Chapter 18: Flooded Fields and Broken Mills.

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Published: August 29, 2016

     "For so long we have suffered... Please, we cannot continue surviving like this..."

     − Unnamed villager of Kazuguruma-mura. Story Arc OST: Loneliness "

Story Arc: Chapter 18  Flooded Fields and Broken Mills.

     After the recent events, Akihiko sends a postage Owl to issue a great Kage Summit,
a gathering between all of the Leaders across the continent to discuss common threats.
But it would take time for word of the Summit to reach every single Kage on the Island, 
giving Tōrōgakure some time to deal with it's own internal problems before the summit.
In addition to cleaning up after the recent Jōnin Exam, they had other issues to address.
     A prevalent problem was the state of both Kazuguruma-mura and Ōkītanbo-mura,
two of the many villages which supply Tōrōgakure with resources, funding and Missions.
While most of the other surrounding villages had been for the most part without troubles,
the damage caused to these villages during uprisings a few years back had gone unfixed.
Kazuguruma-mura was raided recently by some of the bordering hostile shinobi villages,
while the once great fields of Ōkītanbo-mura had all been flooded and damaged severely.
As such, we have received many missions from these two villages requesting shinobi aid.

     These two villages were once major suppliers to Tōrōgakure during the Golden Ages,
and could easily be restored to their former glory should we deploy enough men to help!

     Listen! Odd numbered Squads will all be deployed to Ōkītanbo-mura (The Rice fields)
While the even numbered Squads are deployed to Kazuguruma-mura (Windmill Village)
Different Events will occur in the different villages, so pay attention to the path you're on!

Kazuguruma-mura Paths: The Windmill blows and bends.

     Kazuguruma-mura, the Windmill village. One of the most notable neighboring villages,
now barely recognizable after the recent raiding and damage caused by nearby conflicts.
The villagers have been beaten down, and are wary and jaded. They need help, and fast!

     Kazuguruma-mura was the main feeder village to Tōrō, and supplied many recruits,
but borders 3 hostile Ninja Villages: Ryūchi jotaiBōfūshūraku and Tengoku Jōkaku.
Fighting between the Territories near the village has had negative effects on Kazuguruma,
with some Territories even raiding the caravans of the village on the neutral trade routes.

     Your task will be to get Kazuguruma-mura back on it's feet and functioning well again.
Once that is done, we will begin setting up a defensive to repel the nearby hostile shinobi.

1. Kazuguruma-mura: A Village on the border of many hostile Shinobi Territories:
     Lend a hand, try to bring the village back on it's feet. In what way will you help out?
If 5 Shinobi perform the same task, it will be succeed and will benefit the entire village.

     − Patrol the village's roads and alleyways in order to search for hostiles. +100 Ryõs.
     − Chop down trees and help build a wall around the village. (3.0+ Tsuyo) +10 Jade.
     − Use Medical Ninjutsu to heal injured villagers. (Iryo−nin Specialty only!) +10 Jade.

     − Mission Type: Decision. Client: Wary Villager. Reward: Rewards vary on action. 

     Though Kazuguruma-mura was ravaged, Tōrōgakure's assistance has helped somewhat.
With Kaoru, Koshi, Kana, Anri, Kiryuu, Saki and Jinta securing the village's wide parameter,
Suguro, Manami, Kaoru, Shishito and Tamie were able to gather lumber without obstruction.
Any bandits that showed up were chased off, and the villagers were kept safe for the time.
But despite the best efforts of the Medical team, they were unable to save all the villagers.
Though some were treated, many have died of their wounds. This is sad news in the village.
We'll have to begin military operations tomorrow, the villagers wish to bury their deceased.

     The villagers are saddened, it is too bad the village is so far, if only we arrived sooner.

2. Funeral for the Villagers who were lost: Offerings to Izanami!
     Most of the villagers are extremely quiet, and clearly filled with grief over their losses.
The Funeral is simple, small holes dug for each person, laid vertically as to conserve space.
A simple prayer is recited for each one, and mementos are left behind by families of the dead.
Some glance and whisper to each other and giving a subtle judging gaze − Do they blame us?
But really, could you blame them if they did? Tōrōgakure is Kazuguruma-mura's great village,
and in exchange for monthly taxes and tribute, we are supposed to protect their small village.

     Have we not failed in that responsibility, to some degree? Nevertheless, they offer us beds,
and allow us to rest for the night. They've allowed us to stay in the Village Leader's large barn,
a large, empty room where the bulk of our force will sleep for the night. Cramped, but warm.
The night is cold and quiet, but at least we can rest... you are left alone with your thoughts.

     − Mission Type: Decision. Client: Mourning Village Elder. Reward: 100 Ryõs.

     All is quiet. The Shinobi assigned to the mission are packed in lines across the barn floor,
with the windows shut tight to keep out the drafts. We'll depart at daybreak, after some sleep.
But sudden warmth rouses you from your slumber and the burn of a spark brushes your cheek,
you sleepily rub your foggy eyes and wipe the sweat from your brow only to realize the source:


     Quickly someone tries to open the door but it appears to have been barred from the outside!
Is this a trap? Who could be behind this attempt? Perhaps Hostile Ninja villages? Or Bandits?!

3. A Barn Ablaze: Trouble in Kazuguruma!
     The barn appears to have been set ablaze, we have to hurry and protect the villagers!
But first thing's first, we need to get out of this barn − And this fire isn't making it easy!

     − Mission Type: Obstacle! Client: Your Commander. Reward: Varies, see below:
          − Characters with Suiton Ninjutsu may douse some of the Fire for 10 Jade Coins!
          − Characters with 3.0 or higher Tsuyo can break down a Barn door for 100 Ryõs!
          − Characters with 3.0 or higher Chishiki spot a skylight to escape from 100 Ryõs!
               − If your character cannot do any, they'll team up with another for 10 Coins!

4. The Windmill Remembers: Trouble in Kazuguruma!
     You've managed to make it out of the barn, your lungs almost collapsing on themselves.
But as you can your surroundings for enemies, you see nothing. The village is still dark,
with the only source of light being the burning barn you've just managed to escape from.

     But a thousand faces stare back at you, not of bandits or shinobi, but the villagers.
The reflection of the flames flickering in their eyes, and from the blades of their sickles.

     − Mission Type: Combat. Client: Mourning Village Elder. Reward: Varies.
          − Though weak, you are most outnumbered 5 to 1, fight your way out for 100 Ryõs!
          − Finding the secret outcome may result in you gaining 25 Jade Coins Prize instead!
Disgruntled Villager by TraceofHatred

Ōkītanbo-mura Paths: The now Flooded Great Rice Fields.

     Ōkītanbo-mura, the great Rice Fields, once home to the Land of Light's Great Harvest,
now reduced to little more than a flooded, crippled village constantly harassed by bandits.
The villagers have been beaten down, starved and weakened. They need helping, and fast!

     With the majority of the village homes lacking walls due to the size of the rice field,
Ōkītanbo-mura is vulnerable to raids by Bandits and Hostile Neighboring Ninja Villages.
The Flood gate that was destroyed some time back also hasn't been repaired as of yet.
As a result, many of their crops have been damaged, stolen or failed to grow properly.

     Your task will be to get Ōkītanbo-mura back on it's feet and repairing the flood gate.
Once that is done, we will luring out and destroying any nearby bandit camps we uncover.

Ōkītanbo-mura: A village broken by a plague of bandits and severe Flooding:
     Lend a hand, try to bring the village back on it's feet. In what way will you help out?
If 5 Shinobi perform the same task, it will be succeed and will benefit the entire village.

     − Help in the farmers in the fields and salvage what's left of the crops. +100 Ryõs.
     − Construct watchtowers in strategic locations for security.  (3.0+ Chishiki) +10 Jade.
     − Scoop out the flooded water and help rebuild the Flood Gate. (3.0+ Tsuyo) +10 Jade.

     − Mission Type: Decision. Client: Exhausted Villager. Reward: Rewards vary on action. 

     With the help of Tōrōgakure, Ōkītanbo-mura has been restored to it's former condition.
Thanks to the incredible work of Utaro, Etsuko, Kohaku, Anri, Yoshi, Akimitsu and Kagura,
the remainder of the crop has been harvested, and the village will survive the next winter.
With help from Miki, Ina, Kayo, Akane, Masa and Harusaki the village is no longer flooded, 
and the damage that was done to the village by the mass floods has been greatly lessened.
And the protection granted by the Watchtowers built by Isao, Kaibun, Tadashi, Ren and Moyu,
surely will aid the humble farming village in securing it's borders from any lingering threats.

     The villagers are grateful to Tōrōgakure, and invite you to stay the night for a Festival!

2. Festival for the God of Rice: Offerings to Ukanomitama!
     After fighting for these villagers in the past, it seems odd to be doted on by them now.
The village elders will tend to your wounds, and tell stories of life on the farm and old wars.
Children sing and dance, playing instruments to liven the mood next to the large bonfire.
While the women of the village have prepared a great feast of local rice dishes and sides.
Though basic in nature, the fresh crop and secret recipe is even better than back at home.

     The Village head makes is rounds and speaks with each member of the shinobi squads,
gifting them a small crown made of stalks of grain. Comparable to a flower crown albeit,
much less attractive. Nevertheless, you appreciate the gesture. He smiles heartily back.

     "It has been a long time since we've felt at home. I cannot begin to thank you."

     The night sky is lit up by the bonfire they've built from the leftovers of broken buildings,
and giddy songs fill the air for miles. It's been a long time since you've been able to relax.
You're unsure if you recognize any of the songs, but it doesn't stop others from singing along.
The warm meal, the smiles, the music... It's been a long time since you were treated like this.

     − Mission Type: Decision. Client: Grateful Village Elder. Reward: 100 Ryõs + Healed.

     A new Flood gate stands proudly before the great river bordering the Vast Rice Fields,
all because of your efforts. The villager decides to thank you once more before the village,
bestowing you with some of the village's rice crop to bring home to Tōrōgakure as thanks.

     Feeling accomplished, you pack up your bags and wave goodbye. But before you depart, 
you notice the village elder speaking with the village guards after sending your company off.
You are unable to make out the entire conversation, but it appears the interaction is tense.

    Sensory Types will be able to read into the Dialogue between the village Heads!

Something isn't right, there's a sudden movement, and abrupt panic stirs through the villagers.
     The village elder crumples onto the ground, trembling as his strength leaves his body.
He feebly turns back to our ranks, but collapses onto the ground in a pool of his own blood.
Various cloaked villagers draw blades and don armor emblazoned with Haganemachi's mon.
              Death by TheShogunate                                Death by TheShogunate
3. The Song of the Village Head: Pink Rice and Red Grass!
     It appears the enemy was under our nose all along, we must protect the villagers again!
But be aware, there are many villagers in the background − Their safety is paramount!
You may wish to rewrite your Strategy Sheets in order to reflect new behaviors and Actions.

     − Mission Type: Combat. Client: The Dying Village Elder. Reward: 100 Ryõs.
          − If you fail to protect villagers, you will only receive 50 Ryõs compensation.
Villager (f) by TraceofHatred  Major Antagonist: Warrior of Order by TraceofHatred

4. The Rice Fields Restored: A new Village Head and New possibilities!
     After the skirmish, Haganemachi's small party of Troops withdraw to the West.
With the last of the Daimyō's remnants now dispatched and their influence removed,
Ōkītanbo-mura's Loyalty to Tōrōgakure is fully restored, and the village strengthened.

     You attend a humble funeral ceremony for the village head in the town square.
You may leave an offering at his grave (If it's from your inventory, you'll gain Coins)
But before long, it's time to go, and begin the long journey back home to Tōrōgakure.

     Before you leave, the son of the village head stops you and hands you a small bag.
A sample of the village's special Pink rice, dyed in Sake and Nanten Berries for flavour.
Though speechless, behind his watery eyes you can see a stronger sense of admiration.
Abruptly, he bows prostrate before you, and shortly after, the entire village follows suit.
A wide crescent of villagers of all shapes and sizes pay their respects to Tōrōgakure...

     The Admiration of the Villagers... it fills you with determination!

     − Mission Type: Choice. Client: The Humble Village. Reward: varies.
          − If you do a piece on the journey home or the Villager's son, gain 100 Ryõs.
          − If you leave an offering at the Village Head's Grave, you will gain 10 Coins.

    Last Chapter: Fresh Bloodstains on White Snow / Next Chapter: Coming Soon.
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