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They're both being really annoying. To each other. 

And now, On Tumbler:…, and Equestria Daily!…
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I've been watching your pony art since before I became a member and I got to say you are absolutely hilarious, both in art and your comments. Please keep up the outstanding work.
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Well my goodness, I am absolutely floored. Thank you so much! I sincerely appreciate these encouraging word of yours. :D Thank you again for the support! 
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picture perfect pony art right here!
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:XD: Glad ya think so! 
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This amuses me
I need an amused plz
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:iconamusingplz: I guess this'll work. :XD:
Astrick-maple's avatar
Well, no need to lie now, sonny.
I know this is the daily life of you and your introvert-of-a brother of yours.
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Art imitates life imitates art. :iconsupermindblownplz:
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Ahh... this is perfect. You get a favourite. I'd give you over 9,000 if I could.
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:XD: One is enough, really. Thank ya! I'm glad ya like it!
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Whatever Vinyl's planning,Octavia does not seem too pleased about it.
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I'm sure she's a bit scared, too.. :XD:
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you have tubler?
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I thought I told ya this already, but yes, I have a Tumbler. :D
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MegaPatron's avatar
Party hard tavi :p
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Party soft. The neighbors are sleeping. 
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When I first started reading Tavi's thought bubble, I thought it was really kinky. xDD
Trace-101's avatar
Well then, that's one fetish we don't have in common. :XD:
catz537's avatar
lol I don't have those kinds of fetishes xD I just have a dirty mind
Digoraccoon's avatar
LOL, now that's a threat XD
Trace-101's avatar
It's not a threat, it's a promise. :XD:
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