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Illustrator Metal Gradients

By TrabzonSport

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Some time ago I was looking for metal/metallic gradients for Adobe Illustrator and realized how difficult it was to find good resources. A lot of stuff for Photoshop but for Illustrator...
Anyway, I decided to make some for myself and began looking everywhere for nice pictures. Then I just couldn't stop :lol:

:bulletblue: You will find in this file 140 metallic gradients and a few other things:

    Others: Painted Metals / Wood / Pearl / Emerald / Marble / Glass / Iridescent

:bulletblue: A few (very few) of these gradients have been made by other people, but I made the mistake to mix them with my own stuff at some point. If you see one of your gradients here just tell me and I'll credit you / delete it from the .ai file, as you wish.

:bulletblue: Don't give too much importance to the gradients' names. Gold can look like copper, steel like chrome, etc. Just use the ones you like.
See the 'how to' text file if you have no idea where to put the gradient file.

:bulletblue: Let me know what you think, leave a comment.
If you use the gradients in one of your deviations, please show us the result ! Giving credit is not necessary at all, just appreciated.

Have fun ^^
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this is great, thank you!

thx nice work

Your file it's empty :(

lo descargue y no había nada =(

'ppreciate you

Thanks a lot :)

Great job.. Thanks

Thank You.....Fantastic

You the man! Thanks! :)

Thank you so much!

This gradients are really very great! This helped me a lot! ;P

This is the very BEST set of metal gradients I've ever found. Question though, how do I get them to work with Illustrator 2020? I put them in the swatches file and Illustrator said it's an unknown format and can't be used. I sure hope you have an answer; I'd hate to loose these beautiful colors.

I love this! But, I’m not sure how to download this and I can’t find the “how to” lol


Thank you so much!

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Hi ! Love this, exactly what I was looking for😍 but how do I open it and get the colores, its just a image when I open it Photoshop or in Illustrator🤷‍♀️

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