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Sayoko and Jessica Kidnapped

One of my "bucket list" drawings before I retire from drawing Another Code art, it's Sayoko and Jessica having been kidnapped. I imagine this little scenario taking place in an alternate prologue to the first game where Bill decided to kidnap Sayoko and use her for blackmail instead of killing her. It was only by chance that Jessica showed up to celebrate Ashley's birthday, forcing Bill to kidnap her too. Now the two can only wait to see what Bill will do with them.

If Jessica looks different than usual, it's because this version of her only appeared in a photo seen in the first game back when the whole gang was together. Yes, a bit silly, but it was interesting to try and draw this single-time take on her. I guess she used to wear pants instead of skirts at one point?
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You're stopping the drawing of Another Code?

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Yeah, eventually. The short version is I gotta move on at some point. The long version, I wrote a journal entry about it. I'll link it below if you're curious.