techniques.
Because of the dual wielding ability, he is capable of using his sword in one hand at an improved level over those who do not have the ability.

Mastered Specialty Tree Here (completed only using Pre-Time-Skip Credits - Meaning, it was mastered before the Time-Skip was over!)
Shinya Asukai - Elite Specialty Tree by TraceofHatred

Bonds, Allies, Enemies, and Family:

Hisako Asukai: Childhood Friend; Mentor
     Hisako is one of Shinya's closer friends. Being the same age; they saw each other a lot at the academy and met early on.
Unlike most Main House Asukai who bullied Shinya or were disliked by him, Hisako and Shinya shared many hobbies and became friends.
Being one of Shinya's only Main House friends, he frequently panders her to spar with him and teach him sword moves,
but when they're not sparring - They can be seen styling and brushing each other's hair, building lanterns, or going for walks.
     - Shinya carries a charm with two feathers crossed - To symbolize "Two Birds of a Feather."

Hajime & Daisuke Nishimura: The Terrible Twins; Teammates
     Hajime and Daisuke are two of Shinya's strangest friends. They are constantly trying to convince him to join them as their "third twin," 
but he is strongly against this. Despite his confusion and general misunderstanding of the pair, he has grown to adore them.
Over the years, he's found out he's got more in common with them than he likes to admit, and as a result - Has begun to trust them.
     - Shinya carries a charm of two men side by side - To symbolize "Two Twins are Stranger Stronger than one."

Kaoru and Toshiya Asukai: My Hair and My eyes; Parents
     Kaoru and Toshiya are Shinya's parents - they have had a huge effect on his life and are very dear to him.
His mother, Kaoru, is a Main House Asukai - She was blinded when attacked by a Branch House Asukai over Shinya's birth,
however she is also blind to the House War - Shinya inherited her Golden eyes, both physically and philosophically.
His father, Toshiya, is a Branch House Asukai - He is a heavy smoker, and a heavier drinker since he and his wife divorced.
As a retired General, he mostly stays in the village, dealing with clan matters - Shinya got most of his appearance, and habits from him.
Despite the two being officially divorced, Toshiya and Kaoru have been secretly meeting in a park to the north of the village.
     - Shinya carries a charm of a Cherry Blossom - In reference to his mother's sword "Cherry Blossom."
     - Shinya carries a charm of a Lotus Flower - In reference to his father's Fan "Bladed Lotus."

Sora Asukai: Main House Clan Leader; Rival
     Shinya doesn't really like Sora so much thus far, but due to his position in his house, is forced to interact with her.
Though he doesn't wish to fight her since she's a girl; He seeks to surpass her skill with a sword due to her position.
Despite this, he feels some sympathy for her - As they've both had someone dear to them harmed by the House War.
He sometimes thinks that maybe if they could become closer, he could put a stop to the house war - But who knows. 
     - Shinya does not carry a charm for Sora Asukai, as he does not have a close bond with her yet.

Karigane Asukai: A Little Shit; Son of the Devil.
     Karigane and Shinya haven't really had a chance to meet yet, but Shinya is certainly going to dread it if they do.
He did not recognize Karigane at the Written Test during the 95th Chūnin Exam, in which he dismissed him as a "Little Shit."
However, had he seen his face, he would be well aware of who he is - The son of a man he dislikes very strongly.
     - Shinya does not carry a charm for Karigane Asukai, as he does not have a close bond with him.

Shibui Asukai: The Devil Himself; A Dangerous Man.
     Shibui is someone Shinya knew about before he could talk, as his father Toshiya warned him to avoid him at all costs.
As a child, Shinya was quite scared of him - Often feeling his judging eyes, but as he grew older - He became used to being judged.
As such, Shinya isn't scared of him anymore - But he is certainly wary of him, and does his best to stay out of his line of sight.
Being a tainted branch, Shinya is the kind of person Shibui (the current Man of the Main House) despises with no remorse,
especially after the death of his nephew, Shou Asukai - Despite Shinya having no involvement whatsoever (50% Main House, after all).
He is hoping he'll never have to formally encounter Shibui - Especially alone, or in a dark ally where some sort of 'accident' could happen.
     - Shinya does not carry a charm for Shibui Asukai, as they hate each other - And that likely won't change.

Honestly if you read all that, I'll give you a high five and guarantee a Bond with Shinya Asukai - Because that was a lot of Reading. x'D
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TraceofHatred Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you :'3 I tried my best. And yeah, I worked my fucking ass off with him. Every single pre-Time-Skip Mission completed, and boosted his stats a bit afterwards with some chunin exam missions.
Even then though, he only has about 24.0 Stats right now. x'D

Haven't started on his Sub Yet - gotta get Jounin first (3 months from now probably) - Unless I take the high chunin path.

I'll give you a hint though - It has to do with Lightning. ;)
SublimeSalt Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
So jealous of your design skillz >'C Your hard work paid off c:

Oh yeah, I forgot that you gotta get Jounin first xD
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For now, I might just wait for an opening to come up. :'D

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TraceofHatred Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Jaz-Saxx Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
X'D Of course but....CHILD INTELLIGEEEEENCE. >I Even Miki's smarter than you, Shinya. :'D That in and of itself is terrifying. XD
TraceofHatred Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Smart child >I
Jaz-Saxx Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
QuQ It's okay Shinyaaa. We'll all use small words when talking to you so you don't get confused.
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TheUnitCircle Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist
TraceofHatred Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Takute Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
For all those weapons, I'm surprised he is not better at Taijutsu!
TraceofHatred Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well taijutsu is hand-to-hand, right? x'D

He's a weapon user - so he's got high Tool (weapons), although I do plan on raising that at a later date -

It's meant to be a sort of ironic pun on my other's character view point of "Weapons are for the weak; fight with your hands"
- whereas he fights with weapons, but sucks with his hands. x'D
Takute Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
I thought Taijutsu was all all combat oriented ability and weapons 
were the use of specail ninja tools like scrolls and tags and what not.

Though you might be right, who knows. x3

I really like this character. Is he for some sort of Role play? Ow O
TraceofHatred Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not sure about the Canonical 8 Stats - They kind of confuse me a bit (like Stamina = Chakra and many other things, etc while Bukijutsu is a sub category of Ninjutsu ._.)
so you might be right, For the Group he's for though, the 10 stats (2 more than Canon uses) refer to:

Nin - All types of Ninjutsu
Tai - Hand-to-hand, catching, reversals, etc.
Gen - Genjutsu resistance and talent
Tool - Weapons Talent, Traps, Weapon skill, etc
Speed - Running/dodging speed, and attack speed for Tai/Tool
Int - self explanatory.
stm - HP basically, physical stamina, exhaustion, etc.
Str - Physical strength, and damage of Tai/Tool attacks.
Chk - Chakra reserves and strength.
Seals - Hand Seals, and Sealing Techniques.

Thank you ;v; Yes - He is my back up character for HiddenLanternVillage a Naruto-based RP group sent on another continent. c:
Takute Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
:U Oh my god. You have no idea what you have 
just done for me. I have actually been looking every
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one to me on a silver platter. Oh my goodness. 

I have actually spent the better part of three hours involving 
myself in making a character for such a thing. ;o ; I went on Gaia
trying to find an artist to draw my OC but no one is willing. To T
TraceofHatred Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, I run the group x'D We're taking apps for another month I think so feel free to stop by, read the journals, and ask admins (all on the front page or note the group) if you have questions c:
Takute Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
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